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God, I am determined to tread all things beneath my feet that would militate against the accomplishment of the glorious work in which I am engaged. Yes, I would like to conquer, but not for myself alone. I would render unto you that which is due from myself, and make thousands more to feel that which they owe.

*          *          *          *          *          *

Elder Toronto joins with me in love to you and all the Saints.

Yours affectionately,

Jabez Woodard.

Chez Mons. Dupraz, á La Servette, 429 Genevé,

August 26, 1851.

Dear President Snow:

Knowing your continued anxiety and interest over these nations, I take a few minutes before retiring to rest, to say how we have been and how we are.

Since I wrote you, I paid a visit to Signor Reta, the translator—he was happy to see me—inquired after your health, and sent his compliments. I expect a visit from him in a day or two. I hope to make a more intimate acquaintance with him. I have had a violent cold, which confined me to bed two days. After being restored, Sister Stenhouse was taken badly, much the same as myself, but much worse. We are now, thank the Lord, better. In the midst of all, we have done our best.

Elder Roulet brought an intelligent man to see us, who was connected with the Church where the lecture was delivered against us. We had several interesting conversations with him; at length, on Friday night last, I baptized him. yesterday we held our Sunday meeting, at which he was confirmed. We prayed, read, talked and felt well. To-night he brought his daughter to have some conversation. She has gone home to reflect.