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Moore K. B.

Moore K.B. Sir F. Moore's English King's Bench Reports.

Moore P. G. l\loore‘s English Privy (‘Aucnll Reports.

Moor-e P. G. N. S. !\loore‘s English Privy Council Reports, New Series.

Moore & P. Moore 5: Payne‘s English Common Pleas Reports. Moore & S. Moore k Scott's English

Common Pleas Reports.

Moore & Walker. Moore & Walker's Re ports, vols. 22-2-1 Texas.

Mm-. Moi-ison's Dictionary of Decisions in the Court of Session, Scotlnnd;—\[orris (see Mon-.).

Mar. Die. Morison's Dictionary, Scotch Decisions and Supplement.

Max-. Ia. Morris‘ Iowa Reports.

Mo:-. Min. Rep. Morrison‘: Mining Re ports.

Moz-. P1-iv. Corp. Morawetz on Private Corporations.

Mor. St. Can. Morris‘ Mississippi State Cases‘.

Mar. Supp. Supplement to Morison’: Dic-

tjouary, Scotch Court of Se$ion.

Mar. syn. Morlson's Synopsis, Scotch Session Cases.

Mm-. Tran. Morrison's Transcript of United States Supreme Court Decisions.

Mox-g.&W. L. J. Morgan & Williams’ [Aw Journal, London.

Morl.Di.g. l\Ioriey's East Indian Digest.

Mon-. Morris’ Iona Reports (see, also, Morris and Mon);-—Morrow's Reports, vols. 23%6 Oregon;—Morroll’s English Banl<rupt~

cy Reports.

Mon-. Jam. Morris‘ Jamaica Reports.

Lion-.1VI.B.. Morrison's Mining Reports, Chicago.

Mort. sncas. Morris‘ State Cases, Missiaszippi

Mon-. Trans. Morrison's Transcript, United States Supreme Court Decisions.

Morris. Morris‘ Iowa Reports;—- Morris’ Reports. vol. 5 Califot-nin;—Morris' Reports, vols. 43-48 Mississippi:—-Morris’ Jamaica


Myr. Prob.

Repor1s;—Morris' Bombay P.eports:—Morrlssett’s Reports, vols. 80, 98 Alabama.

Mon-is & Ha.)-. Morris & Harrington's Sudder Dewnnny Adawiut Reports, Bombay.

Morse Tr. Morse'e Famous Trials.

Morton. Morl>on's Reports, Bengal.

Mos. M(1sely's English Chancery Reports

Moult. 01:. P. Moultou‘s Chancery Practice, New York.

Mozley & Whiteley. Mozley 5: W‘hlteley‘e Law Dictionary.

Mu. Corp. Ca. Cases, mL 2.

Mnlford, Nation. Mulford. The Nation.

Mum. Jam. Mumtord’s Jamaica Reporm.

Mnmf.‘s Jamaica Reports.

Mun. (or Mun£.). Munford's Virginia Re ports.

Mur. Mu:-1ihey’s North Carolina Reports: »l\lurray's Scotch Jury Court Il.eports;— Murray's Ceylon Repor1x;—— Murray's New South Wnies Reports.

Mur. II. S. Ct. Murray's Proceedings in the Uniled States Courts.

Mur. Sal-In:-1. Murphy 5: Hurlstone‘s English Exchequer Reports.

Withrow's Corporation

Murph. l\lurphey‘s North Carolina Reports. Mun-. Murray's Scotch Jury Trials;—

Murray's Ceylon Reports;— Murray's New South Wales Reports.

Mux-ray. Murray's Scotch Jury Court Reports.

Murray (Ceylon). Murray's (‘eylon Re ports.

Mutnkisnn. Mutuhisna's Ceylon Re-ports.

Myer Dig. Myer's Texas Digest.

Myer I‘ed.Dec. Myers Federal Deci- slons.

Myl. & G. (or On). Myine 5: Craig‘: English Chancery Reports. Myl. & K. (or Mylne & K.). Keen‘: Eugiish Chancery Repolts

My-r. M_\'rick's California Probate Conrt Reports.

Myr. Prob. (Gal). Probate Court Reports.

Mylne &

Myriclrs Calflornia