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McDevitt. McDevitt‘s Innd (‘;3mn.1issioner‘s Reports, Ireland.

Moira:-. McI<‘arlane's Reporm (Scotch Ju- ry Oouitg).

MeGiil. McGi.|l’s Manuscript Scotch Session Cases.

McGl. (or McGluin). ana Reports.

Mel... (ox: McLean). McLean's States Circuit Court Reports.

McL. &R. McLean & Robinson's Scotch Appeal Cases.

MoM. Com. Den.

McGloin‘s Louisi-


MdMaster’s Commercial


McMul. McMullan's South Carolina Law Reports.

McMul.Eq. McMullan‘s South Carolina Equity Reports.

McNngh. McNaghten (see Macn.).

MoPhex-sun. McPherson, Lee, G: Bell's

(Third Series) Scotch Session Cases. Mcwiilie. McWillie‘s Reports, vols. 73-

76 Mississippi. Md. Mnrylsnd;—Maryland Reports:—

Harris k McFIenry‘s Maryland Reports. Md. Oh. liL-iryland Chancery Decisions Me. Ma.ine;—Mnlne Reports.

Means. Means‘ Kansas Reports.

Med. L. J. Medico Legal Journal, New York.

Med.I..N. Medico Legal News, New York.

Med. LP. Medico Legal Papers, New York.

Medd. Meddaugh's Reports, vol. 13 Mich- igan.

Mees. & Ron. Meeson 5; Roscoe's English Exchequer Reports.

Mees. & W. (or Wels.). -Meeson 5; Wels- hy‘s English Exchequer Reports.

Meg. Megone‘s Company Case.

Meigs. Meigs‘ Tennessee Reports.

Melv. Tr. Melville's Trial (Impeachment), London.

Menu. in Scaec. Memorandum or memo- ra_nda in the Exchequer.

Mem.I..J. Memphis Law Journal, Tennessee.

Menken. i\[enken‘s Reports, vol. 30 New York Civil Procedure Reports.

Manx. Menzies‘ Reports, Cape of Good Hope. Mex-. Merivnle‘s Chancery Reports.

Meriv. ports.

Merl. Quest. Merlin, Questions de Droit.

Merl. Report. Merlin. Repertoire de Ju- risprudence.

Met. (or Metc.). Metcaifs Massachusetts Reports;-Metcalfe‘s Kentucky Reports;— Metcalf‘s Reports, voL 3 Rhode Island.

Metc.Ky. Metcnife’s Kentucky Reports.

Moth. Ch. Ga. Report of Methodist Church Case

Mich. 1\Iichiga.n;—Michigan Reports ;-— Michaelmas.

Merivale's English Chancery Re-


Mich. G. 0.1%. Michigan Circuit Court Reporter, Marquette.

Mich. N. P. Mich.i;;an Nisi Prlns Reports.

Mich. Pol. Soc. Michigan Political Sci- ence Association.

Mich. T. Michaelmas Terms.

Mich. Vac. i\Iirh-aelmas Vacation.

Midflx. Sit. Sittings for Middlesex at Ni- sl Prius.

Mil. Miles‘ Pennsylvania Reports :——1\iii- Ier (see Miii.).

Miles. Miles‘ District Court Reports, City and County of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mill. Mill's South C-iroiina Constitutional Reports-—\I1ller's Reports, vols. 1-5 Lon- isiano-— it Liiel"S Reports, vols. 3-18 Mary- lanrl;—i\iiller's DI?CiSiullS. United States.

M.i11,Gonst. (S.G.). Mill's South Carolina Constitutional Reports.

Mill. Dee. Miller's Decisions (Woolworth's Reports) United States Circuit Court:~Mii- ler's Der-lsions United States Supreme Court.

Mill. La. Miller’s Reports, vols. 1-5 Lou- isiann.

Mill, Log. Mill's Logic.

Mill. Md. Miller's Reports, vols. 3-I8 Maryland.

Mill, Pol. Ec. Mill's I’olit.lcal Economy.

Miller. Miller's Reports, vols. 1-5 Louisi-

ana :—M11Icr's Reports, vols. 3—18 Maryland

Miiw. Mllwartfs Irish Ecclesiastical Reports.

Min. Minor;—Minor’s Alabama Reports.

Min. Inst. Mi.oor's Institutes Statute Law.

Minn. Minnesota;—Mi.nne-sota Reports

Minor. Minor's Aiahama Reports ;—Min- or's Institutes.

Minshew. Mi_nshew (John). "The Guide into the Tongues also the Exposition of the Terms of the Laws of this Land." (England)

Min-. Home's Mirror of Justices.

Miseel. Miscellaneous Reports. New York.

Miss. Mississippi;— Mississippi Reports; -—-ll issouri.

Miss. Dec. Mississippi Decisions, Jack- son.

Miss. st. On. Mississippi State Cases.

Mister. '\Iister’s Reports, vols. 17-32 Missour] Appeals.

Mitch. M. R. M.itchell’s Marifime Register, London.

Mitf.}:q.Pl. Mitford on Equity Pleading. McMui. McMulian, South Carolina. Mo. MissourI:—Missouri Reports;— Moore’s English King's Bendi Repo1'ts:—- Moore's English Common Pleas Report. — Moor-e's English Privy Council Reports;— Modern Reports, English:—English Kim_:’s Bench, etc. (see Mod.) ;—Monthly :—Moore‘s Inflian Appeal Cases.

Ma.(I‘.). Sir Francis Moore's English King's Bench Reports.

Mu. (.]‘.B.). J. B. Moore‘: English Com- mon Pleas Reports.