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0. Ohio Reports ;—0nt.‘1rio;—~0ntsrio Re ports;—0regon Reports: —OtI:o's United States Supreme Court Reports.

0. B. Old Bailey;—Oid Benioe;—Orlando Brldmnan. O. B. S. Old Bui1ey's sessions Papers.

O. B. &F. N.z. Oiiivier. Bell 5: Fitzger- airl‘s New Zoaiand Reports.

O. Ben. Oid Renioe's Reports. English Common Pleas.

O.Br-idg. O1-irmdo Bri(ly:1n:m’s English (‘Auimon Pleas Repnrts;—Curter‘s Reports,

- £evn1)nre Bri<l,r:vuan‘s English Common Pleas.

O. C. Orphans’ Court.

O. (1.0. Ohio Circuit Court Reports.

O. G. C. N. S. Ohio Circuit (‘Aurt Reports, New Series.

O. G. D. Ohio Circuit Decisions.

O.D. Ohio Decisions.

0. D.G. C. Ohio Decisions. Circuit Court (properly cited Ohio Circuit Decisions).

O. J. Act. Ontario Judicature Act.

O. N. 13. Old Nature. Brevium.

O. E. Ontario Reports.

O. S. Ohio State Repnrt.s;—Oid Series:— Old Series King's & Queen's Bench Reports. Ontario. (Upper Canada).

O. S. G. D. (or O. S. U.). Ohio Supreme Court Decisions. Unreported Cases.

0. S. & C. P. Dec. Ohio Superior and Commnn Pleas Decisions.

O. st. Ohio State Reports.

O. &'1‘. Oyer and Terrniner.

O'Brien. O‘Brien's Upper Canada Re ports.

O‘Ga.11aghs.n, New Neth. History of New Netheriand.


Oct. St:-. Octavo Strange, Select Caseson Evidence.

Odenenl. Odeneai's Reports, vols. 9-11 Oregon.

Ofl'.Exeo. Wentworth‘s Office of meetitors.

011'. G112. Pat. Oif. Officini Gazette, United States Patent Office.

Oflicer. Oflir-er‘s Reports. vols. l—9 Minnesotu.

Ogden. Og:den's Reports, vois. 12-15 Lou- isinnn.

Ohio. Ohio:~0hio Reports.

Ohio St. Ohio State Reports.

Ohio Sup. & G. P. Dec. Ohio and Common Pleas Decisions.


O‘Kee!e ox-d. (O'Keei'e’s Orders in Chacnery. Ireland. Okla. Ol:lz1l1or.m;—Ol1]:1h0n\n Reports.

Ole. (or 011:. Adam). 0l('0tt'E States District Court, Admiralty.

OldBen. Beuloe in Benioe 5: Dnlison, English Common Pleas Reports.

Old Nat. Br-av. Old Natura Brevium.

Oldr. Oidright's Reports, Nova Scotia.

O1iv.B.&I.. Oliver, Beavan k Ion-oy's Reports, vols. 5-7, English Railway and Ca- nal Coses.

O11. B.&I‘. Ollivier, Bell, 5: Fimgerald, New Zenland.


O‘Ma.1. & H. O'.\Ialiey k Hardcnstles Engilsh Election Cases. Onsl. N. P- Onsiow‘s Nisi Prius.

Ont. Ont1\rio;—0nLnrio Reports.

Ont. App. E. Ontario Appeal Reports.

Ont.)-:1. Ga. Ontqrlo Election (Vases.

Ont. P. B. (or Ont. Pr. Bep.). Ontario Practice Reports.

Op. Att. Gen. Opinions of the Attorneys General of the United States.

Op. N. Y. Atty. Gen. Sickels’ Opinions of Attorneys-G:-ner:1l of New York.

Ox-. Ore;:on'.—Oregon Reports.

Or. T. Rep. Orleans Term Reports, vols. 1, 2 Martin, Louisiana.

0:11. (12 In Mar. (or 0rd. 1VIa.r.). namce de la .\I.1rine de Louis XIV.

Oreg. Oregon;—0regon Reports.

Or-1. Bridgman. Orlando ]3ridg1uz\n’s Eng- iish Common Pieus Reports.


Orl. '1‘. B. Orleans Term Reports, vols. 1, 2 Martin. Louisiana. O1-nnmd. Orrnond‘s Reports, vols. 12-15


Ort. Inst. Ortolan's Institutes of Justin- llll].

Ot. Otto's United States Supreme Court Reports.

Out. 0uterbridge's Reports. vols. 97~11(J Pennsylvania State.

Over. (or Overton). Reports.

Ow. Owen's English King's Bench Re ports ;—New South Wales Reports.

Owen. Owen's English King's Bench Reports.

Oxley. Young's Vice-Admiralty Decisions, Nova Scotis, edited by Oxiey.

Overton‘s Tennessee