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Parker. Parker's English Exchequer Reports ;—Parl:er’s New Yorlx Criminal Reports-.—Pa.ri:er’s New Hampshire Reports.

Parker. Cr. Gas. (N. Y.). Parker's New York Criininal Reports.

Parker, 01-. R. (N. Y.). York Criminal Reports.

Parker's, New

Purl. Car. Parliamentary Cases (House of Lords Reports). Parl.Reg. Parliamentary Register. Parneh..A:nt. Kennett’s Parochial Antiqulties. Pars. Parsons (see Par.).

Pars. Ans. Parsons‘ Answer to the Fifth Part of Coke's Reports.

Para. Cunt. Parson on Contracts

Pa.ra.Eq. Gas. Parsons’ Select Equity Cases. Pennsylvania.

Pars. Mar. Inn. Parsons on Marine Insurance.

Pars. Mar. Law. Law.

Pas. (Terminus Paschae) Easter Term.

Paschal. Paschai's Reports. vols. 2S—31 Texas and Supplement to vol. 25.

Pat. Patent:—Paton's Scotch Appeal Cases:—Paterson‘s Scotch Appeal Cases:— Paterson's New South Wales Reports.

Pat. App. Gas. Paton's Scotch Appeal Cases (Cralgle. Stewart 6: Paton) ;—Paterson's Scotch Appeal Cases.

Pat.Cmnp. Paterson's Compendium of English and Scotch Law.

Pa.t.Dec. Patent Decisions.

Pat. &H. Patton. J12, 6: Heath's Virginia Reports.

Pa.t.&1V[ur. Paterson an Murray's Reports, New South Wales.

Pater. Paterson's Scotch Appeal Cases; —Patetson‘s New South Wales Reports.

Pnters. Comp. Paterson's Compendium of English and Scotch Law.

Paterson. Paterson's Compendium of English and Scotch law;-—Patc-rson on the Game Laws :—I‘.1t.erson‘s Liberty of the Press ;—Paterson on the Liberty of the Sub- 1'ect,—Paterson‘s Law and Usages of the Stock Excimnge;—Pnterson's Scotch Appeal Gases.

Paton. Crnlgie, Stewart, .9. Pnbon's Scotch Appeal Cases.

Pntr. Elect. Gas. Cases, Upper Canada

Parsons on Maritime

Patrick's Election

Patt.&H. Patton, Jr.. 5. Heath's Virginia Reports. Paulns. Julius Paulus, Sententlae Re


Pea. Pe:1ke's English Nisi Prlus Reports.

Peak: Add. Gas. P e a k e ' s Additional Cases. \ol. 2 of Peake.

Peake N. P. I'eake's English Nlsi Prlus Cases. Pearce 0.0. Pearce's Reports in Dears-

ly‘s Crown Cases. English. Pearl. Pearson‘ Reports, Pennsylvania.


Pet. Ad.

Peck. Peck's Tennessee Reports ;—Peck's Reports, vols. 11—30 Illinois ;—Pecinveli‘s Ell:-.'llSl] Flection Cases.

Peck (Tenn.). Peck's Tennessee Reports.

Peck.I:l.Cas. Peekwell's English Election Cases.

PeckTr. Peck‘s Trial (Impe.1chmcut).

Peckw. Pet-kwel1's English Election Cases.

Peeplel. Peeples’ Reports, vols. 77-97 Georgia.

Peeples& Stevens. Peeples 6: Stevens Reports. vols. 80-97 Georgia.

Peers Wma. Peere-Williams‘ Reporls, English Chancery.

Pen. code. Penal Code.

Pen. N. J. Pennington‘s New Jersey Reports.

Pen. &W. Penrose 5; Watts‘ Pennsyl- vania Reports.

Penn. Pennsylvania : — Pennsylvania

State Reports:—Penn_vpacker‘s Unreported Pennsylvania Cases ;-—I‘ennington's New Jersey Reports; Peanewill’s Delaware Reports.

Penn. Co. ct.IRep. Pennsylvania County Court Reports.

Penn. Del. ports.

Penn. Diat.Itop. Pennsylvania District Reports.

Pennew1il‘s Delaware Re-

Penn. Rep. Pennsylvania State Reports.

Penn. st. (or st. IL). Pennsylvania State Reports.

Penning. Penningt0n‘s New Jersey Reports.

Penny. Pennypxu-i:er‘s Uureported Pennsylvania Cases:-Pennyp:1cker's Pennsyl-

vania Colonial Cases.

Penr.&W. Penrose 6: Watts’ Pennsyl- vania Reports.

Pen. L. Adv. People’s Legal Adviser, Utica. New York.

Per. 01'. Cal. Bombay.

Per. & Dav. Perry King's Bench Reports.

Per. & Kn. PE-.1 ry Election Reports. _

Perk. Perkins on Conve'_vunring:—Per- kins on Plearling:—Perl.ins' Profitable Book (Cnnveynuclngl.

Perry. Sir Erskine Perry's R_epDltS. in

Perry's Oriental Cases. an Davison's English

6: Knapp’s English

l\lorlev‘s (East) lll(li'l.E| Digest ;#Perry’s Oriental Cases. Rornhny. Per:-y&D. Perry 6: D:1vlson‘s English

King's Bench Reports

Pen.-y&Kn. Perry & Knapp‘s English Elertion Cases.

Pet. Peters‘ United States Supreme Court Re-ports;—Peters‘ United States Cur-nit Court Reports -,-—Peters' United States District Court Reports (Admiralty Declsions);— Peters’ Prince Edward Island Reports.

Pet. Ad. (or Pet. Adm.). Peters‘ United States District Court Reports (Admiralty Declsions).