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P. Easter (Paschal) Term',—Pennsyi- vania ;—-Peters ;—Picl;‘s ltlassachuserts Reports;——Probnte:—Pacific Reporter.

[1891] P. Law Reports, Probate D'iv‘l— skin, from 1801 onward.

P. A. D. Peters’ Admiralty Decisions.

P. G. Pieas of the Crown ;—Parlinmentary Cases:—Practir-e Ci1.=1es;—1'rize Cases; — Patent Cases; — Privy Council ; — Prize Court ;-—Prnhute Court:—Pre<_-(‘dents H) Chacncry.

P. C.App. Privy Council Appeals.

P. G. C. Privy Cases:—Peters' Circuit Court Reports

P. Cl. R. Parker's Criminal Reports, New York ;—Prlvy Council Reports

P. D. Probate Division, English Law Re~ ports (1876-1890).

F. E. I. (or P. E. 1. Rep.). Isiand Reports (Hnvilanli‘s),

P. P. S. P. F. Smith's Reports, vols. 51- 3131, Pennsylvania State.

P. Jr. & H. (or P. & H.). Patton. J11, 5:

S Health's Virginia Reports.

P. N. P. Peake's English Nlsl Prlus Cases.

P. 0. Gas. bay.

P. O. G. Patent Office Gazette.

P. 0.11. Patent Office Reports.

T P. P. Parliamentary Papcrs.

P. R. Parliamentary Reports :—Pennsylvania vauiu Reports, by Penrose & Watts;—

Pacific Reporter ;——Probate Reports.

P. R. G. P. Practical Register in Common

U Pleas.

P. R. Oh. Practical Register in Chancery.

P. R. U. 0. Practical Reports, Upper Canada.

P. R. & D. Power, Rodweli, 5: Devfs Eng-

V ilsh Election Cases.

P. S. 0.11. S. Peters‘ United States Su- preme Court Reports.

P. S..R. Pennsyivnnia State Reports.

P. W. (or P. Wm.s.). Peere Williams‘ English Chancery Reports

P.&B. Pugsley &‘s Reports, New Brunswick.

P.& G. Pridaaux 5: Cole's Reports, English Courts. vol. 4 New Scwlnu Cases.

P. &D. Perry & Dawson's English

X Queen’s Bench Reports ;—Probate and Di- vorce

Prince Edward

Perry's Oriental Cases, Bom-

P.&H. Patton, Jr., & Heath's Virginia Reports.

P.&K. Perry 5: K.unpp's English Election Cases.

P. &M. Philip 5: .\Iar_v;—Pollock and

l\l=u'tIand's History of English Law.

P.&R. Plgott 5: Rodwelrs Election Cases, Enfllsh. P.&W. Penrose 5: Watts’ Pennsylvania 2 Reports.


Park. Rev. Gan.


Pa. Pennsylvania:—Pennsylvania Re ports, by Peurose & Wutts;—Pennsylvanla State Rcports;—Paine. United States.

P3. O0. Gt. (or Pa. Co. Ct. 11.). Pennsyl- vania County Court Reports.

Pa. Dist. (or Pa. Dist. 3.). Pennsylvania District Court Reports.

Pa. L. J. Pennsylvania Law Jolirunl Ileports (Clnrk's);—-Penneyiv:1nla Law Journal. Phllndelpiiia.

Pa. L. Rec. Pennsylvania [AW Record, Philadelphia.

Pa. Law Se:-. Pennsylvania Law Series.

Pa. N. P. Brightly's Nisi Prius Reports, Pennsylvania.

Pa.Rep. Pennsylvania Reports. Pa. st. Pennsylvania State Reports. Pa..St.Tr. Pennsylvania State Trials (Hogan's). Pa. Super. Ct. Pennsylvania Superior Court. Pac. Pacific Reporter.

Pac. R. (or Bep.). Pacific Reporter (com- monly clted Pac, or P.).

Pad. Palne’s United States Circuit Court Repnrts:~I‘aige‘s New York Chancery Re~ ports.

Pni. Ch. (01 Paige). Chancery Reports

Paine (or Paine C. 0.). Pn.ine's United Sintes Circuit Court Reports.

Paige's .\‘ew York

Pa.1oy,Pri.n.&Ag. Paley on Principal and Agent. Palgrave. Palgrave's Proceedings in

Chancel-y;—Palgrave's Rise and Progress of the English Commonwealth.

Palm. i"a.l.u1er's English King's Bench Reports ;—P:1lmer’s Reporm. vols. 53-60 Ver- lnont.

Pa.nd. Pandects. Pnpy. P-.11I_v’s Reports. vols. 5. 6 Flnrlri 1. Par. Parker's English Exchequer Re-

ports :—~I‘ar.L-ans‘ Reports. vols. 65-06 New ,Hnrap.<;—Parker's New York Criminal Reports.

Pa.r.Dee. setts.

Pa.r.'.l-:q.Cn.s. Parsons‘ Select Equity Cases, PF‘llnS.Vl\‘Rl:ilfl.

Par-(I. Drolt: Commer. de Droit C4|llJ.l:I1EI'(‘l9.i.

Pal-dessus. Pm-dessus, Cours de Droii: C0l.lJIllL‘l'Cl“lII-—Pfll'fleFSllS. Lois \lnritii:aes;— Parties:-zus. T1-altos des Servmnlos.

Park. Parke-r‘s New York Criminal Rep0rts:—Pnrker‘s English iilxchequer Reports

Park. 01-. cu. Parker’s New York Crimi.u.-1l Reports.

Parsons‘ Decisions, Massachu-

Panlessus. Cours

Park. Dig. Parker's California Dir.-est. Park. Exch. Parker's English Exchequer

Repnrts. Pa:-Ir, Ins. Park on Insurance.

Park. Rev. Gus. Parker's English Ex-

chequer Reports (Revenue Cases).