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Maul. .\IcLean's United States Girflnit Court Reports ;—Macluurin's Scotch Criminal Decisions.

Maul. Dec. Decisions.

Maul. & R. Appeal Cases.

Moon. 'Macnsghten's Seiect Cases in Chucnery tempers King;—W. ll. Macnaghten‘s R9 ports, India.

Mann. (F1-.). Ben_L'al iieporm.

Moon. N. A. Bang. Macnaghten’s Niza- mut Adawlut Reports, Bengal.

Mucn. S. D. A. Bong. (VS . H.) Macnagh- ten's Surliler Dewanny Adawlut Reports. Bengal.

Mann. & G. Macnnghten dz Gordon’: En.- iish Chancery Reports.

Maeph. Macpherson, Lee 5: Bell's (Third Series) Scotch Court of Session Cases.

Mneph. Jud. Com. Macpherson, Practice of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

Mncph. Pi-iv. Conn. Council Practice.

Mauq. (or Maeq. H. L. Gas.). Macqueen’s Scotch Appeal Cases (House of Lords).

Mae:-. P. On. Macrory‘s Patent Cases.

Maclau.rin's Scotch Criminal

Maclean 5: Robinson‘: Scotch

Sir Francis Ma(:naghten’s

Mac1'Iherson's Privy H. Macrae dz Hertslelfs Insol- vency Cases. MacSwin.Minss. Macswinney, Law of

Mines, Quarries, and Minerals.

Mad. Maddoclrs English Chancery Reports; Madras ;—Maddox's Reports, vols. 9- 19 Montana.

Mad. H. 0.

Mad. S. D. A. R. ny Adnwiut Reports.

Mad. Se). Dec. Madras Select Decrees.

Mad. Ser. Madras Series (East) India Law Reports.

Mad.& B. Maddox dz Bach's Reports, vol. 19 Montana

Ma.rl.& Gel. Maddock dz Geldart's English Chancery Reports, vol. 6 Maddock‘s Reports.

Mada. IMaddock‘s English Chancery Re por1s;~Maddox's Reports, vols. 9-19 Mon- lama.

Madras High Court Reports. Madras Sudder Dewan-

Madd. Ch. Pr. Maddock's Chancery Prae tice. Mag. Gal. Magistrates’ Cases, especially

the series edited by Bittleston, Wise, & Parneli.

Mag.Glmr. Magna Cartaorciharta. See Barrington's Revised Statutes of England, 1870. vol. 1, p. 84, and Coke's Second Institute, wi. 1, first 78 pages.

Mag. Dig. Msgr:1i.h's South Carolina Digust. Mag. Rot. Magus Rotuius (the Great Roll

of the Exchequer).

1VIag.& M. & P. L. Magistrate and Munit-ipai and Parochial I awyer.

Magrmdsr. Magrudefs Reports, vols. 1, 2 Maryland.


Mar. R.

Maine, Ans. Law. -Maine on Ancient Law

litlaine, Popular Govt. Maine, Popular Government.

Mnitland. Session Cases. Malioy’s Irish Chancery Reports. Editor, vols. 6, 9, and 10, Heis- keii's Tennessee Reports.

Man. Manning's Reports (English Court of Rerision);— Manitoba ;-— Manning‘s Re ports, vol. I M1cl1igi1n;——Mnnuscript;—Mnnson’s English Bankruptcy Cases.

Mnitiand's Manuscript Scotch

Man.Cas. Manumission Cases in New Jersey, by Bloomfield. Man.}Jl.Gas. -Manning's English Elec-

tion Cases (Court of Revision).

Man. Exch. Pr. Manning‘s Exchequer Prat:-lice.

Man. Gr. & S. Mnnning. Granger, 5: Scott‘s English Common Pleas Reports.

Man. Int. Law. Manning, Commentaries on the Law of Nations.

Man. L. 3. Manitoba Law Reports.

Man.& G. Manning & Graugefs English Common Pleas Reporm.

Man. & Ry. Manning & Ryland‘s Engish King's Bench Reports.

Man. & Ry. Mag. Gas. Manning dz Ry- ianrl’s English Magistrates’ (Vases.

]!(an.& S. Manning 5: Scott's Reports, vol. 9 Common Bench.

Mnnb. cake. Manby’s Abrldgment of Coke's Reports.

Manitoba. Armonr’s Queen's Bench and County Court Reports lempore Wood, Manitol>a;——Manitoba Law Reports.

Manning. l\ianni.u,g’s Unreported Cases- Louisiana ;‘s Reports, voi. 1 Mich- igan.

Ms.)-ining,Ls.. Unreported Cases, Louislana.

Mann. Mansiie1d’s Reporm, vols. 4:L52 A.ri1ansas;—-Manson, English Bankruptcy Cases.

Manum. Gases. Manumission Cases, New Jersey (Bioomfield's).

Manw. (or Manw. For. Laws). Wood's Forest Luvs.

Max-. March‘: Erigtish Kings Beach Reports ;—Marshai.1‘s United States Circuit Court Reports;—Marshail’s Kentucky Re ports;-—l\Inrtin's Louisiana Reports;—Mnrtin's North Carolina Reports;—Marshail's Re ports, Bengal ;—Maryiaml.


Mar. Br. March's Translation of Brooke's New Cases.

Mar. L. 0. English Mai itime Law Cases (Crockford).

Mar. L. G. N. S. English Maritime La\v Cases, New Series (Aspinall).

Max-.Ls. Martin's Louisiana Reports.

Mar. N.G. Martin's North Carolina Reports.

Mar. N. S. Martin's Louisiana Reports, New Series.

Ma:-.R. English Maritime [AW Reports.