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L. R. Q. B. English Law Reports, Queen‘: I‘-('n('lJ (iSG6—18T5). L. R. Q. B. Div. English Law Reports, Queen's Bench Division. L. R. S. A. Law Reports, South Australia. L. R. So. & 1). English Law Reports, Scotch and Divorce Cases, before the House of Lorils. L. R. Sens. Cal. Sessions Cases

P lll€S.

L. T. N. S. (or L. T. R. N. S.). Law Times (New Series) Reports. London: American Law Timcs Reports.

L. T. O. 5. Law Times, Old Series.

L. 8513. Bull. Law and Rank Bulletin.

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L. 8: B. English Law and Equity Reports.

L.&r.I:.B.ep. Law and Equity Reporter New York.

L. & G. 1:. Plnnk. Lloyd & Gould‘s Irish Ch.mcery Reports tcmpnre Plunkett.

L. &7 G. t. Sug. Lloyd & Gould's Irish Chancery Reports tempore Sugden.

L. 8: M. Lowndes & Maxwell’: English

S Practice Coses.

L. & T. Longfield & Townsend's Irish Ex- chequcx Reports.

L.&W. Lloyd an Welsby’s English Mer- cantile Cases. _

La. Louisiana ;—Louisiana Reports 2-

T -:1ne's English Exchequer Reports. La. An. Louisiana Annual Reports;— Lawyers’ Reports. Annotated. La..T.R. Louisiana Term Reports, vols. 3-12 Martin, Louisiana.

English Law Reports,

English Law Reports, Star-

La. Them. L. C. La Clihémis (Periodical) Lower Canada Lab. Lobai:t’s California District Court

Reports. Lacey Dig. Lacey's Digest Railway Deci-

vsions. Ladd. Ladd's Reports, vols. 59-64 New Hainpshirs. Lnlar. Lalor's Supplement to Hill &

Denio’s New York Reports. Lalor, PuL Econ. Lnlor, Cyclop:edia of wPolitical Science, Political Economy, etc.

Lamar. Lamars Reports, vols. 25410 F‘lori(i:a.

Lamb. L11l!Jb'S Reports. vols. 103-105 Wisconsill.

Laml1.Areh. Lambard’s Archaionomia.

Ln.n1l1.Cnnst. Lombard, Duties of Constables. etc.

Lamb. Eir. [.:unbard's Eirenarcha

L-ma Coun.Rep. Land Commissioners Reports. Ireland

Lane. Lane‘: English Exchequer Reports.

Langd. Cont. I.angdeli’s Cases on Cont:rncts:—-Lnngdeli'a Summary of the Law of Contracts.

Lam. Lansing‘: New York supremeoourt

2 Reports.



Ld. Ken.

Ln.I1s.Cl1. Lansing's Chancery Decision.- New York.

Lns Pm-tides. Lns Sicte Partidzis.

Lntoh. Latch's English King's Bench Re


Lnth. Latl1rop's Reports, vols. 115-145 Massachusetts.

Lnutlecr. (Lauder of) Fountainhnli’s

Scotch Session Cases. Ln.1u'.li.C.Cn.. Lauren's High Court (‘uses (Kimberly).

La.wJ. Ch. Law Journal, New Series, Clmnoery. Law J.I.B. Law Journal, New Series.

English Queen's Bench.

Law J. P. 1). Law Journal. Probate I)ivi- sion.

Law J. R... Q. B. Law Journal Reports. English Queen's Bench.

Law Lib. Law Library, Phiinfielphiu.

Law Rep. A. & E. Law Reports, Admiral- ty nnd ECCieSi’iFti(‘:ll.

Law Rep. App. Cal. peol Cases.

Law Rep. 0. C. Cases

Law Rep. C. P. Law Reports, Common Pleas.

Law Rep. 0. P. 1). man Pleas Division.

Law Rep. Cb. Law Reports, Chancery Appe-1] Crises.

Law Rep. Ch. 1). Law Reports. Chrmcery Division.

Law Rep. Bq. Law Reports, Equity Cases.

Law Rep. Ex. Law Reports, Exchequer.

Law Rep.Ex. 1). Law Rcporis. Excheq- uer Division.

Law Rep. H. L. Law Reports House of Lorrls, English and Irish Appeal Cases.

Law Rep. H. L. So. Law Reports. Scotch and Divorce Appeal Cases, House of Lords.

Ln.wlIep.Ind.Ap11. Law Reports, Indinn Appeals.

Law Rep. Ir.

Law Rep. lVI.isc. D. cellanenns Division.

Law Rep. P. C. Law Reports, Privy Council, Appeal Cases

Law Rep..P. &D. Law Reports, Probate and Divorce (‘uses

Law Rap. Q. 13. Bench.

Law Rep. Q. B. 1). Law Reports, Queen's Bench Division. Law Repel. Noith Carolina Ianwes. Pl. Lawrence. Ohin.

Lawrence l'Awrence’s First Comptroller's Decisions.

Lawson, flange: & Cult. Lawson on the Law of Usnges and Customs.

Ld. Ken. Lord Kenyon's English King‘: Bench Reports.

Law Reports. Ap-

Low Reports, Crown

Law Reports, Com-

Law Reports. Irish. Law Reports, Mis-

Law Reports, Queen‘:

Carolina Law Repository.

Lawes on Pleading.

Lawrence's Reports, vol. 2)