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To-day I have received a very interesting letter from the brother I baptized at Lausanne. He says his wife wants to be baptized, and several others feel interested in the history of the Church, by reading our publications. I feel as if the Lord had commenced to work among the people. I get on with the language pretty well. I hope when you pass through, we will be thrilled with your own voice in this language.

Accept our united love.

As ever yours, very affectionately,

T. B. H. Stenhouse.

Now to Lorenzo's journal: In the autumn of 1851, I visited some of the Welsh conferences, having received a very kind invitation from Elder William Phillips, who then presided over that section. The visit afforded me inexpressible satisfaction—the Saints in their national characteristic, warmhearted friendship, kindness and hospitality, extended to me the warmest welcome; and also gave proof of the sincerity of their feelings of liberality by prompt, gratuitous assistance towards the interests of the great missionary work under my supervision.

During my stay in Wales, I attended a number of very interesting meetings. On the evening of the fourth of November, I addressed a very large assembly, convened in a hall in Tredegar, in Monmouthshire. In the course of the meeting, Elder J. S. Davies arose, unanticipated by me, and read a poem composed by him, in which he alluded to my visit in Wales as an Apostle, as a very remarkable and wonderful event. I gave him full credit for his good motive and generous feelings, but at the same time felt not a little annoyed that he should have chosen such an unseasonable occasion—in the presence of a large congregation, nine-tenths of which were Gentiles, to read an article of that character.

At the close of the meeting, President Phillips and my-