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Abbott. Abbott's Dictionary.

A'Beck. Judg. Vict. A’Beclsett's Reserved Judgments of Victoria.

Abr. AbridgnJent;—AllI'idged.

Ah:-. Case. Crawford B: Dix’s Abridged Cases, lreiand. 0 Abx-. Case.l-111.


Act. (or Act. Pr. (3.). Privy Council Reports.

Ad. Jun. Adam’: Justiciary Reports


Ad. 8!. E. (or Ad. & BIL). Adolphus dz Ellis‘ English King's Bench Reports.

Ad. & Ell. N. S. Adolphus 3: Ellis’ Reports, New Ser'n=;—E.‘ugiish Queen's Bench (commonly cited Q. B.).

Adams. Adams’ Reports, vois. 4.1, 42 M.-«uue;—Adams' Reports. vol. 1 New Hamp- shire.

Equity Cases Abridged

Acton's English

Adsms, En. Adams’ Equity. Adams, Rom. Ant. Adams, Roman Anti- B quities.

Add. Addison's Reports, Pennsylvania :- Addams’ English ' ' ical Reports.

Add. Eco. Addams‘ Ecclesiastical Reports.

Addams. Addams’ Ecclesiastical Reports,


Addis. (or Add. Pn..). Addison's (Pennsyl- vania County Cour1.') Reports.

Adm. &]-Soc. Admiraity and cleslastical;—Eng1ish Law Reports, Admiralty and Ecclesiastical.

Adel, an-11. Adolphus .9. Ellis‘ Reports, English King’s Bench.

Adnl. & El. (N. 5.). Adolphus & mills‘ Reports. New Series, English Queen's Bench.

Adolph. 8!. E. Adolphus dz EiiiE' English

King's Bench Reports.

Adolph. 8!. E. N. S. Adolphus & Ellis’ New Series (usually cited as Queen’ Bench).

Agra, H. C. Agra High Court Reports (Ind.ia).

Aik. \ikens' Vermont Reports.

Aikens (VL). Aikens’ Reports, Vermont.

Ai.-nsw. (or A5.-nsworth). Ai.usworth's Lex- icon

Al. Aicyn's Select Gases, King’a Bench ;— Alahanln: Alien

Al.'1‘e!. Cs. Alien's Telegraph Cases.

A1, a. Nap. Alcock B: Napier‘s Irlsh Kings Beach Reports.

Ala. Alahnma;—Aia'hama Reports.

Ala. N. S. Alabama Reports, New Series.

X Ala. Sal. Gas. Alabama Select Cases, by Shepherd, see Alabama Reports, vols. 37, 38 nnd 39.

Ala. St. Bar Assn. Association.

Alaska. Co. Aiaska Codes, Carter.

Alb. A1-I1. Alhert Arbitration (Lord Cairns’ Decisions).

Ale. (or Ala. Reg, at Ale. Reg. Cas.). Alcock's Irish Registry Cases.

A1c.&.Nap. Aicock & Nupier’s Irish

Z King‘: Bench Reports.


Alabama State Bar


Am. Neg. Ca.

Ald. Alden’s Condensed Reports, Pennsyl- Vania.

Alex. Gas. Report of the Alexandria Case by Dudley. Alexander. Alexanders Reports. vols. 66-

72 Mississippi. Aleyn. Aley'n's Select Cases, English King's Bench Alis. I-‘rin. Scotch Law. Alison's Pricniples of the Criminal Law of Scotland. All. Allen's Massachusetts Reports.

All.N.B. Allen's New Brunswick Re ports.

All.Ser. Allahabad Series, Indian Law Reports.

All. Tel. Cu. Allen's Telegraph Cases.

Allen. .-\ilen’s Massachusetts Reports :—

Alien‘s Reports, New Brunswick;——Alien‘a Reports. Washington.

Allan '1‘eI.Csn. Ailen's Telegraph Cases.

Allin. Aiiinson, Pennsylvania Superior and District Court.

Am. Bank. R. (or Am. B’kc’y Rep.). American Bankruptcy Reports.

Am. Cent. Dig. Amcrlcan Digest (Century Edition).

Am. Corp. 011:. Cases (Withrow's).

Am. 01'. Rep. American Criminal Reports.

American Corporation

Am. Cr. Tr. American Criminal Trials. Chandler's. Am. Dec. American Decisions.

Am. Dig. American Digest.

Am. Dig. Cant. Ed. American (Century Edition).

Am. Dig. Dec. Ed. (or Decen. 1111.). American Digest (Decennial Edition).

Am El. Cu. (or Am. Elec. Cm). American Electrical Cases.

Am. Ins. Rap. (or Am. Insol. Rep.). American Insoil-ency' Reports.

Am. Joni-. Pol. American Journal of Politics.

Am. Join‘. Sac. cioiogy.

Am. Jur. American Jurist, Boston.

Am. L. C. R. I-'. Sharswood and Budd's Leading Cases on Real Property.

Am. L. can. American Leading Cases.

Am. L. J. American Law Jonrnai (Hall's) Philadelphia.

Am. L. J. N. S. American Law Journal. New Series. Philadelphia.


American Journal of So-

Am. L. Rev. American Law Review, Roston.

Am. L. '1‘. In. American Law Times Re ports.

Am. L. '1‘. R. N. S. American Law Times Reports, New Series

Am. Law Rec. (Cincinnati).

Am. Lead. Can. (Hare B: Wallace's).

Am. Neg. On. (or Gas.) American Negligence Cases.

American Law Record

American Leading Cases