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mind the double meaning of the word "Agrahara."

Navalaksha Dhanurdharadhe nadhe

Predhwim Sasali Vera Radra Bhupe

Abhavat Parama Agrohara pida

Kucha Kumbheshu Kurunga lochananam

The chief of nine lacks of bow-holders

The heroic Rudra while ruling the earth

Excessive burdens of necklaces oppressed

The vased breasts of the Anteloped-eyed damsels.

Pratapa Rudra was much pleased with the quick genius of the poet, and made him magnificent presents, much to the gratification and admiration of the whole court. The king encouraged Vidayanat to proceed on with the epic poem, and promised him a suitable reward when it should be finished. While our poet was writing this book, Pratapa Rudra was taken prisoner by the Emperor of Debli, with whom he was at war. The king was in captivity three years, after which he returned to his kingdom, and being disgusted with the world, he resigned all secular affairs, and made over his dominions to his brother Anamadeo, to whom he recommend.