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Co. R.

Co. R. (N . Y.). Code Reporter, New York. Co.II..N.S. Code Reporter, New Series. Co. Rep. Coke's Reports, Kings Bench. Cobb. Cobb's Reports, vols. 4-20 Georgl.1:—L‘obb's Reports voi. 121 Alabama.

Cobb. st. Tr. Cobbett'a (afterwards How- ell's) State Trials.

Cnolu-. Cochran's Nova Scotia Reports; —-Coti.Irane's Reports. vols. 3-7 North Da- kora.

Cock. Tic1x..Ca.. the Tlchborne Case.

Cock. &Eowe. Cockhurn & Rowe‘s Election Cases.

Cooke. Cocke's Reports, vols. 16-18 Ala- |.nuna:—Coeke’s Reports, vols. 14, 15 Florida.

Cocl;burn's Charge in

God. Codex Justlnianus. Cod. Jlu-. Civ. Codex Juris Clvil.1.s;—Jusl:inian's Code.

Cod. Theodos. Codex "heodorianus.

Code. Criminal Code 01' Canada, 1892. Code Civ. Pro. (or Pr-oc.). Code of Civil Procedure.

Code Civil. Code Civil or Civil Code of F1-once.

Code Cr-.]':‘x-o. (or Pro::.). Code of Criminal Procedure.

Code d'Inatx-. Crim. Code d'Instruction

Crirninelle. Code de Com. Code de Commerce. Code Ln. Civil Code of Louisiana.

Code N. (or Nap.). French Civil Code.

Code Pro. Code of Procedure

Code R. N. 5. Code Reports, New Series.

Code Rep. New York Codo Reporter.

Code Rep.N. S. New York Code Reports, New Series.

Cof.Dig. Cofer's Digest, Kentucky.

Coffey P1-av.Deo. Coffey‘: Probate De- I.-isions.

Cogh. Spit. Coghla.u's Epitome of Hindu Law Cases

Coke. Coke's English King's Bench R4,» ports Iclted by parts and not by volume).

Coke Inst. ("oke‘s institutes.

Coke Lit. Coke on Littleton.

Col. Colo:-ado:—Colorado Reports;— Cold\vell's Reports, Tennessee;—Colen1:1n"s Reports, vols. ()9, 1014106, 110-129, Alabama.

Code Napoleon,

Col. App. (‘oiorado Appeals.

Col. C. C. Collyers English Chancery Cnscs.

Cal. Can. Coleman’: Cases for Practice), New York.

Col. 1.. Rep. Coloradn Law Reporter.

Col. Law Review. CO1Ul'Il'ilL'1 Law Re view.

Col.&:Ca.i. Coleman & Calncs' Gases. New York.

Cold.(or Coldw.). Coldwe1l’a Tennessee Reports.

Cole. Cole’s edition of Iowa Reports;—

(‘.\vlennnn's Reports, vols. 99. 101-106, 110- 129 Al lh.'ll1]H.

Cole. Can. Pr. York.

Colman‘: Cases, New



Coll. Cones‘ Parliamentary Cases.

Coll. (or C. C.). Coilyer‘s English (31:11:- cery C‘

Col1.P. C. Col.los' English Parliamentary (ii:-use of Lords) Cnses.

Call. 8.’ E. Bank. Collier .=\nu-riL.iu Bankruptcy Reports.

Collea. Coiles’ English Parl.'iament:1ry Cases.

Cally. Coliyer's English Vice Chancellois‘ Reports.

Colly. Pnrtn. Collyer on Partnerships.

Colo. Colorado Reports.

Colq. Colquit's Reports (1 Modern). Civil Law. ColquJJoI.1n's R0 man Civil Law.

Colt. (Reg. Ca..). Cases.

Colvil. COIWIS Manuscript Decisions, Scotch Court of Session.

Com. Comyn's Reports, English King's Bench;——Comberhach's English King's Bench Rep:-»rts:—Comstocl;’s Reports, vols 1-4 New Kori; Court of Appeals.

Com.B. Common Bend: Reports (Mannlng. Granger, and Scott).

Com. B. N. 5. English Common Bench Reports, New Series.

Com. Can. Commercial Cases, England.

and Eaton‘:

Coltn;nan’a Registration

Com. Dig. Co1n_Vns' Digcst.

Com.Jour. Journals of the House of Commons.

Com.L.R. English Common Law Reports.

Com. Law Rep. English Common Law Repox-ts:—Common Law Reports, published by Spottiswoode.

Com.Pl. Common Pleas, English Law Reports.

Com.Pl.Div. Common Pleas Division. English Law Reports

Comb. Coinherbaclfs English Kings Bench Reports. Comp. Dec. Comptroller's Decisions. Compiled Laws.

Comp. St. Compiled Statutes.

Comst. ComStock's Reports. vols. 1-4 New York Court of Appeals.

Comyns. ConJyns' English King's Bench Reports.

Comyns’Dig. Comyns' Digest, English.

Con. Conmer’s Reports, Wlsxr-nsln;— Continuation of Rolle's Reports (2 Rollo):-— Counoly, New York Criminal.

Con. Cus. Conroy’s Custodian Reports.

Con. &:L'a.w. Connor 8: Lawson's Irish Chancery Reports.

Cond. Ch. R. (or Eng. Cli.). English Chancery Reports.


Cond.Ecei. Condensed Ecclesiasticnine ports.

Cond.Ex.R. Condensed Excheqner Reports.

Cond. Rep. U. E. Peters’ Condensed Unli- ed States Reports.

Conf. Conference Reports (by Cameron and Norwood), North (hrolina.