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Cox Cr. Cal.

Cox 01-. Cal. Cases.

Cox Cr. Dig. Cox’: Criminal Law Digest.

Cox, Inst. Cox's Institutions of the Eug- iish Go\ernment.

Cox J. S. Gas. Cox's Joint Stock Cases.

Cox Me. & 1!. Cox, i\-i(-(‘rue & Herte]et's English County Court Reports.

Cox Mag. Ca. Cox's Magistrate Cases

Cox Man. T:-. M. Cox's Manual of Trade ‘liark Cnses.

Cox Tr. M. Cases.

Cox. Tr. M. Cal. Marl: Cases.

Cox & Atk. Cox & Atkinson, English Registration Appeal Reports.

Cnxe. Coxas Reports, New Jersey.

Cr. Cranch's Reports, United States Su- preme Court:—Cr:1nch's United States Cir- cuit Court Reports.

Cr. C. C. Crunch’s United States Circuit Court Cases (Reports).

01'. Gas. Res. Crown Cases Reserved.

Cr. Code. Criminal Code.

01-. Code P2-ac. Criminal Code or Prue- rice.

C:-.M.& R. Crompton, Meeson dz Roscoe's English Exchequer Reports.

01-. Pat. Dee. Cranch's Decisions on Patent Appeals

C1-.s.& P. Craigie. Stewart 8: Paton‘: Scotch Appeal Cases (same as Paton).

Cr. & Dix. Crawford & Dix'e Irish Cir- cuit Court Cases.

01-. & Dix Ah. Can. Crawford dz D1x's (Irish) Abridged Notes of Cases.

01-. & Dix C. 0. Crawford & Dix's Irish Circuit Court Cases.

Cr. & J. Crompton dz Jervis.

Cx-.& M. Crompton dz Meeson'a English Exchequer Reports.

01-. & P11. Craig & Phillips’ English Chucnery Reports.

C:-ah. Crahbe's United States District Court Rpeorts.

C1-nhb, Com. Law.

Cox’: English Criminal

Cox's Manual -of Tradeliiark

Cox's American Trude

Cra'bb on the Com-

mon Law.

Crahh. Eng. Law. Cruhb's History of the English Law.

Crnbh, Hist. Eng. Law. Crabb's History

of the English Law.

Crahh, Real Prop. Real Property.

Crabh. Teclmol. Diet. Crahh'e Technolog- ical Dictionary.

Crabbe (or Crnh.). Crabbe-‘s United States District Court Reports.

cmisg & P11. Craig and Phillips‘ English Chancery Reports.

Crnig.& St. Ctaigie, Stewart 5. Paton's Scotrh Appeals Cnsw (same as Paton).

Craigins, Jun Feud. Craigius Jus Feu- dale.

Crslk C. C. bres.

Crnhb on the Law or

Craik’s English Causes CéJe—



Crunch. Crunch‘: United States Supreme Court Reports.

Crane]: (3.0. (or D. C.). Crunch's U. S. Circuit Court Reports, District of Columbia.

Crunch Pat. Dee. Cru.uch’s Patent Deci- slonsn.


Craw. Arkansas.

C1-aw.& D. Crawford dz Dix's Circuit Court Cases, Ireland,

Craw. & D. Ah. Cal. Abridged Cnsw, Il‘BL'1Ild.

Cx-easy. Creasy's Ceylon Reports.

Cress. Ins. Cu. 0fBSSW&l1'S English In- ooh em-y Cases

C1-im.I..Ma,g. Criminal Law Magazine, Jersey City. New Jersey

C1-i1n.L.B.ep. Criminal Law Reporter.

C1-im.Ree. Criminal Recorder, Philadel- phi:1:—Criminal Recorder. London :—~Criminal Recorder, vol. 1 Wheeler's New York Criminal Reports.

Cripp’l Ch. CILI.

Cranc‘s Reports. voL 22 Montana. Cruwtord‘s Reports, Vols. 35-61

Crawford & Dix's

Cripp's Church and

Clergy Cases.

Critch. Critchfleirfs Reports, vols. 5-21 Ohio State.

Cro. Croke's English King’: Bench Re port<;—Keiiway‘s English King‘: Bench Re ports.

C1-o.Car. Croke's English King’: Beudh

Reports tempera Charles I. (3 Cro.). C1-o.Eliz. Croke's English Kings Bench Reports tempore Elizabeth (1 Cro.). C1-o.Ja.c. Croke's English King‘: Bench Reports tcmpore James (Jacohus) 1. (2 Cro.). C1-oclxford. English Maritime Law Re ports, published 'hy Crockford. Cramp. Star Chamber Cases, by Crompton. Cramp. Exch. E. Reports, English. Cramp. Jul-. CUUITS.

Cramp. M. & R. Crompton, Meeson and Roscoe's English Exchequer Reports.

Cramp. R. & 0. Pt. C1-umpton's Rules and Cases of Practice

Cramp. & Jerv. Crompton & Jervis‘ English Exchequer Reports.

Crump.& M. (or MeeI.). Crumpton dz llieesorfs English Exchequer Reports.

Cruiw. Pet. 09.. Crosweirs Patent Cases.

Crounse. Crounse's Reports, voL 3 Ne brnska.

Crowther. Crowthefs Ceylon Reports.

Ox-nisa Dig. Cruise's Digcst of the [Aw of Real Property.

Cramp Inn. Cramp on Marine Insurance.

Crumrine. Crumi-ine's Reports, vols 116- 146 Pennsylvania

Ct. App. N. Z. New Zealand.

Ct. 01. Court of Claims, United States.

Cnjaeinn. Cujndus. Dpem. que de Jun recit, etc.

C1-ompton's Exchequer

Crompton's Juriediction of

Court o1.'Appeai.s Reports.