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ZANJA. Span. A Water ditch or artifl- Z]-1'1‘)-:'l‘ICK. Proceeding by inquiry. Em: cial canal, and partienisriy one used for pur- Lond.

0 [é(:ies5_<()§. irrigation. See Pico v. Coiiinns, 32 ZIGARI, or ZINGARL Rogues and val}

alionds in the middle aga; from Zigl, now ZANJERO. Span. A water com1nission— C1T°“S51”-

er or superintendent, or supervisor of an ir- zoLL_vEREIN_ A “man of German "-"="'m°“ System‘ See ‘P 1°° V‘ C°“m“E- 32 states for uniformity of customs, esmlriished C31‘ 578‘ in 1519. It continued until the unification

_ of the German empire, including Prussia,

_ ZEALO1 Tm“ “'°"d '5 °°“‘m°“]_Y mken Saxony, Bavaria \\’urtemizerg, Baden, Hesse- in a bad sense, as denoting a separatist from Casseh Bums“, and MeCmenhm.g_Su.emz_ the Church °f Engmnm °r 8' “Dana Br°‘7"J' and all inlzermedizite principniities. It has

now been superseded by the German empire; ZEALOUS WITNE55- A-‘J ‘llltechlflcal and the federal council of the empire has term denoting 11 Witness. on the trial of 11 taken the place of that of the Z011-Verein. cause, who manifests a partiaiity for the Wharton side cuiiing him, and an eager readiness to _ B ten wywlng which he thinks may be of ad. ZYGOCEPIIALUM. In the civil law. A vantage to that side. measure or quantity of land. Nov. 17. c 8. As much land as a yoke of oxen could plow zsm. 0. Sc. Year. "Zeir and day." in '1 dam Calvin-

Beh. ZYG-0S'l‘A'l‘l-IS. In the civil law. A weigher - an officer who heid or looked to the zEMIN]_JAR' In Hind“ law‘ Lnudkeep‘ balance ‘in weighing money between buyer er‘ A” ofllcer Wm’ ‘mder the M°h“m“’°‘]‘m and seller; an officer appointed to determine government was charged with the financial controversies about the weight of money. super-intendence of the ianrls of a district, Spelmml ' the protection of the cuitivntors, and the ‘I’ reniiznuon of the government's share of its ZYTHUM. Lat. A liquor or beverage

produce, either in money or kind. Wharton. made of wheat or bariey. Dig. 33. 6. 9. pr