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How. & Bent.

Haw. & Bent. ml. 22 Nevada.

How. & Nor. Howdl & Norcross' Reports, vols. 23, 24 Nevada.

Howell N.P. Howell's Nisl Prius Re ports, Michigan.

Hu. Hughes’ United States Circuit Court Reports ;vE[ughes’ Kentucky Reports.

Hub. Leg. Dix-ac. Hubbei1's Legal Direc-

Howell 6: ]3ez1tt_y‘s Reports,


Hub. Pun]. J. C. Huber, Praeiectiones Ju- ris Givllls.

I-Iubb. Succ. LIubba(.k's Evidence of Suecession.

Hubbard. Hubbard‘: Reports, vols. 45~51 Mulne.

Hud. & 131-. Hudson & Brool;e’s Irish

King's Bench Reports.

Hugh. Hughes‘ United States Circuit Court. Report.s;—Hughes' Kentucky Reports.

Hugh. (Ky-L Hughes‘ Kentucky Reports.

Hughes. Hughes‘ Unitsd States Circuit Court Reports.

Hugo, Hist. 1111 D:-cit Rum. toire flu Droit Romain.

Hum. Humphrey's Tennessee Reporm.

Hume. E[ume‘s Scotch Session Cases.

Hume, Hist. Eng. Hume's History of England.


Hugo, H18-



Humph. (or Humpln. [Tenu.]). Humph-rey‘s Tennessee Reports.

Hun. Hun's New York Supreme Court Reports, nlso Appellate Division Supreme Court, New York.

Hunt, Bound. Hunt's Law OF Boundaries and Fences.

Hunt Can. Hunvs Annuity Cnsvs.

Hunt, Eq. Hunt's Suit in Equity

Hunter, Ram. Law. Hunter on livusn Law.

Hunter, Suit Eq. in a Suit in Equity.

Hun-. IIurlsI.\)ne (see Hurl.).

Hut-1. & C. (or Cu1t.). Hurlstone 6: Colt- mzufs English Exchequer Reports.

Hue . & Gard. Hurlstone an Gonioxfs Beports, vols. 10, 11 English Exchequer.

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Hlul.&WnJm. Hurlstone an Walmsley's English Exchequer Reports.

Hut. Hutton's English Common Pleas

Hunter‘: I’roLw.-ding


Hutch. Hutcl1eson‘s Reports, vols. 81-84 Alalualna.

Hutt. Hutton's English Common PIES Reports

Hyde. Hyde's Reports, Bengal.