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A. Alabama;—Arkansas;—Abbott (see Abb.);—Annuals (Louisiana);—Atlantic Reporter.

A. B. Anonymous Reports at the and of Bendloe.

A. B. R. American Bankruptcy Reports.

A'B. R. J. N. S. W. A'Beckett’s Reserved (Equity) Judgments, New South Waies.

A'B. R. J. P. P. A'Beckett‘s Reserved Judgments, Port Philip.

A. C. Appellate Gourt:—Case on Appeal;—Appeal Cases.

[1891] A. C. Law Reports, Appeal Cases. from 1891 onward.

A. C. C. American Corporation Cases (Wlthrow's).

A. C. R. American Criminal Reports.

A. D. American Decisions;—Appellate Division, New York Supreme Court.

A. E. C. American Electrical Cases.

A. G. Dec. Attorney General’s Decisions.

A. G. Op. Attorney General’s Opinions.

A. Ins. R. American Insolvency Reports.

A. K. Marsh. A. K. Marshall's Kentucky Reports.

A. L. C. American Leading Cases.

A. Moo. A. Moore‘s Reports, in vol. 1 Bosanquet & Puller.

A. M. & 0. Armstrong, Macartney & 0gie’s Irish Nisi Prius Reports.

A. N. C. Abbott's New Cases. New York:—American Negligence Cases.

A. N. R. American Negligence Reports, Current Series.

A. P. B. Ashurst's Paper Books (MRS. in Lincoln's Inn Library).

A. R. American Reports; —Atlantic Reporter; —Appeal Reports, Ontario.

A. R. C. American Railway Cases.

A. R. R. American Railway Reports.

A. R. v. R. 22. Anna Regni Victoriœ Regina Vlcesimo Secundo.

A. Rep. American Reports;—Atlantic Reporter (commoniy cited Atl. or A_).

A. S. R. American State Reports.

A. & E. Adolphus & Ellis‘ English Queen's Bench Reports;—Admiraity and Ecclesiatical.

A. & E. Corp. Ca. American and English Corporation Cases.

A. & E. Ency. American and English Encyclopedia of Law.

A & E. N. S. Adolphus & Ellis‘ English Queen's Bench Reports, New Series.

A. & E. R. R. C. American & English Railroad Cases.

A. & H. Arnold & Hodges’ English Queen's Bench Reports.

A. & N. Alcock G: Napler's Irish King's Bench Reports.

Ab. Eq. Cas. Equity Cases Abridged (English).

Abb. Abbott. See below.

Abb. Ad. (or Abb. Adm.). Abbott's Admiraity Reports.

Abb. App. Dec. Abbott's New York Court of Appeais Decisons.

Abb. Beech. Tr. Abbott's Report of the Beecher Trial.

Abb. C. C. Abbott's Circuit Court, United States.

Abb. Ct. App. Abbott’s New York Court of Appeals Decisions.

Abb. Dec. Abbott's New York Court of Appeals Decisions.

Abb. Dig. Abbott's New York Digest.

Abb. Dig. Corp. Abbott's Digest Law of Corporations.

Abb. Mo. Ind. Abbott's Monthly Index.

Abb. N. C. Abbott’s New Cases, New York.

Abb. N. S. Abbott's Practice Reports, New Series.

Abb. N. Y. App. Abbott's New Court of Appeals Decisions.

Abh. N. Y. Dig. Abbott’s New York Digest.

Abb .Nat. Dig. Abbott's National Digest.

Abb. Pr. (or Prac). Abbott's New York Practice Reports

Abb. Pr. N. S. Abbott's New York Practice Reports. New Series.

Abb. ship. Abott (Lord Tenterden) on Shipping.

Abb. Tr. Ev. Abbott's Trial Evidence.

Abb. U. S. Abbott's United States Circuit Court Reports.

Abb. Y. Bk. Abbott's Year Book of Jurisprudence.


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