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No. West. Rep.

No. West. Rep. Northwestern Reporter (commouh cited N. W.)

Nnl. Mag. (or Just, or Sett. Gas.). NolzLn's English Magistrates’ Cases.

Non cnl. Nan culgmbilis (not guilty).

Nora. Norcross' Reports, vols. 23—24 Ne Hula.

Nnrr. syl\ nuia.

North. Reports tompore Northington (Eden's English Chancery Reports).

North& G. North & Guthrle's Reports. vols. GS-80 Missourl Appeals.

Norrls' Reports, vols. 82~96 Penn-

Northam. Northampton Law Reporter, Pennsylvania. Nox-thum. Northumberland County Legal

New S. Pennsylvania.

Northw. Pr. Northwest Provlnces, India.

Northw. Rep. Northwestern Reporter (Commonly cited. N. W.)

Not. One. Notes of Cases in the English Ecclesiastical and Msrltjme Courts;—Notes

R of Cases at Madras (Strange).

Nut. can-.Mnd.rn.s. Note of Casa at

Madras (Sf:mnge).

1 290



Not.Dec. Notes of Declslons (Martin's North Cnrolina Reports).

Not. J. Notaries Journal.

Not. Op. Wilmolfs Notes of Oplnlons and Judgments.

Notes of Ca. Notes of Cases. Engllsh.

Nntes on U. S. Notes on United States Reports.

Nott &I-Inp. Nott 5: Hopkins’ Uulted

States Court of Claims Reports.

Nott&Il-‘lunt. Nott & Huntington's Reports, vols. 1-? United States Court of Claims.

Nutt&1VI-:0. Not: 5: McCord's South

Carolina Reports.

Nov. Novellae. The Novels or New Coo- stltutions. Nov.Sc. Nova Scofia.

Now. So. Dec. Nova Scotia Decisions. Nov. Sn. L. R. Nova Scotla [AW Reports. Noy. Noy‘s English‘s Bench Re ports. Noy, Max. Noy‘s Maxims.

Nye. Nye’s Reports, vols. 1S—20 Utah.