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Ax-clzb. New Pr. Arclllz. New Pr-. (at N. Pra.c.). Arch- bold's New 1'1-ac-tice.

Ax-ehh. Pr. Archbold's Practice.

A:-chh. I-‘r. K. B. A'rchboid's Practice King's Bench.

Archer & Hague. porn, vol. 2 Florida.

Arg. 1-‘r. Mere. Law. Argies (Nupoieon), Treatise Upon French Mercantile Law, etc.

Ax-g. Rep. Reports printed in Melbourne Argus, Australia.

Ax-ls. Arlzona:—Arizona Reports.

Ark. Ark:1nsns;—Arl:a.nsns Reporm:—- Arkiey's Justiciary Reports, Scotland.

Arkl. (or A1-kley). Arkiey’s J usticiary Rt.» iIUl'lS. Scotland

Arms. Br. P. Can. Armstrong's Breach of Pn\ liege Cases, New York.

Arms. Con. Elec. Armstrong‘s New York Contested Elections.

Ax-ms. Elect. Gas. Armstrong's Cases of Contested Elections, New York.

A1-ms. M. & 0. (at Arms. Mao. & Og . Annstrong. Macartney, 6: 0gie's Irish N] i 1'1-ins lzoilorts.

Arms. Tr. Armstrong's Limerick Trials. Ire]-Ind.

Arn. Arnold's English Common PicasB.eports ;—Arnot's Gruuinai Trials, Scotland.

Ann. 111. Gas. A.ruold‘s Election Cases. English.

Arn. Ins. Arnould on Marine Insurance.

Arn. & H. (at Ann. & Hod.). Arnold & Hodges‘ English Queen‘s Bench Reports.

A1-n. & Hod. B. C. Arnold G: Hodges’ English Bail Court Reports.

Arn. & Hod. Pr. Gas. Arnold G: Hodges’ Practice Cases, English.

Arnold. Arnold's Common Pleas Reports, English.

Ax-not Gr. 0. Srotiand.

Artie. Clerl. Articles of the clergy.

A1-ticuli snp.Cluu-t. Articles upon the charters.

Ashe. Ashe‘s Tables to the Year Books (or to Coke's BeI>orts;—or to Dyer's Reports).

Aslun. Ashmead's Pennsylvania Reports.

Ashton. Ashton‘s Reports, vois. 9-12 Opin-

Archer 3; Hogue's Re-

Arnot’s Criminal Cases,

wions of the United States Attorneys Generai.



Azuni, Mar. Lawn

Aslmrst Ms. Ashurst's Paper Books, Licnoin's Inn Llhr. Ashursfs Manuscript Reports, printed in voi. 2 Chitty.

Asp. Aspinali, English Admiralty.

Asp. Gas. (or Re1I.).. English Maritime Law Cases, new series by Aspinall.

Asp. M. C. Aspimili's Maritime Cases.

Ass. Book of Assizes.

Ass. Jerus. Assizes of Jerusalem.

Ast. I-Int. Astolrs Entries.

Atch. Atchison's English Navigation and Trade Reports.

Ath. Mar. Sett. tlements.

Atk. Atkvii‘s English Chancery Reports.

Atk. P. . Atkyn‘sI'nr1i.amentary'Ir:1cts.

Atk. Sher. Atkinson on Sheriifs.

Atl. Atiantic Reporter.

Atl. Mo. Atlantic Monthly.

Atl. R. (at Rep.). Atlantic Reporter.

Atty. Gen. Op. Attorney-Generals‘ Opin- ions, United States.

Atty. Gen. Op. N. Y. Opinions, New York.

Atwatex-. Atwater’s Reports, vol. 1 Minnesota.

Auch. All(‘ilIlJieC‘k'S Manuscript Cases, Scotch Court of Session.

Aunt. Reg. & L. Chron. ter and Law Chronicie.

Aul. Gel. Nantes Attica. Noctes Atticze.

Anst. Austin's English County Court Cases ;—Austraiia.

Anst. Jul‘. Austin's Province of Jurispru~ dence.

Aust. Jun-. Aln-. Austin's Lectures on Ju- risprudence, abridged.

Anst. L. '1‘. Australian Law Times.

Austin (Ceylon). Austin's Ceylon Reports.

Austin C. C. Austin's English County Court Reports.

Ayl. Pan. See Ayiiffe.

Ayl. Psnd. See Ayiitfe.

Ayl. Par. See Aylifie.

Ayliife. Ayiitfe’s I‘andccts;—Aylifle's Parergon Jul-is Czlnonici Angeiicani.

Aylilfe I-‘ax-erg. See Aylitte.

Azunl, Mar. Law. Azuni on Maritime Law.

Atheriy on Marrlsge Set-


Auction Regis-

Auius Geliius.