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Poth. Cont. Sale

Poth. Cont. Sale (or Path. Contr. Sale). Potiiler, Treatise on the Contract of Sale.

Path. do Change. Pothier, Traité du Contrat de Change. Pnth. de l'Us1u-e. Pothier, Traité de


Path. do Snciété App. Cuutrnt do Soclété.

Pnth. do Depot. pot.

Path. Lounge. trat de Lounge.

Path. MEI‘. Cont. Maritime Contracts.

Path. Mar. Lounge. Contrat de Louage.

Pothier, Trnité du

Pothier, Traité du De- Pothier, Traité du Con- Potbier's Treatise on

Pothier, Traité du

Poth. 01:1. Pothlsr, Trnité des Obligations. Poth.Panfl. Pothiei-'3 Bandects.

Poth.Proc.Civi1. Pothisr, Traité de in Procfiflure Giviie.

Poth. Prods. Criln. Procedure Cnminule.

Poth.société. Pothier, Traité du Contrat de Societe.

Poth. Trnité do Change. in Cont:-at de Change.

Poi-.h.Vente. Pothier. Traité du Control: lie Vente.

Pothier, Pand. tininneaa, etc.

Potter. Potter's Reports, vols. 4»7 Wyo- ming.

Pow. Dev. Powell. Essay upon the I4u:irning of Devises, etc.

Pnw.1VIm-tg. Powell on Mortgages.

Pnw.R.&D. Power, Rodwell & Drew’: English Election Cases.

Pr. Price's English Exchequer Reports; —Pn'nn'.plmn. (the beginning of a title, law, or sec-tion);—Prnctice Reports (Ontario).

Pr. 0. K. 3. Practice Cases in the King‘: Bench.

Pr. Ch. Precerlents in Chancerv, by Finch: -—Practice in the High Court of Chancery.

Pr. Dec. Printed Decisions (Sneed's). Kentncki.

Pr. Div. Probate Division, Law Reports: —Prit(-hiu11's Divorce and Matrimonial Crises.

Pothier, Traité de la

Pothier, T1-nité

Pothier. Pandemic Jus-

Pz-.Exch. Price’s English Exchequer Reports. P1.-.IE‘alc. President Fnlconer‘s Reports,

Scotch Court of Session. Pr. Min. Printed Minutes of Evidence. Pr. It. Practice Reports. Pr. Reg. B. 0. Practical Register In the Bali Court. Pr. Reg. 0. P. Common Pleas. Pr. Reg. Ch.

Practical Register In the

Practicai Register in Ghan-


Pr. &Div. Probate and Divorce, English IAIW Itepnrts.

P1-e.Cu. Prater‘: Cases on Connict of LAIIL



Pratt Cont. Can. Pratt's Contraband-ofl

War Cases. Prec. Ch. Prccedents in Chancery. Prer. Prerogative Court.

Px'es. Pale. President Faiconel-‘s Scotch Session Cases (Gilmour & Falconer).

P1-est. Conv. Preston on Conveyancing.

Prest. Est. Preston on Estates.

P1-est. Merg. Preston on Merger.

Pri. (or Price). Price’s Exchequer Reports.

Price Note: P. P. Price's Notes of Points of Practice, English Exchequer Cases.

Prickett. Prickett's Reports, Idaho.

Pritl. & C. Prideaux & Cole's English Re ports, mi. 4 New Sessions Cases.

Prin.Den. Printed Decisions (Sneed‘s), Kentucky.

Priteh.Qnar.s-an. Prltdhard, Quarter Sessions.

Priv.CoIlnc.App. Privy Council Appeals

[1891] Prob. Law Reports, Probate Di- vision, from 1891 onward.

Prnb. Code. Probate Code.

P1.-ob. Div. Probate Division, English Law Reports.

Prob. Rep. Probate Reports.

Prob. Rep. Ann. Probate Reports Annotated.

Prob.& Adm. Div. Probate and Admi- ralty Division, law Reporlx.

Prob. & Div. Probate and Divorce, Eng lish Law Reports.

Pro'b.& Mat. Probnta and Matrimonial Cases.

Ptuo.P1'ao. Procto1"e Practice.

P1.-op. Lawyer N. S. Property Lawyer. New Series (periodical), England.

Prouty. Proul:y'e Reports, vois. 61-63 Vermont. P1-t. Rep. Practice Reports.

Psych. & M. L. J. Psychological and Medlco-Legal Journal, New York.

Pugh. Pugsiey's Reports, New Brunswick.

Pugs. & Bub. Pugsiey & Burbridge’s Reports, New Brunswick.

Pull. Acute. Puliings Law of Mercantile Accounts.

Pull. Lawn & Glut. Lend. Pulling, Treatise on the Laws, Customs, and Regulations of the City and Port of London.

Pull. Port of London. Pulling, Treatise on the Laws, Customs, and Regulations of the City and Port of London.

Pulsifer. PulsLter’s Reports. vols. 65-68 Maine.

Pump Ct. Pump Court (London).

Punj. Rec. Punjab Record.

Purd. Dig. Purdezrs Digest Pennsylvania Laws.

Pyke. Reports.

Pyle’: Lower Canada King‘: Bench