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Pet. Br.

PeI:.Br. Petit Brooke, or Brooke's New Cases, English King’s Bench.

Pet.C.C. Peters’ United States Circuit Court. Reports. Pet. Cnnd. I‘eLers' Condensed Reports.

United States Supreme Court.

Pet.Dig. Peters’ United States Digest; —I':-ticolas-' Texas Digest

Pet. S. (J. Peters’ United States Supreme Court Reports.

Peters Adm. Peters‘ United States District Court Reports (Admiralty Decisions).

Petit Br. Petit Brooke, or Brooke's New Cases, English King's Bench.

Ph. Phillips‘ English Chancery Reports; --Phiiliuiore's English Ecclesusticol Reports (see Phil.).

Ph.Ch. Phillips‘ English Ohnncery Reports.

Ph. St. Tr. Phiilipps' State Trials.

Pl1nI.C.C. I.’halen's Criminal Cases.

Pheneynep. Pheney‘s New Term Reports.

Phil. Phillips’ English Chancery Reports; —l’hlllipS' North Carolina Reports;—I'hillips‘ English Election C:1ses;—Pl:illimore's English cieslasticni Repel-ts ;—Philadeiphin

S Rep01'ts;—Philiips' Illinois Reports.

Phil. Eco. Judg. Phlllimore’s Ecclesiastical Juilzlnenrs.

Phil. Eco. R. sinsticnl Reports.

Phil. El. Cal.

T Cases.

Phil. Eq. Phillips’ North Carolina Equity Reports.

Phil. Ev. Phillips on Evidence.

Phil. Fem. Gas. I’hillipps' Famous Cases in Circumstantial Evidence.

Phil. Ins. Phillips on Insurance.

Phil. Luw(orPlni.i. N. 0.). Phillips‘ North Carolina Law Reports.

Phil. Pat. Phillips on Patents.

Phil. St. Tr. Philippa‘ State Trinis.

Philn. (Pm). Piiiiarlelphia Reports. Com- mon Pleas of Philadelphia County.

Philn. Law Lib. Philadelphia Law Li- iJrnr_\'~.

Philippine Go. Philippine Code.

Phill. Phillips (see Phil. and Phillips).

Phill.I:ns. Phillips on Insurance.

Phillim. Pi1illimore's English Ecclesiastical R(>}Ii)l'is. See, ‘I150. Phil.

Phillim. Dom. Phillimnre on the Law of Dmnicil.

Phillim. Eco. Law. sstit-nl Law.

Phillips. Phillips‘ English Chancery Reports ;—Phiilips' North Caroliun Reporis. Law and Equity ;—Phil1ips' Reports, vols. 152—iE Illinois.

Pick. Pickering.-‘s Massacilusetis Reports.

Pickle. Piekie's Reports, vols. 85-103 Tennefiee.

Pig. £212.. Plgott & Roclwe1l's English Registration Appeal Cases. _

Pike. Pike’: Reports, vols. 1-5 Arkansas.


Phillimore's English Eccle-

Phillips' Enzlish Election


Phlil1l:n0re's Ecclesi-


Potln. Cont. do Change

Pin. (or Pinn.). Pinney's Wisconsin Reports.

Piston (or Pint). Piston's Mauritius Re ports.

Pita. Grim. Tr. I'itcairn‘s Ancient Grim- lnal Trials, Scotland.

Pita. Tr. Pitcz1i_rn's Ancient (‘rjniinnl Trials, Scotland.

Pitnn. Prin. & S111‘: Pltnmn on l'rinci1):1i and Surety.

Pitts. mp. ports.

Pittsb. Leg. J. (0. 5.). Pittsburg Legal Journal. Old Series.

Pittsb. 28.. (Pa.). Pittshurg Reports, Pennsylvania Courts (reprinted from the Journal).

P1. (or Pl. Conn). Plowden's Commeu aries or Reports, English King's Bench, etc.

Pittshurg Pennsylvania Re-

Pl.C. Plmfitn Corona: (Pleas of the Clown).

PleI:t.Cov. Plntt on the Law of Covemints.

Plow. Piowden's English King's Bench Reports.

Plowd. PIowden's English King's Bench Commentaries or Reports.

Pol. Pollexfen's English King's Relmris. etc. :—Poli(-e.

Pol. Code. Political Code.

Pol. Cont. Pollock on Contracts.

Pol.Sci.Qnar. Political -Science terly.

Poll. Pollexfen's English's Reports.

Poll. 0. C. Pr. County Courts.

Pollex. Po1lexfen's English's Bench Reports, etc.

Pom. (Joust. Law. Pon.1ern_v's Constitutional I.'1w of the United States.

Pomerny. P0l.neroy"s Reports, vols. ‘T3- 128 California.

Pup. I-'0ph:lln's English King's Bench Reports.

Pnp.soi.Mo. Popular Science Monthly.

Pope. (Pope) Opinions Attorney General, pt. 1. vol. 22.

Pope, Lun. Pope on Lunacy.

Poph. Pophaurs English Kings Bench Reports.

Palm. (2). Reports.

Port. (A1n.). Porter‘s Alahnma Reports.

Porter. Porter's Alabama Iceports;—Portc-r's Reports. vols. 3-7 Indlnn-.1.

Pusey. Posey’s Unreported Cases. Texns.

Post. Post's Reports. vols. 2%.} Mich- 1g:1n;—Post's Iiemrts, vols. 424}/A Missouri.

Paste’: Gains Inst. Poste's Translation of Gains.

Pot. Dwar.

Path. Bail B. Rente. Contrnt do Bull 5. Renie.

Poth.Cunt. Pothier's Contracts.

Path. Cont. lie Change. Pothier, Trait! do Contrnt (le Change.




Pollock's Practice of the

Cases at the and of Pophnnrs

Potter's Dwarris on Statutes

Pothier. Trnité du