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Mar. Reg. Mar. Reg. M'.itchell‘s Maritime Register, N London. Mm-ch. March's Translation of Brooke's New Cuses, Kings Bench. March N. G. l\Iar(;h's New Cases, English Kin.-;'s Bench. 0 Marine 171.11. i\IarLne Court Reporter (\'('s) New York. Marks & Sayre. Marks 5: Si1yre's Re- [i0i'lS, vol. 108 Alabama Max-1-. Marriott's English Admiraity De- ons:—Marrnclr‘s European Assurance

Mart. Adm. Marriott's Reports, English Admiralty Mars.


Q Marsh. Marshall's United States Circuit Court Decisiuns;—Marsiiall's English Com- lJi0li Pleas Repo1ts;—1\Iarshi111’s Bengal Re puri:s;—)lai-slmil, Kentucity;—M~arshal.1‘s Re ports, vol 4 Utah.

R Marsh. (A. K.). tucky Reports.

Marsh. (J. J.). R1-ports. Ma.rsh.Beng. (or ca;i...). S ports. Bengal. Marsh. 0. P. Marshall's English Gom- mnn Pleas Iteports. Mu-sh. Ceylon. ports. Marsh. Dee. Marshall's United States

T Circuit Court Decisions (Iirocke-nbrougi1);— Marshall on the Federal Constitution.

Max-sh. Ins. Marshall on insurance.

Mas-sh.0p. Marshall's Constitutional Opinions

Mart. Martin (see Martin).

Mart. (La.). Ms.rtin’s Louisiana Reporm.

Mart. (N. (1.). Martin's North Carolina Reports.

Mart. Gnnd. Ln.

V islnmi Rc-irorts.

Max-t.Dec. United States Decisions in Martin's North Carolina Reports.

Mart. N. S. (La.) Mm-tin‘: Louisiana Reports. New Series.

Matt. 0. S. (La.).

wports. Oh] Series.

Mart. U. S. C. G. Martin's United States Circuit Court Reports.

Mart. & Y. (’.l‘en:n.). Tennessee Reports.

Mart. & Yerg. nesnee Reports.

Marth. W. Ca. Martha Washington Case, see Lnited States v. Cole. 5 ML-Lean. 513, FPII. CH5. No. 14.832.

Martin. M:1rtIn‘s Louisiana Repor1x:—-

Y i\l-1rtm‘a North Carolina Reports:——Martin's l(cp0i‘tE, vols. 21-30 Georgia}—Martin's Reports, vols. 54~T0 Indiana.

Martin Index. Mal'1‘ii:i'S Index to V1!‘- ginia Reports.

2 Marv. \MarveJ's Reports, Delaware.


Marsden's English Admiralty Re-

A. K. Marshall's Ken- J. J.Marshaii‘s Kentucky

Marshall's Re-

Marsha1l‘s Ceylon Re-

Martin’s- Condensed Lou-

Ma'rtin's Louisiana Re—

Martin 5: Yerger’o

Martin 5: Yergers Ten-


Meflnl. Pol. Econ.

Mas. (or Mason [U. S.]). 1\I:)SOIi'S Unit ed States Circuit Court Reports.

Mass. Moss l(.‘h usetts ;—1\Iassachnsetts Re~ ports.

Mass. Eiee. Ga. Massachusetts Election Cases.

Mass. L. R. Massachusetts Law Reporter. Boston.

Massey v. Hendford. An Irish Criminal Conversation Case, 1804 Orlgmally printed in Irelnnd and reprinted ‘both in \*ew York and Philadelphia.

Mast. Masters Reports, vols. Z3-28 Canada Supreme Court.

Mat. Mathews.

Mat. Par. (or Paris). fiisiorlri Minor.

Mathews. Mathews’ Reports, vols 64) West Virginia.

Mats. (or Matson). vols. 22—24 Connecticut

Matthews. i\iatthew’s Reports, vol. 75 Virginia.

Maude & P. Shlpp. Maude 5: Pollock's Law of Merchant Shipping.

Maude & P. Mex‘. Shipp. Maude J: Pollock's Law of Merchant Shipping.

Maul. & Sel. (or Manic & S.). Maule 5: Seirv_vn's English isiug’s Bench Reports.

Man.'r.Dec. Mauritius Decisions

Max. Dig. Maxwell's i\'ebrnsl;a Digest.

Ma.xw.Intez-p.St. Maxwell on me Interpremtion of Statutes.

May, Parl. Law. May's Parliamentary

Matthew Paris,

Matson‘s Reports,


May, Pas-1. Pr. May's Parliamentary Practice.

Mayn. Maynard’s Reports, Edward II.

(Year Books, Part I). McA1l. (or McAl.). 1\IcAllister‘s United States Circuit Court Reports.

MsB1-ide. McBrlde‘s Reports, vol. 1 Missonrl. Mccah. i\[cCahon’s Reports (United States

District Court for the District of Kansas).

Mccnr. McCarter’s New Jemey Equity Reports; McCarty's New York Civil Procedure Reports.

Mccl. McC1elland's English Exchequer Reports.

Mecl. &Y. Mcclelland k Yonnge’s English Exchequer Reports.

Mccook. Mc0ook's Reports. voi. 1 Ohio State.

Mccnrd. McCord‘s South Carolina Law Reports.

Mcflord Eq. (or C'h.). Carolina Equity Reports.

Mccorhle. 'McCork1e’s Reports. vol. 65 North Carolina.

M-:01‘. (or Mccr-ax-y). McCrary‘s United States Circuit Court Reporis.

McOul.Dict. McCullough‘: Oomnierzzisii Dictionary.

McCu1.PoLEcon. McOu.l10('J:i, Political Economy.

MCCol'd's South