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ZANJA. Span. A water ditch or artifi- cial canal, and particularly one used for pur- poses of irrigation. See Pico v. Colimas, 32 Cal. 578.

ZANJERO. Span. A water commission- er or superintendent, or supervisor of an ir- rigation system. See Pico vy, Colimas, 32 Cal. 578.

ZEALOT. This word is commonly taken in a bad sense, as denoting a separatist from 0 the Church of England, or a fanatic. Brown.

ZEALOUS WITNESS. An untechnical term denoting a witness, on the trial of a cause, who. manifests a partiality for the side calling him, and an eager readiness to tell anything which he thinks may be of ad- vantage to that side.

ZEIR. QO. Sc. Year. "Zeir and day." Bell.

ZEMINDAR. In Hindu law. Landkeep- er. An officer who under the Mohammedan government was charged with the financial superintendence of the lands of a district, the protection of the cultivators, and the realization of the government's share of its produce, either In money or kind. Wharton.

ZETETICK. Proceeding by inquiry. Enc. Lond.

ZIGARI, or ZINGARI. Rogues and vagabonds in the middle ages; from Zigi, now Circassia.

ZOLL-VEREIN. A union of German states for uniformity of customs, established in 1819. It continued until the unification of the German empire, including Prussia, Saxony, Bavaria, Wurtemberg, Baden, Hesse Cassel, Brunswick, and Mecklenburg-Strelitz, and all intermediate principalities. It has now been superseded by the German empire; and the federal council of the empire has taken the place of that of the Zoll-Verein. Wharton.

ZYGOCEPHALUM. In the civil law. A measure or quantity of land. Nov. 17, ¢. 8. As much land as a yoke of oxen could plow in a day. Calvin.

ZYGOSTATES. In the civil law. A weigher; an officer who held or looked to the balance in weighing money between buyer and seller; an officer appointed to determine controversies about the weight of money. Spelman.

ZYTHUM. Lat. A liquor or beverage made of wheat or barley. Dig. 33, 6. 9. pr.