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Cong. E1. Cal. TABLE OF ABBREVIATIONS Onxcln. Cong. E1. Can. Congressional Election Coop. Eq. Pl. Cooper‘: Equity Pleading. Cases. Coup.Px-.Ca.s. Cooper's Practice Cases, Cong.Reo. Congressional Record, Wash- English Chancery. ington. Cuoy. Sel. Can. Cooper’s Select Cases Conk. Adm. Conkling’s Admiralty. tcmpure Eldon, English Chancery. Ccmn. (,‘nnneclicnt;—Connecticut Re- Coop.t.Ex-. Coopers Cases tempura 0 ports :%on1|oly. New York. Surrogate. Brougham. Conover. Conovei-'5 Reports, vols. 16- Coop. t. Catt. Cooper's Cases tempura 106 Wisconsin. Cottenh-uni, English Chancery. C0lfl‘- COD!-‘0S"S Custodian Reports. Coop.t. Eld. Cooper‘s Cases tempore E1- CDll5i!12.B.e]l. English Conslstoiial Re- don, English Chancery. ports, by Ilaggnrd. Coop. Tenn. Ch. Cooper-’s Tennessee Consnlid. Ord. Oonsolidnted General Or- Chancery Reports. ders in Chancery. Cooper. Cooper's English Chancery.

Conat. Constitutional Reports. South Cnote.Ecc.Pr. Coote's Ecclesiastical Carolina, by Mi.1l;—Constltutiona1 Reports, Practice.

South Carolina, by Treadway;—Constitu- cgo¢e,ivioi-¢_-g_ coote on Moi-1g;1geg_ twual Repon-.s. vol. 1 South Carolina, by Coote,Px-oh.Px'. Coot:-.'s Probate Prac- Haroen tlce Const. Hist. Hnl.lnm’s Constitutional c.,i,,_ cope-5 Reports, V01; 63.72 C311. tory of England, fornla. Conn. N. 5- Constitutional Reports (M111). com: 1.. 1.. C0pp’s Public Land Laws. Rsouth Carolina, New Series. Copp La.nd. Copp's Land Ofljce Deci. Const. Oth. Oonstitutiones Otboni (found 510,15 at the end of I..yn¢lewuod's Provinuiale). 301,}, Mi_,,_ Dem Com,-3 United states Comst. S. C. Constitutional Reports, Mining Decisions South Carolina, printed by Trearlway. Cur. Cor.-1m;—C'.oryton’s Bengal Reports.

Const. S. C. N. 5. South Carolina Cons|:l- Cm.-in & Dun Corbett at Dauieii-5 Eng. tutional Reports, New Series, printed by “sh Election Cuses_

M"1- _ Corp. Jnr. Can. Corpus Jurls Cnnonict

Count. II. 5. Constitution of the United cm,“ Jun 0!“ Corpus Juris Chins‘ state‘ _ _ ‘ Cory. Coryi‘on's Reports, Calcutta.

C°°' & A1‘ O°°ke 5‘ AJ°°°k 5 Ins“ King” Con. Couper'a Justicinry Reports, Scot-

Tlsencb Reports “ml

Cook v. Adm. Cook‘: Vice-Admiralty Re Con“ (or Conn Juno. coupelds Jusfi_

pox-ts, Nom S('0t1|1. dam, Rgmrts‘ sc0flfl_nd_

Cooke. Cooke’: Cases of Practice, Englnsln Common P1eas;——Cooke’s Reports, Tennessee.

Cooke Incl. Ants. Cooke’s Inclosure Acts. Cuoke’Pl‘. Can. Cooke's Practice Reports. Scotch Appeals (6 and 7 Wilson and ShaW)'

English Common Pleas Cont.Dig. Coutléefis Digest, Canada

Supreme Court. C 1: P .R-e . C k ' (‘ti 1 R i bier Z: tleie gonzlugn P12-25.9 8 PM ca eg 8- Cow. Cowen's New York Reports ;—Cow-

C k & AL A1 _ _ 00 k & A1 k. per's English King's Bench Reports. _ Reigns? Irish lg)Eg.s Egncm 0 e we 8 Cow. Cx-. Dig. Cowen's Criminal Digest.

Cooley. Cooley‘: Reports, vols. 5-12 l\Iich- C°w' 0 Rep‘ C°We“'s Grimm“ Re9°m'

Com-t sess. Ca. Court or Sessions Cases, Scolds. Co1u't.& Mae]. Courtnay dz l\Incleau's

igam New York. ' Cooley, Count. mm. Cooley on Const1l:n- °°“’- m°- C°W9“'5 L‘“" D1°“°“'“'Y- umml mun-muonfi Cow. Dig. Cowell's Enst India Digest. Cooley, Tax. Cooley on Taxation Caw.Int. Cowel1's Interpreter. Cooley, Torts. Cooley on 'I‘0rts, Cow. N. Y. Cowen's New York Reports.

coon Cmpeiag Tennessee Chancery RE Cnwell. Cowell's Law Dictionary;—Cow- ports:—C0oper’s Reports, vols. 21-24 I<'lori- 511,5 Im°rP"ete"- da;—~Co0pers English Chancery Reports tern» C°WD- C°W'D91"5 English K'UJé5 3911911 pore Eldon;— Cooper's English Clmncery R.e- RED0I'l‘5~ ports lcmpore (‘oItenham;—-Cooper's English C0WP- CBl- COWDBWS 09395 (111 '1“? CD1?!‘ (‘hzmeery Reports lempore Brougham;— V0111!-he Of ReD0l1IB in Chant???)- Cooper's English [’r:u-non Cnsa, Chancery. cox. Cox's English Chancery Reports- Coop. c. c. (or on). Cooper's Chancery Cox’s English Primiual Casas:—Cox's Re

Cases tmnporv Oottenhnm. P0"-5» V013 25‘27 A|'kfl1|5lS- Y Coup. C. & P. E. Cooper’: Chancery and Cox Am. '1‘. M. Cu. Cox’: American Prnrncc Reporter, Upper Canada. Trude-l\I.-irk Cases. Cuop. Ch. Cooper’s Tennessee Chancery Cox C. C. Cox'a English Criminal Cases; Reports. —Cox's Crown Oases;—C'»ox’a County Court Cu-up. Dig. Co-operative Digest, United Cases. Z States Reports. Cox Ch. Cox’: English Chancery than