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I. Idsho;— I1llnols:— Indiana ;— Iowa;— Irish (see Ir.).

1. C. C. Interstate Commerce Commission. 1. C. L. R. Ir1sh Common Law Reports 1. G. 3.. Irish Chancery Reports ;— Irish Circuit Reports. 1. E. R. Irish Equity Ileports. I. .I. Can. Irvluc's Justiciary Cases, Scot- la.L\lI. I. 3.. Irish Reports.

LR. C. L. Irish Reports, Common Law Series.

I. R. 1111. Irish Reports, Equity Series

Ln. 3.. International Revenue Record, Nun York Cily.

I.'I‘.R. Irish Tenn Reports, by Ridge-

wa,\, Lupp Sz Snhonles. Ia. lmu1:+—Inw:1 I:e1mrI:s Ida.(ax- Idaho). Idaho; Idaho Reports. lddings T. R. D. Idd.lng's' Dayton Term Reports. I].I. Illinols:—Illlnois Reports.

111. App. Illinois Appeal Reports. Im' Imperial Federation, London. Ind. Indiana ;—Ind.lunu Reports ;—Iudin;

—( ln(lian._

Ind. App. Law Reports, Indian Appeals: —Invlmu.-1 Appeals.

Ind. App. Supp. Supplemental Appeals. Law Reports.

Ind. Jur. Indlun Jurist, CaJcutta;—Indi- an Jurist, l\i'd(lI‘i1S.

Iml.L.R (I‘_iIl.‘SL) Indian Law Reports.

Ind. L. R. Alla. Indian Law Reports, A]- lah-il ml.

Ind. L. R. Bomb. Bonubay Series.

Ind. L. E. Cain. Calcutta Series.

Ind. L. R. Mad. dras Seria

Ind. Rep. porter.

Ind. Super. ports (“’ilson’s).

IurI.T. Indian Territory ;—Iudiau Territory Reports. Ingraham’s edition or Vesey, Jr.

1.2.Inst. (1, 3 Coke's Inst.

Inst, 1. 2.3. Justinian‘: Inst. lib. 1, tit. 2. § 3.

Inst" 1. 2. 31. 1. tit. 2. § 31

The Institutes of Justinian are divided into tour hooks.—each book is divided Into titles, and each title into p21ra,':r:1phs, of which the first, described by the letters p1'., or princ1'p., is not numbered. The old method of citing the Institutes was to give the commencing words of the paragraph and or


Indian Law Reports, Indian Law Reports, Indian Law Reports, Ma- Indlana Reports;—Index ite-

Lndlnnn Superior Court Re-

Justinian's Institutes, lib.


the title; e. 0., 5 sl udversus, Inst. dc Nu; tI'is_ Sometimes the number of the para- graph was introduced. e. 9.. § 12. SI ual.-versus, Inst. de Nupliis. The modern way is to give the number or the book, title, and p:u~.u;r.iph. thus ;—ln.s-t. 1. 10, 12; would he rend, bib. I. LIL 10, 5 12.

Inst. Epcil. Epilogue to [:1 designated part or volume of] Coke's Institutes

Inst. P1-oem. Praoma [i11t.1'0Llur-tion] to [21 des'1;:n.:te(l part or volume of] Cakes Institules.

Instr. Cler. Int. Cane. lish 'lll(1 Irish.

Int. Private Law. ternationa] Law.

Iowa. Iowa Reports.

11-. Irish ;—Irelaud ;—Ire(ielJ.l's North Car- olina Law or Equity Reports.

Instructor Cleric-alis. Rowe's Interesting C:\ses,Eng-

Westlnlsels i'riv.\te In

It. C. L. Irish Common Imw Repnrts.

Ii-. Ch. Irish Chancery Reports.

Ir. Cir. (or Ir. Cir. Rep). Irish Circuit Reports.

11'. Com. Law Rep. Irish Common Law Reports.

Ix-.Ecc1. Irish Ecclesiastical Rcpolts, by Milwnrd.

11-. Eq. lrish Equity Reports.

11-. L. Irish Law Reports.

11-. L. N. S. Irish Common Law Reports.

11-. L. R. Irish law Reporm-.—'1'he Law

Reports. Ireland. now cited by the year.

11-. L. '1‘. Rep. Irish Law Times Reports

11-. Law Rec. Irish Law Recorder.

Ir. Law Rep. Irlsh Law Reports.

Ir. Law Rep. N. S. Irish CIllI|uJOn IAIW Reports.

Ir. Lawar. Ch. Irish Common Law and Chancery Reports (New Series).

Ir. Ln.w &Eq. Irish Law and Equity Reports (Old Series).

11-. R. 1894. Irish Law Reports for year


I1-.R. 0.1.. Irish Reports, Common Law Series. -

Ix-. R. Eq. Irish Reports, Equity -Series.

Ir. R. Reg. App. Irish Reports, Re-gistra tlou \p1\e'1ls.

Ir. 3.. Reg. 551.. Irish Reports, Registry and T..1n('l Cases.

11- St.'I‘z-. Irish Stats Trinis (Ridge-

W 11-. T. R. (or Term Re-p.). Iri- l.\ Term Re ports (by Ritlgewny. Lnpp & Sthonles). Ired. Iredel.l's North Carolina Law Reports. Ix-ed. Eq. Reports. Irv.

Iredell's North Carolina Equity

Irvine's Scotch Justlciary Reports.