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Chand. Chandler's Reports, Wisconsin;— Chandler's Reports. vols 20, 38-44 New ilnmphhire.

Chand. Cr. Tr. (or Chnnd. Grim. 'I‘r.). Chandler’: American Criminal Trials.

Chaney. Cl.1aney's Reports, vols. 37-58 0 MiElli;., Ill. Cluu-1. Pr. Cal. Charley's English Prattlce Cast-S. Chm-lt. R. M. R. M. Charlton‘: Georgia Relunts Cluu-it. '1‘. U. P. T. U. P. Charlton's Georgia R1-lmrts. Chase. Chase's United States Circuit

Court U€‘('lSlOiJS. Chev. Cheves' South Carolina Law Re-

ports. Chev.Ch. (or 1341.). Cheves' South Caro- iin:1 Equity Reports.

Chevel. Chews‘ Law Reports, South Car- oliua.

Chip. Chlpmzurs Reports, New Brunse nhll.

Chip. D. D Chipum.n's Vermont Reports. Chip.MS. Repoits printed from Chip- mau's l\lllllil‘=('i'l1'\i, New Brunsuick. Chip.N. N. Cl.llpLli:1D'S Vermunt Reports. Chip. W. Chlpma_u’s New Brunswick Re ports. C1:it.(or Chitt.). Chitty's lmglish Ball Court Reports. Chit. Archh. Pr. Pracfice. Chit. Bills. Chitty on Bills. Chit.B1.Cmnm. Chltty's Blackstone's Commentaries. Chit. Com. Law. Law Chit. Cont. Chitty on Contracts. Chit. Crim. Law. Chitty on Criminal Law. Chit. Gen. Pr. Chit. Med. Jnr. risprudouce. Chit. P1. (‘hltty on Pleading. Chit. Pr. Clutty‘s General Prar-tice. Chit. St. Chltl:y’s Statutes of Practical



Chitty on Commercial

Chltty's General Practice. Chitty on i\ieLlicu.l Ju-


Ckitt. Chitty’s English Bull Court Repurls.

Clu-. Rep. Chamber Reports. Upper Cantl(l:I

C1:r.Rub. Christopher Robinson's English ldmu-ilry Reports.

Glmte,1-Sq. Chute's Equity under the Ju- dnature Art

Cie. Frag. de Rcpnh. Cicero, Fragments de ilepuhlicn

C=ty Ct.R. City Court Reports, New lurk.

Div. Corie. Civil Code.

Civ. Code Prac. Civ. Proc. Rep. New York. Cl. App.

2 Lords.


Civil Code of Practice. Civil Procedure Reports,

Clark's Appeal Cases, House or


Co. Pl.

Cl.Ch. Clarke's Chancery Reports, New York.

Cl. Home. Cases.

Cl. 85 Pin. (or 1‘.). House of Lords Cases.

Cl. &:E‘in. N. 5. House of Lords Cases, by Clark.

G1. &I{. Clarke 5: Hall's Contested Elections in Cong1'

(Lark. Engli 1 House of Lords Cases by Ci-ark;— Clark's Reports, vol 58 Alabama. See also, Clarke.

Clark Dig. Clark’: Digest, House of Lords Repm-ts.

Clnrk& F. (or Fin.). Clnrk & Finnellyh Reports, Emriish House of Lords. Clark & Fin. N. S. Clnrl:.'s

Lords Cases.

Clarke. Clarke's Nev York Chancery Repu1ts;——Ciarke's edlllnn of vuls. 14% Iowa; ——Cllrke’s Reports, vols. 19-22 Mi-hlg1n;—

Clerk Home, Scotch Session

Clark 8: Finue1ly's

House of

Clarke's Notes of Cases, Bengal. See, also, Clark.

Clarke Ch. Clarke‘: !\‘ew York Chancery Relml ts.

Clarke Not. (at R. & 0.). Clarke 5 Notes of Cases, in his "miles und Orders." Ilen- gal.

Clarke & I{.E1e-:. Cas. Clarke 8: Hall’: Cases of Contested Elections in Congress.

Clayt. Clayton's English Reports, York Assizes.

Clem. EH5.

Clerk Home. Clerk Home‘: Decisions, S(‘0I('l] Court of Session.

Clit. Clit1‘ord‘s United Slates Circuit Court Reports.

Clif. (5unth.) El. Gas. Wick ljlectlun Cases.

Ciif.&Rick. Clifford & RiCk:1rd's English Locus Staudi Reports.

Clil.&st. Clifford S; Stephens’ English Locus .'\‘tan(li P.e1)0rts.

Cliff. Clifi'ord's Reports, United States, First Circuit.

Olin. Dig. Clinton's Digest, New York.

Clk.Mag. (‘lerk’s \I.1-gaznle, London;— Rhode lshnd Clerlds Magazine.

Glow L. C. on Torts. Glow‘: Cases on Torts.

Co. Coke's English King's Bench Reports.

Co. Ent. L}oi;e's Entries

Co. G. Reports and Cases of Practice in (‘.umLnon Pleas tompore Anne. Geo. i, and Gen. 11., by Sir G. Coke. (S.uue as Cooke's Practice Reports.)

Co. Inst. Coke's Institutes.

Co.Litt. The First Pnrt of the institutes oi' the Laus of England, or a Com- mentary on Little-ton, by Sir Eduard Coke.

Co.P. C. Coke's Reports. English King‘! Bench.

Co.Pl. Coke's Pleadiugs (sometimes pubbllshed separately).

Clemens‘ Reports, vols. 57-59 Kan-

C1i.lTord‘s South-