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Ld. Raym.

Ld.Ra.ym. Lord Rsymond’s K.lng‘s Bench Reports.


La Min-. La Mnrchanfs Gardner Peerage (kise. Len. Lea‘s Tennessee Reports;—Le:\ch.

Leach. Leach’s English Crown Cases.

Leach C. L. Leach. Cases in Crown Law.

Leach CI.Cau. Leach‘s Club Cnses, London.

Lead. Can. Am. American Lending Cases, by Hnre & Wallace.

Lead. Cas.Eq. Leading Cases in Equity, by While an Tudor.

Leake. Lezike on Contrncts;— Digest of the Law of Property in Land.

Leake, Cont. Leake on Contracts.

Leg. 121. Dr. Civ. Rani. Leg-ons Elementaries du Droit Civil Romain.

Lee. Lee's English Eat-lesi-astlcalReports; —Loe‘s Reports, vols. {#12 California.

Lee, Diet. Lee‘s Dictionary of Practice.

Lee G. Sir George Lee’s English Ecclesi- astical Reports.

Leese. Leese’s Reports, vol. 26 Nebraska.

Lef.:Dec. Lei‘evre's Parliamentary I)eci- sions. reported by Bourke.

Leg. Cmnut. Leges Csnutl (laws of King Canule or Knut.)

Leg. Alf:-ed. Leges Alfred: {laws of King Alfred.)

Leg. Edm. Leges Edmunlil (laws of King Edmund )

Leg. Ethel. Leges Ethelredi.

Leg.H. 1. Laws of [King] Henry the First.

Leg. Gas. 3.. (Pm). ports, Pennsylvania.

Leg-g. Leggett's Reports. Sind, India.

Legge. Loggers Supreme Court Cases, New South Wales.

Legal Gazette Re-

Leigli. Leigh's Virginia Reports. Leigh 8: C. Leigh & Cave's English Crown Gases.

Leo. (or Leon.). Leonard's English King’: Ranch Reports. Lest. P. L. Lester-‘s Decisions in Public

Land Cases.

Lester. Lester’s Reporm. vols. 31-33 Georgia.

Lenten‘ Supp, or Lost. & But. Lester &

Butler's Supplement to Laster’s Georgia Re-


Lev. Lev‘lnz's English Kings Bench Reports.

Lew. Lewin's English Crown Cases Re-

served;—Lewis. Missour'i;—Lewis. Nevada.

Low. 0. C. Lewin‘s English Crown Crises.

Lew. C. L. Lewis‘ C1'ii:n.inHl Law.

Lew. L. 03.5. Lewis Leading Cases on Public Land Law

Lewis. Lewis‘ Reports, vols. 29-35 Missouri Appenls;—-Lewis‘ Reports. vol. 1 Nevada;—Lewis' Kentiiclrv Law Reporter.

Lewis, Pei-p. Lewis on the Law of Perpetuity.

Lox. Jnrhl. Cslvinus. Lexicon Jurldicum Juris Caesari simul et Ganonici. etc.

Bl.Law Dict.(2d Ed.)—81


Low. Can.

Lax Salic. Lex Saliva.

Lay. Ley‘s English King's Bench Reports.

Lib. Liber (book);—Lihr:n-y.

Lib. Asa. Liber Assisni-um (Year Books. Pm t V).

Lib. L. & Eq. Library of Law and Equity.

Lib. Reg. Register Books.

Lieb. Hex-in. Lieber‘s Elermcnentics.

Lieber Oiv. Lib. Lieber on Civil Liberty and Self Government.

Life and Ace. Ins. R. Bigelow's Life and Accident Insurance Reports.

Lil. Lilly's English Assize Reports.

Idl.Alu-. Lilly's Abridgrneiit.

Lil. Reg.’s Practical Resrlster.

Lindl.Partn. Lindiey on Partnerships.

Linn Ind. Li.un’s Index of Pennsylvania R\‘|Iofts.

Linn. Law: Prov. Pa. Linn on the Laws of the Province of Pennsylvania.

Lit. (om Litt.). L!ttell's Kentucky Reports :—Littleton's English Common Plans Reports.

Lit. (or Idtt.) Sel. Ca. Kentucky Cases.

Lit. & Bl. Dig. I.nsui'.in(-e Digest.

Litt. Ten. Littletou"s Tenures.

Idttell. Littell's Kentucky Reports.

Littleton. Littlcton's English Common Pleas and Exrliequer Reports.

Liverm. Ag. Lirerniore on Principal and Agent

Liz. Sc. Exnh. Scotch.

LI. an G. t. P. Lloyd an Goold‘s Irish Chan» oery Reports tempam Plunkett.

Ll. & G. t. S. Lloyd & Goold’s Irish Chacnery Reports teimiore sngden.

Ll. & W. (or Lloyd & W.). Lloyd & Welsbys English Mercantile Cases.

Lou.Ct.Gaz. Local Courts and Munici- pal Gazette, Toronto.

Loco. do Jur. Max‘. Maritime et N-ivzili.

Lock. Rev. Ca. versed Cases.

Lncnl Standi. English.

Loift. Lofit‘s English King’s Bench Reports.

Loift, Axipenll. LotEt's Maxims, nppended to LolIt's Reports.

Land. London Encyclopedia.

Long Q. Long Quinto (Year Books. Part X)

Littel_l‘s Selert

Littleton & Blatchley's

Lizars' Exchequer Cases,

Loccenius, De Jure Lockwood's New York Be-

Locus Stnndi Reports,

Loiigf. & T. (or Long. & Tow-n.). Long- fleld & Townsends Irish Exchequer Reports.

Lorenz. I:oren.z’s Ceylon Reports

Lox-ing & Russell. LorLl:I,g & Russell's Massachusetts Election Cases.

Lon. (or Lornis.). Loullsizinn (see L&.).

Low. (or Low. Di.I.). Lowell's United States District Court Reports.

Low. Gan. (or can. 11.). Lower (kin.-ids Reports.