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B. C.




B. 0. Bankruptcy Cases.

B. 0.0. Bail Court Reports (Saunders & Cole-);—-Bail Court Cases (Lowndes (2 Max- well) ;—Brown's Chancery Cases.

B. C. R. (or B. C. B.ep.). Saunders & Cole's Bail Court Reports, English;—British Columbia Reports.

B. 01:. Barhour’s Chancery Reports, New York. B. D, an 0. Blackhnm, Dundas S: Osborne's

Nlsi Prius Reports, liciand.

B. I... R. Bengal Law Reports.

B.M. Burr-ow's Reports tempura Mansfiel(1;——Ben l\louroe’s Reports, Kentucky‘,-— liioore‘s Reports, English.

B. Mon. Ben l\ionr(.ve‘s Reports, Kentucky. B. Moore. Moore's Reports, English. B. N. C. Binghams New Cases, English

Brooke’: New Cases, Eng- -—Busbee‘s North Carolina

lish King's Bent Law Reports.

B. NIP. Bu1ler‘s Nisi Prlus.

B. P. B. Bu1ler‘s Paper Book, Lincoln's Inn Library.

B. P. G. Brown's Cases in Parliament

B. P. L. Can. Bott's Poor Law Cases.

B. P. N. R. Bosanquet & Puller's New Reports, English Common Pleas.

B. P. R. Brown's Parliamentary Reports.

B. R. Baucus Regls, or King's Benc ;— Bankruptcy Reports;—Bankruptcy Register, New York;—National Bankruptcy Register


B. R. H. Cases in Kings Bench tempera Hzirclwicke.

B. & A. Barnewnli & Adolphus’ English

King's Bench Itcports;—Barnewa1l & Alderson's English Kings Bench Reports;——Bnron & Arnold’: English Election Cases:—Baron dc Austin's English Election Cases;—Banning & Arden's Potent Cases.

B. & A5. (or AdoI.). Barnewall & Adol- phus’ English King's Bench Reports

B.& Ald. Bnruewnll (2 Aldersnn's English King's Rencli Rcpolts.

B.& Arn. Barron & Arnold's Election Cases. -

B.& Anst. Burron & AllSl'ilJ’E English Election Cases.

B.& B. Broderlp 6: Binghanrs English

Common Pleas Reports:—Ball & Bentt'_v's Irish Chancery Repo1ts:—Bou'ler & Bowers, vols. 2, 3 United States Comptroller's Deci- sinus.

B.& C. B-u'neWai.l (2 Cresswcll's English Kings Bench Reports.

B. dz D. Benloe & Dnlisnu, English.

B, an F. Brnderlp & F‘remantle‘s English Ecclesiastical Reports.

B. 8: H. Blntchfnrd (2 Howlund’s United Smtes District Court Reporhs.

B, an H. Dig. Bennett & Heard’: Mussochusetts Digest.

B. & H. Lead. Can. Leading Criminal Cases.

B. & 1. Bankruptcy and Insolvency Cases.

B, an L. Browning & Lushiugtou‘s English Admiralty Repoi ts.

B. & M. (or B. & M.1cna1.nura's Reports, English.

B, an I‘. Bosanquet & I-‘u1ler‘s English Common Pleas Reports.

B. on P. N. R. Bosanquet & Puiler's New Reports.

B. & S. Best & Smith's English Queen's Bench Reports.

B.& v. Beling & Vanderstrunten's Re ports, Ceylon.

Ba. & Be. Repol ts.

Bab. Auot. Bahington on Auctions.

Ba.c. Aph. (or Ban. Aphm-isms). Bacon's (Sir Francis) Aphorisms.

Bun. Dig. Bacon's Geol-gin Digest.

Bae. Max. Bacon's (Sir Francis) Maxims.

Bm:.B.ea.d. Uses. Bacon (Sir Francis), Beading upon the Statute of Uses.

Bac. St. Uses. Bacon (Sir Frauds), Renaing upon the Statute of Uses.

Bac. Ir. Bacon (Sir Francis), [ADV Tracts.

Ban. Works. B-1cou’s (Sir F1-uucis),Wnrks.

Bach. Bach's Reports. vols l$21 Montans.

Bacon. Bacon's Ahridgment;—Bacou's Aphoi-isms:—-Bacon's Complete A.rbiL1-ntor; —Bx1con's Elements of the Common Luw;—— Bacon on Govern1nent;—Bacon's Law Tracts; —Bacon on Leases and Terms of Years;—- Bacon's Maxims;—Bncon on Uses.

Bag]. Bagley’s Reports, vols. 16-19 Cali- fornia.

Bail. Bailey's Law Reports, South Caro- una.

Bail Ct. Cns. Lowndes 6: Maxwell's English Bail Court Cases.

Bail Ct. Rep. Saunders & Cole‘s English Bail Court Itepnrts;—Lowndes & Maxwell's English Bail Court Cases.

Bni Dig. Bailey's North Carolina Digest Builey’s Equity Reports, South Carolina.

Bailey. Bai.iey’s Law Reports, South Cort) lina Court of Appeals.

Bailey Eq. Builey's Equity Reports, South Cnrolina Court of Appeals.

Bennett 6: He:1rd‘a

Browne &

Bull & Beatty's Irish Chancery

Bnill. Dig. Baillie‘s Digest ct Mohammedan Law.

Bnin'b.Mineu. Bainbridge on ‘Mines and Minerals.

Baker. Qnnt. Bakefs Law or Quarantine.

Ba.ld.App.11 Pet. Baldwin's Appendix to 11 PPt(‘l'S.

Bald. (at Bald. C. 0.). Buldt\'in‘s United States Circuit Court Repnrts:—Baldus (Com- mentator on the Code);——Baidasseroul (on Maritime Law).