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Low. Can. Seig-n. Low.can.Seign. Lower Canada Selgn- orlal Reports.

Lowell. Lowell's United States District Court Reports.

Lown. Leg. Lowndes on Legacies.

Lown. & M. Lowndes an Maxwell's Engllsh B.lil Court Reports.



Lnm. P. L. Can. Cases. Lumpldn. 77 Georgia. Lush. (om Lush. Adm.). English Adiniralty Reports. Lush Pr. Lush's Common Law Practice.

Lumley's Poor Law Lumpkhfs Reports, vols. 59-


Lat. Lutwyche’s English Common Pleas 1‘l§nr:cis:.Bai§-‘)(:)]l]1(11'?'R,e1>‘:11'txswe1l' & R'“'‘’”m' ‘’ , 1 ‘ Lnt. Elec. Gas. Lutwyche'a Election Cas- Luc. (on Lucas). Lucas Reports, Part X es’ muglaml M°fle"" R‘-‘1“"'L* Lut.R. 0. Lutwyche's English Registra- Lud.El. Cns. Lnfler's English Election mm Appe,11(},,ses_ C1150-1 LnI:w.I:. Lutwyche‘s English Common Ludden. Ludden's Reports, vols. 43, 44 Pleas Repoita. Maine. Lymi. P1-av. Lyndwoocrs Provincinles. M. Massachusetts:—Maryland;—Malne;— M. an S. Maule 8: Selw'yn’s English King‘:

R Michigan: Mlunesota;— l\Iississippi;—- Missouri ;—Montana. M. A. Missouri Appeals. M. C. C. Moody‘: English Crown Cases, Reserved. S M. D. & D. (or De G.). Montagu, Deacon & De Gex‘s English Bankruptcy Reports. M. G. 8.2 S. Manning, Granger, & Scott's English Common Pleas Reports.

M. P. C. Moore's English Privy Council Cases. T M.& A. Montsgu & Ay'rton's English Banln-nptcy Reports. M. & B. Montagu an Bligh's English Bank- ruptty Reports. M. & C. Mylne & Craig's English Chan-

U cery Reports-.—l\Iontagu & Chitty's English Bmnliruptcy Reports. M. & Cht.Bankr. Montagu & Chitty‘s English Bankruptcy Reports. M.& G. Manning & Growers English Common Pleas Reports ;—Mad(1ock dz Geld- V art's English Chancery Reports, vol. 6 Maddock‘s Reports. M. & Gel. Maddock an Ge-l(lart’s English Chant-er_v Reports, vol. 6 l\Iaddoch's Reports. M. & Gard. lllncnaghten & Gordon's En,- llsll Chancery Reports.

M. & E. Murphy & E{urlstone‘s English Exchequer R.epurts.

M. 85 K. Mylne & Keen's English Chacnery Reports.

M. & M. Moody & Malkin’s English Nisi

X Prlus Reports. M. & McA. Montagu & MCA1-thur’s English Bankruptcy Reports.

M. & P. Moore & Payne's English Com- mon Pleas Reports. M. 8: R. Manning & Ryland's English

Kin;_:‘s Bench Reports;—Moody & Robinson's English Nisi Prlus Reports;—Macieaa a. Bob- inson's Scotch Appeal Cases.

M. & R. M. G. Manning &'s English Magistrate Casts


Bench Ileports;—Moore 82 Sc-ott’s English Common Pleas Reports ;—Manning & Scotti Reports, vol. 9 Common Bench.

M. & W. Meeson an Welsby’s English Ex- chequer Reports.

M. & Y. Martin & Yerger‘s Tennessee Reports.

Mao. ports.

Mn.c. N. Z. Macassey's New Zealand Reports.

Mnc.Pat. Gas. Macrory’s Patent Cases.

Mac. & G. Mucnaghten S: Gordon's English Chancery Reports.

Mac. 85 Rob. -Maclean an Robinson‘: Scotch Appeal Cases.

1V.[a.cAx'. (or MacArth., MacArthur). Mar.-Arthur's District of Columbia Repo1ts;—- MncArthur's Patent Cases.

MneAr. Pat. Cns. MacArthur's Patent Cases.

MacAr. & M. MacArthur & Muckey’s District of Columbia Reports.

MaCnaghlen's English Cliancery Re-

Mneas. Macassey's Reports. New Zea- land.

Mace. Cal. Mac:-ala‘s Brand]: of Promise Cases.

Maccl. Macc1esfleld's Reports, 10 Modern Reports.

Maccl. Tr. Mncclesfleld's Trial (Impeach- ment), London, 1725.

Macd.Jmn. Mac-douga1l's Jamnlca Reports.

Maof. (or Macfarlnne’s Re-

ports, Jury Courts. Scotland. Msckeld. Mackelfley on Modern Civil Law:—Mackeldey on Roman Law. Mackeld. Civil Law. Mackeldey on Modern Civil Law. Mackeld. RAJIII. Law. man Law. uukey. Columbia.

Mackeldey on Ro-

Mackey'l Reports, I)ist.rict of