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Am. Neg. Rep. American Negligence Reports.

Am. Pr. Rep. American Practice Reports, Washington. D. C.

Am. Prob. Rep. ports.

Am. R. E. Cns. (Smith & Bates’).

Am. R. R. Rep. ports, New York.

Am. R. R. & C. Rep. American Railroad and Corporation Reports

Am: Rep. American Reports Cases).

Am. Ry. Ga. American Bailway Cases.

Am. Ry. Rep. American Railway Reports.

Am. st. Rep. American State Reports.

Am. st. Ry. Dee. American Street Rail- way Decisions.

Am. Tr.-M. Cases (Cox's).

Am. & Eng. Corp. Gas. English Corporation Cases.

Am. & Eng. Dan. in Eq. American and Engiish Decisions in Equity.

Am. & Eng. Enoy. Law. English Encyclopedia of Law.

Am. & Eng. Put. Ga. American and English Patent Cases.

Am. & Eng. R. R. Go. American and Eng- iish Railroad Cases.

Am. & Eng. Ry. Ca. lish Raliway Cases.

Amh. (or Amhl.) Ambler’s English Chacnery Reports.

Amer. American :-Amerman, vols. 111- 115 Pennsylvania.

Amer. Jur. American Jurist.

Amer. Law. American Lawyer, New York.

Amer. Law Reg. (N. S.). American Law Register, New Series.

Amer. Law Reg. (0. S.). Register, Oid Series.

Amer. Law Rev. American Law Review.

Amer. & Eng. Enc. Law. American 6: English Encyclopædia of Law.

Amen. Ames' Reports, vols. 4–8 Rhode lsiand; Ames' Reports, vol. 1 Minnesota.

Ames Cas. B. & N. Ames’ Cases on Bills and Notes

Amen Can. Par. Ames’ Cases on Partnership.

Ame: Gas. Pl. Ames’ Cases on ..Pie:iding.

Ame. Gin. sur. Ames' Cases on Surety- ship.

Ames Gas. Trusts. Ames' Cases on Trusts.

Ames,K.& B. Ames, Knowles 3: Brad- ley's Reports, vol. 8 Rhnde Island.

Amos & 1-‘. Ext. Amos 3: Ferrard on Fixtures.

And. Andrews‘ Reports, vols. 62-72 ConnectiL'nt:—-Andrews‘ English King's Bench Reports.

Anders. (at Anderson). Anderson's Re ports. English Court of Common Pleas.

Andr. (or Andrews). Andrews‘ Flngiish King's Bench Reports. See also And.

American Probats Re American Railway Cases

American Railway Re-


Gan. American Trademark

American and

American and

American and Eng-

American Law

Archh. N. P.

Ang.Lim. Angeli on Limitations.

Ang. Tide Waters. Angeli on Tide Waters.

Ang. Water Gonrses. Angel] on Water Courses.

Ang. & A. Corp. Angel] 3: Ames on Corporatinns.

Ang. & Dnr. Angel] 3: Durfees Reports, vol. 1 Rhode Island.

Ann. Cas. American & English Annotated Cases;—New York Annotated Cases.

Ann. Reg. Annual Register, London

Ann. St. Annotated Statutes

Annaly. Annaly’s edition of Lee tempare Hardwicke.

Anne. Queen Anne (thus "1 Anne," denotes the first year of the reign of Queen Anne).

Anson, Gont. Anson on Contracts.

Anstr. %Anstrnther‘s Reports, English Ex- chequer.

Anth. Antnon's New York Nisi P1-ius Reports ;—-Anthony's liiinois Digest

Anth. N. P. Antl1on’s New York .\'isi Pri- us Reports. Anth. Shep. Anthony's edition of Shep-

hard‘s Touchstone.

Ap. Justin. Apud J nstlnianum ;—ln Justinian's Institutes.

App. Appleton’s Reports, vols. 19. 20 Maine.

App. Gas. Appeal Cases, English Law Re ports ;——Appeal Cases. United Stntes:——Appeal Cases or the different Statss;—-Appeal Cases, District of Columbia.

[1891] App. Gas. Law Reports, Appeal Cases. from 1891 onward

App. Gan. Beng. Sevestre and Marshall‘: Bengal Reports.

App. Ct. Rep. Court Reports.

App. 1). G. Appeals. District of Columbia.

App. Div. Appeilate Division, New York.

App. Jur. Act 1876. Appeilate Jurisdicti‘O'i'i Act, 1876, 39 & 40 Vict. C. 59.

App. N. Z. Appeal Reports, New Zeaiand.

App. Rep. Ont. Appeal Reports, Ontario.

Appe. Bre. Appendix to Breese's Reports.

Appleton. Appleton‘s Reports, vols. 19, 20 Maine.

Ar. Rep. Argus Reports, Victoria.

A1-nbln. Decisions of Seargeant Arabin.

Arbnth. Ari)i.ihnot's Select Criminal Cuses, Madras.

Arch. Court of Arches, England.

Arch. P. L. Cal. Archboid'a Ahricigment of Poor Law Cases.

Arch. snm. Archbold's Summary of Laws of England.

Arehb. Civil P1. Archbold's Civil Plead-

Arch‘). Grim. I-‘L Archbold‘s Criminal Pleading.

Bradwelrs Illinois Appeal

Archb. Landl. & Ten. Archbold's Landlord and Tenant.

Archb. N. P. Archbold‘s Nisi Prlus Law.