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Gill Pal. Rep.


G. Gale's English Exchequer Reports.

G. Coop (or Cooper). G. Cooper's Imaglish Chane _V.

G. Gr. G. Greene's Iowa Reports.

G. M. Dndl. G. .\I. Dudley‘s Georgia Reports

G. O. Geuel sl Orders, Court of Chancery, Ontario. '

G. & D. Gale 5: Davidson's English Queon’s Bench Reports.

G. & G. Goldsmith & Guthrie, Missouri.

G. & J. Gill & Johnson's Mar_\ land Repo1ts;—Glyu & .lameson's English Bankrupt- cy Reports.

G. & '1‘. Gould & Tucker’s Notes on Revised Statutes of United States.

Gn. Georgi-a;—Georgia Reports.

Ga. Dec. Georgia Decisions.

CvB..SIlpp. Lester's Supplement, vol. 33 Georgia.

Gains. -Gains‘ Institutes.

Gal. Gnllison's Reports, Circuit Courts.

Gnlh. & M. Galbraith & Meek's Reports, vol. 12 I<‘lorirlz1.

United States

Galbraith. Galbralt_h's Reports. vols. 9- 12 Florida. Gale. Gale's Engilsh Exchequer Reports.

Gale on Easements Gale & Davison’s Queen‘s

Gale, Easem. Gale & Dav. Bench Reports. Gall. G Circuit Courts. Gall. C1-. Can. Criminal Cases). Gmnb. &Barl. Gamble & BarIow’s Di-

on's Reports, United States

Gnllick's Reports (French

gest, Irish.

Gantt Dig. Gantt's Digest Statutes, Ar- knn _

Gm-d. N. Y. Rept. Gardenier‘s New York Reporter.

Gnrdenhire. Gardeuhire’s Reports, vols. 14 13 Missouri

Gm-dn.P. G. Gardner Peerage Case, re-

pmlell In La lliarc-hant.

Gaspar. Gasps1r's Small Cause Court Heports, Bengal.

Gayarré. Ga_varré's Reports, vols. 25-28 Louisiana Annual.

Gnz. Bank. Gazette of Bankruptcy, London.

Gaz. Dig. Gaz-z:1m's Digest of BIuJ1i1'llpt—

ey Decisions.

Gaz. .3; B. C. Rep. Gazette & Bankrupt Court Reporter, New Yflflx.

Geld. & M. Geldart & llsddoc ‘s English Chancery Reports, vol. 6 Mnddut-l:'s Reports.

Geld.& Ox. Nova Scotin Decisions, by Geldert & Oxley.

Geld. & R. Geldert & Russel.l, Nova Scotill. Geldart. Geldart & Maddock's English

Chanrery Reports, vol. 6 Maddock's Reports. I

Gen. Aln-. Can. 111;. General Abridgment of Cases in Equity (Equity Cases Abridged).

Gen. Dig. Geueml Digest American and English Reports.

Gen. Laws. General Laws.

Gen. 0rd. General Orders, Onmrio Court of (‘l):mc4.-u‘.

Gen. Ox-d. Ch. Generai Orders of the English Higll Court of Chancery.

Gen.St. Gent-rul Statutes.

Geo. Georgia-—Geor;;ia Reports ;—King Geoige (us 13 Geo. 11.).

Geo. Coop. George Cooper's English Chan-

cery Cases. time or Eldon. Geo. Dee. ‘ Geo. Dig. George.

.\ Decisions. s Digest, Mississippi. George's Reports vols. 30-89

Gibson's Codex Juris Ecclesi- astical .-\nglicnn1. Gib. Dec. Gil’-son's Scottish Decisions. G-iblmn, Rom. Emp. Gibbon, History of the Decline and Fall of the Rmnnn Empire

Gibbs. Gibbs’ ileporls, iols. 2-! Michigan. Gibbs’ Juli. 0111-. Gibbs" Jlldirini Chron- lcle

Gihs.Ca.nu1. Glison's [edition of] Cam- de.u‘s Brlt lnuia.

Gibson. (Gibson of) Durie‘s Decisions, Scotcb Court of Session.

Git’. (or Gilli). Gifi’ard‘s English Vice- Ch:1n(*ellurs' Reports.

Gif. 8: Pal. Gilmour & F:1lconer's Scotch Session Cases. Gifl‘.& H. Gifinrd and Henm1ing‘s Re

ports, Elxzllsl) Ch-1ncer_v.

Gil. Gilfilinn's Edillcn, rois. 1-20 Minuescntn:—Gilnnu1’s Reports, vols. [L10 llllnois; —Gilmer's \-'iIginl.l I’.eports:—GllherI.‘s English Chnucery I:eports;—Gl1bert's English Cases l.n Law and Equity.

Gilb. Gilbert's Reports, English Chacnery.

Gilb. Caz. Gilbert's English Cases in Law and Equity.

Gilb. Ch. Gilbert's English Chancery Reports.

Gilb. Com. P1. Gilbert's Common Pleas.

Gilh. Eq. GiilJert’s English Equity or

Clmncer_r Reports.

Gilb. Forum Ram. Gilbert's Forum Ro-


Gilb. Rep. Gilbert‘: English Chancery Re ports.

Gilb. Ten. Gilbert on Tenure

Gilb. Uses. Gilbert on Uses nnd Trusts.

Gilli. Gi1dersieere's Reports, vols. 1-8 New Mexico.

Gilfillan. Gllfillaxrs Edition of Minnesota Reports.

Gill. Gill's Maryland Reports.

Gill Pol. Rep. Gill's Police Court Re ports, Boston, Maesaehusetts.