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Gas. App. Ca.n.A.pp. Cases of Appeal to the House of Lords.

Can. A1-g.&Dec. Cases Argued and Decrced in Chancery, llmglish.

Caa.B.R. Cases Banco Regs tempera William III. (12 l\Io<iern Reports).

Gas. B. R. Holt. Cases and Resolutions (of settlements; not E[olt's King-’s Bench Reports).

Can. 0. L. Cases in Crown Law.

Cns.Ch. Cases in Chancery, Englis :- Select Cases in Chancery;—Cases in Chacnery (9 Modern Reports).

Cn.a.Eq. Cases in Equity, Gilbert's Repnrts;—Cases and Opinions in Law, Equity, and Conveyancing.

Ca.s.I-'.‘q.Ahr-. Cases in Equity, Abridg- ed. English.

Gas. 2!‘. '1‘. Cases tempura Talbot, by Forrester, English Chancery.

Caa.H.L. Cases in the House of Lords. 0. Cases in Chancery;—S/elect Cases in Chancery. Cnn.K.B. Cases in Kings Bench (8

Modern Reports).

Gas. K. B. t. H. Cases tempura Hardwicke (W. Kel_vnge's English King's Bench Reports).

Cas.L.&I:q. Cases in Law and Equity (10 Modern Reports) :— Gilbert's Cases in Law and Equity, English.

Cas.]':‘. (or Parl.). Cases in Parliament.

Cas.]':‘x-. Cases of Practice, English King's Bench.

Cas.Pr.C.P. Cases of Practice, lish Common Pleas (Cool:e’s Reports).

Gas. Pr. K. B. Cases of Practice in the King's Bench.

Ca:.R. Casey‘s Pennsylvania State.

Can. S. C. (Cape G. 11.). Cases in the S!)- preme Court, Cape of Good Hope.

Cn.I.SIa1f Def. riorrigan & Thompson's Cases on Self-Defense.

Cu.Sett. Cases of Settlement, King’: Bench.

Cassi: Cir. Cases on the Six Circuits, Ireland

Gas. t. Ch. II. Cases tempera Charles II., in vol. 3 of Reports in Chancery.

Cas.¢.!‘. Cases tempura ll‘inch, English Chancery.

Can. t. Geo. 1. Cases tcmpore George I., lsnglush Chancery (8. 9 Modern Reports).

Gas. t. H. (or Hnrdwicke). Cases term pure Hardwicke. English King's Bench (Ridgway, Lee, or Anna1S’):~West's Chacnery Reports, tempore Hardwicke.

Can. t. Holt (or 11.). Cases tempore Holt, English King's Bench ,—E[olt’s Reports.

can t. K. Select Cases tempura King, English Chancery (edited by Macnaghten);— Moseley}: Chancery Reports, tempura King.

Cas.f..Lee. (Phillimore‘s) Cases tempura Lee, English Ecclesiastical.

Gas. t.Mao. Cases tempera Macclesfield (10 Modern Reports).


Reports, vols. 25-38



Ca.:.i'..Na.p. Cases tempera Napier, by Drury, Irish Chancery.

Cns.t.Nox-th. Cases tempura Northing- ton (Eden's English Chancery Reports).

Gas. t.P1u.nk. Cases tempo-re Plunkett, by Lloyd 8.: Could, Irish Chancery.

Can. t. Q. A. Cases tempera Queen Anne (11 Modern Reports).

Ca..5.f..Sugd. Cases tempura Sngden, Irish Chancery. Gas. I2. Tal. Cnses tempore Talbot. English Chancery.

Cas..t. Wm. III. Cases tempura William III. (12 Modern Reports).

Cas.'l.‘a1s.&Adj. Cases Taken and Ad» jlldged (first edition of Reports in Chacnery).

Gas, w. Op. Cases, with Opinions, by Eminent Counsel.

Can. Wm. I. Bigelow’s Cases, William I. to Richard 1.

Casey. Casey's Reports, vols. 25-36 Pennsylvania State.

Cass. Dig. Cassel's Digest, Canada.

Gnu. Sup. 0. Prnu. Cassel’s Supreme Court Practice, 2d edition by Masters.

Gel. Tr. Burke's Celebrated Trials.

Cent. Diet. Century Dictionary.

CenI:.Dig. Century Digest.

[1891] Ch. Law Reports, Chancery Di- vision, from 1S91 onward.

Ch. App. Gas. Chancery Appeal Cases. English Law Reports.

Ch. Cu. Cnses i.n Chancery.

Ch. Can. Ch. Choyce Cases in Chancery.

Ch. Chum. (or Ch. Ch.). Chancery Chamber Reports, Ontario.

Ch. Col. Op. 0ha1mers' Colonial Opin- ions.

Ch.Dig. Chaney's Digest, Michigan Re-


Ch. Div. (or D.). Chancery Division, English Law Reports (1876-1890).

Ch.Prec. Prece-dents in Chancery.

Oh. R. M. R. M. Charltorrs Georgia Re ports

Ch.Rep. Reports in Chancery:— Irish Chancery Reports.

Ch.Rep.Iz-. Irish Chancery Reports

Ch.Sent. Chancery Sentinel, Saratogn, New York.

Ch. 1‘. U. 1‘. Reports.

Ch. & Cl. Cal. gy Cases.

Chni. Op. Chalmers’ Colonial Opinions.

Chum. Chamber Reports, Upper Canada.

Cimmh. Dig. 1?. H. 0. Chambers’ Digest of Public Health Cnscs. Chancery ports, Ontario.

1‘. U. P. Charlton’: Georgia

Cripp’s Church and Cler-

Chamber Re

Chamber. Chamber Reports, Upper Canadn. Chan. Chaney's Reports, vols. 37-58

Michigan:—Chancellor;—Chancery (see Ch.). Chane. Chancery (see Ch.).