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N. Nebraska; —- Nevada; -—— Northeastern Reporter (properly cited N. E 0 en: Reporter (properly cited N. W.).

NIB. New Brunswick Reports.

N.B.Eq. On. New Brunswick Equity Cases.

N. B. Eq. Rep. New Brunswick Equilzy

P Reports.

N. B. N. 11. National Bankruptcy News

and Reports

N. B. R. N-uional Bankruptcy Register, New York:——New Brunswick Reports.

N. B. Rep. New Brunswick Reports.

N. B. 17. Ad. New Brunswick Vice Admir- alty Reports.

N. Ben]. New Benioe, English‘s Bench Reports.

N. C. North Carolina;—North Carolina Reports ;—Notes of Cases (English, Ecclesi- astical, and l\l.-1ritimo);—l\'ew Cases (Ding- hnm‘s Vew Cases).

N. C. C. New Chancery Cases (Yonnge & Osllyer).

S N. 17. con. North Carolina Conference Reports.

N.c.Eco. Notes or Cases in the Ecclesi- asticnl und l\I{ll‘itil1le Courts.

N. C. L. Rep. North Carolina Law Reposltory.

N. C. Str. Madras.

N. G. T. Rep. ports.

N. Car.


N. Clup. (or N. Chip. [Vt.]). l:n:1n’s Vermont Reports.

N. D. North D:1kota;—North Dakota Reporls.

N. E. New Englnnd;— New ed.ltion;— No1tJ.Ie:1stern Reporter.

N. E. B. Northeastern Reporter (common- ly cited N. E.) ;-New England Reporter.

N. 1-}. Rep. Northeastern Reporter.

N. I‘. lVewfoundlnnd;—Newfoun11land Re-


N. E. New H:1mpshlre:—lV'ew Hampshire Reports.

N.:l-‘I. R. New Ilnmpshire Rcporls.

N. H.&C. English Railway and Canal

xcnses, by Nlcholl, Hare, Currow. etc.

N. J. New Jersey;——New Jersey Reports.

N. J. Eq. (or 1.711.). New Jersey Equity Repol ts.

N. J. L. J.

Notes of Cases, ‘by Strange, North Carolina Term Re- North Carolina :—North Carollna.

N. Chip-

New Jersey Law Journal.

N. J. Law. New Jersey L-.1w Reports.

N. L. Nelson's Lutwyche, English Gom- mon Pleas Reporm.

N. L. 1.. New Library of Law and Equity, fin-gilsh. N. M. New Mexico;—- New Mexico Re

Z ports. 1288

N. Y. Rep.


N. M. St. Bar Assn. Bar Association.

N. Mag. On. New Magistrates‘ Cases.

-N, of Gas. Notes of Cases, English Ecclesiastical and Marltiiue (‘ourts;-Notes of Cases at Muulr-.15 (by Strange).

N, of Gas. Madras. Notes of Cases at Ma- dras (by Strange).

N.P. Nlsl Prins.

N. P. C. Nisi Prius Cases.

N. P. B. Nisl Prius Reports.

N. R. New Reports (English. 18621905): —Busnnquet 5: [’uller's New Repui-ls;—Not Reported

N. R. B. P. New Reports of Bosauquet & Puller.

N. S. New Serics;—Novi1 Scotla.

N. S. Dec. Nova Scotti Decisions.

N. S. L. R. Nova Scotia Low Reporls.

N. S. R. Nova Scotia RI.-ports.

N. S. W. New South Wales Reports, Old and New Series

N. S. W. Eq. Rep. Equity Reports.

N. S. W. L. B.

New Mexico State

New South Wales

New South Wales Law


N. Se.Deo. Nora Scotm Decisions.

N. W. B. (or Rep.). Northwestern Re porter.

N. W. '1‘. (or N. W. '1‘. Bep.). Northwest Territories Reports, Canada.

N. Y. New York: New York Court of Appeals Reports.

N. Y. A.-nn. Ga. Cases.

N. Y. App. Den. penis Decisions.

N. Y. 011:. Err. ror (Cal.nes' Cases).

N. Y. Civ. Pr. Rep. cednre Reports.

N. Y. Code Report. porter.

N. Y. Code Reports, N. S. Code Reports, New Series.

N.Y. Go-nd. New York Condensed Reports.

N. Y. (Jr. R. (or Rep.). New York Crim-

New York Annotntsd New York Court of AP New York Cases in ET- New York Civil Pro- New York Code Re-

New York

inal Reports.

N. Y. Ct. App. New York Court of Apperils.

N. Y.'.l-:1. One. New York Oontestsn Election Cases.

N. Y. Leg. 011-. New York Le:.':1l Observer. New York City (Owen's).

N. Y. Ma. L. R. New York Monthly Law Reports.

N. Y. Op. Att.-Gen. Slckels’ Opinions of the Attorney-General of New York.

N. Y. P. R. New York Pmctice Reports.

N. Y. Reg. New York Daily Register

N. Y. Rep. New York Court of Appeals