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1‘. Federal Reportsr:— Fitzherberfs Abridgnnenr. I‘. Ab:-. Fitzherhert's Abridgment is com-

lnnnly referred to by the other law writers by the tltie and number of the placifa only, e. g. "comn. 30.”

I‘. B. C. Fonblnnque’s Bankruptcy Cases.

I‘. B. 3.. Full Bench Rulings. Bengal.

I‘. B. R. N. W. 1-‘. Full Bench Rulings. Nortlnvest Provinces, India.

I‘. C. Federal Cases.

I‘. N. B. 1-'<‘itzherbert’s Natura Brevium.

I‘. R. Fedeml Reporter.

I‘. so I‘. Foster & F'inJnson’s Engilsh Nisl Prius Reports.

I‘. & Fitz. Falconer & Fitzherbert's English Election Cases.

I‘. &J. Bank. Da Gex. Fisher & Jones’ English Bankruptcy Reports.

I‘. & 5. Fox and S1nit:h’s Inh King's Bench Reports.

Fain-field. FnLrfield’s Reports, vols. 10-12 .\iaine.

Pale. Cases.

Fnlc. &l:‘it:. Falconer & Fitzherberrs English Eiechon Cnses.

Fsun. Gnu. C-i.r. Ev. Famous Cases of Gir- cumstnntial Evidence, by Phillips.

Far. (orFn1'l'.). Fsrresley (see F‘srresley).

I‘m-resley. Fa'rresley'E Reports, vol. 7 Modern Reports ;—F‘aJ:resley's Cases in Holtfs King's Bench Reports.

Pearne, Rem. Fearne on Contingent Remaindeis.

Fed. Federal Reporter.

Fed. On. (or 03.3.). Federal Cases.

Fed. Ca|.No. Fedeml Case Number.

Fed. R. (or Rep.). Federai Reporter.

Fcnt. Imp. Judg. Fenton's Important .Yu(l(;J.nent.s, New Zealanli

I‘ent. N. Z. ]l‘enton’s New Zealand Reports.

Feratd, Fixt. tu1'es.

I‘e1-g. Cons. torial Reports.

Falconefs Scotch Court of Session

Amos & Ferard on Fix-

]l‘ergusson's (Scotch) Consis-

Fergusson. (Fergusson of) Kilgcrran's Scotch Session Cases. I‘e1-riere. Fe-rriere’s Dictionnaire de

Droit et de Pratique.

I‘essen, Pat. Fessenden on Patents.

Feud. Lib. The Book of Fends. See thlfi dictnonniy. s. 1;. "Liner Feudornm."

Pf. Pandectae (Juris Glviiis).

Field. Corp. Field on Corpomtions.

Fin. Finch's English Chancery Reports; ——Finl-.1son (see [<‘

Finch. English Chancery Reports temparc Finch.

Finch Ina.Dlg. Fhnch's Insurance Digest

Bl.Law Dict.(2d Ed.)—80

Finch L. C. Finch's Land Cases.

I‘inl. L. C. I<‘i.niason's Lending Cases on Pleading.

I‘inI. Rep. ]l‘inlason's Report 0!? the Gun ney C.ise.

First pt.Edw.E[I. Part II of the Year Books.

First pt. 11. 171. Part VI! of the Year Books.

Fish. F1sher's United States Patent Cases;—l4‘ishor's United States Prize Cases.

Fish. Cns. Fisher's Cases, United States District Courts.

I‘ish. Mottg. Fisher on Mortgages.

Fish. Pat. (or Fish. Pat. Ca.s.). Fisher's United States Patent Cases.

Fish. Pat. Rep. Fisher‘s Patent Reports.

Fish. Prize (or Pr. Cas.). ed States Prize Cases.

United States

Fisher's Unit-

Fitz. ]l‘itzherbo1t’s Abridgunent (see F. & ]i‘1tz.).

Fitzg. Fitzg'ihbon's English King's Bench Reports.

Fitzl1.A'In'. Fitzherbe1't's Abridgment.

Fitzh. N. B. (or Nat. Bram). Fitzher- bert‘s New N.lluru Brmium.

Fl. I1‘iefa;~Flanders (see ]l‘land.).

Fl. & K. (or F1. & Kel.). Fian:1gan&Kelly's Irish Roils Court Reports.

1'13. ]l‘lorid:1;—1flori1ia Reports.

I‘lan.&Kel. Flanagan & Keliy's Irish Rolis Court Reports.

Fleta. Fietu, Commentarius Jnris Angli- (umi.

Flip. ]l‘lippin's United States Circuit Court Reports.

Flor. ]l‘1orid:1;~l7‘iorid:1 Reports.

FUEL 1-“0§g'3 REDONS. Vois. 32-37 New Hampsllire

Fol. P. 1.. (Jun. Foley's Poor Law Cases.

Pnnbl. lT‘onhianque's Equity;—Fon- blnnque on Mul.icai .Iurisprndence;—Fon- blnnque's New Reports, English Bankruptcy.

I‘onbl.Eq. Fonblauqne's Equity.

Fonhl. R. Fonblanque's English Cases (or New Reporm) in Bankruptcy.

For. Forrest's Exchequer Repo1ts:—F‘orrester's Chancery Reports (Cases tenzpore Talbot).

Fox-. Cas. & Op. Opinions.

For. do Land. Legnnl Angiine.

I‘ox-b. Forbes’ Decisions in the Scotch Court of Session.

Forh. Inst. Forbes‘ Institutes of the Law of Scotland.

Forman. Forn1an's Reporns, Iilinois.

Fort. Forrest's English Exchequer Re- i)0i'[S',—-F01‘l‘0Si'E‘l"S English Chancery Cases cc-ummunly cited, Cases tempore Talbot).


Forsyth's Cases and

Fortescues De Laudjbus