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Wash. Tex‘. N. S.

" W

W. King Wiiliam:——Wl1eaton’s United States Supreme Court Reports;—Wendeli's New York Rcports;—Watt's Reports, Pennsyivania;—-Weekly; — Wisconsin;—Wyo~ niliig:~Wright's Ohio Reports.

W. A. Western Ailstrnliil.

W. B1. Sir William Blackstone’s English

PKing's Bench iicports.

W. G. G. Washington's United States Circuit Court Reports.

W. H. Cllroll. Westminster Hall Chronitfis, London.

W. H.&G. Welshy, Hui-lstone S: Gordon’s English Exclicquer Reports.

W. Jo. Sir William Jones’ English King’s Bench Reports.

W. Kel. William Kelynge's English Chacnery Reports.

W. N. Weekly Notes, London.

W. P. Gas. Wollsston'a English Bail Court (I' Cases.

W. R. Weekly Reporter, London ;—Weck- ly Reporter, Bengal; Wendell‘s New York

slteports:—Wisconsin Reports ;—West’s Reports (English Chancery).

W. Rep. West’s Reports temzlaro Hard- wic-Le, Eilglish Chancery.

W. Rob. W. Robinson's English Admiral- ty Reports.

W. T. R. Weekly Transcript Reports, New York.

W. Ty. E. Washington 'Derritory Reports.

W. Va. West Vi.rgiu.ia:—West Virginia Reports.

W. W. at A’B. Vict. Wyatt, Webb, 8: A'Becl:ett’s Reports. Victoria.

W. W. an D. Willniore, Wollaston 8: Davi- son.

W. W. & H. Willinore, Wollaston. & Hodges’ English Queeirs Bench Bepnrts.

W. an :3. Dig. Walker 8: Bates’ Digest, Ohio.

W. 86 C. Wilson 8: Courtenay’s Scotch Appea-l Cases (see Wilson at Shaw).

W W. & 1.. Dig. Wood 8: Long's Digwt, I111- H015.

W. as M. Wood’bu.ry & Minot's United States Circuit Court Reports;—Wil'lian1 & Mary.

W. & S. Watts & Sergeants Pennsylvania

x1'Eeports;——Wilson an Shaw's Scotch Appeal Cases.

W. & 8. App. Wilson 8: Shaw's Scotch Appeals. English House at Lords.

W. & '1‘. E11. (31. (or L. C.). White 8: Tu- dor’s Leading Cases in Equity.

Y W. & w. White S: Wilson's Texas Court of Appeals, Civil Cases.

W. & W. Vict. Wyatt&Webb’s Victorian Reports.


Z Waiea.


Watts’ Reports, Pennsylvania;-—

Wait, Act. & Def. Wa1t's Actions and Defences.

Wail: Dig. Wait’s Digest, New York.

Wait st.Pnp. Walvs State Papers of the United States.

Wal. Wallace (see Wali.).

W111, by L. Wallis’ lrish Reports, by Lyne.

Wal. Jr. (or Wall. Jr.). Wa.l1ace’s (J. W.) United States Circuit Court Reports.

Walk. (ox-Walker-). Walker's Mississippi Reports ;—Wnlker's Michigan Chancery Reports ;—Walkei-‘s Reports, vols. 25, 72-88, Texas;-—W:ilker's Reports, vols, 1-10 Texas Civil Appe-als;—WaiIier‘s Reports, vols. 96, 109 AJaliaiua;—Wa.lker's Pennsylvania Reports.

Walk. (Pa.). Wniker‘s Pennsylvania Re ports.

Walk. (311. (or Mich.). WaJker’s .\Iichigen Chancery Reports.]Kiss. Walker's Mississippi ports.

Wall. Wailace’s United States Supreme Court Reporls;—WaJlacc’s (Sr.) United States Circuit Coin-t Rcports;~\\‘aii:i('e‘s Philadel- phia Ilcports;—-Wallis’ Irish Chancery Re ports.

Wall. (3. C. Wallace‘s United States Cir- cuit Conrt Reports, Third Circuit.

Wall.Rep. Wallace on the Reportcrs;— Wa.lli1ce’s United States Supreme Court Re ports.

Wall. S.C. Wallace's United States Su- preme Court Reports.

Wall. Sen. (or W111. Sn). Wallace's (J. B.) United States Circuit Court Renorts.

Wallis. Wallis’ Irlsh Chancery Reports.

Wallis by L. Wallis’ Irish Chancery Reports, by Lyne.

Walsh. Waish's Reg-istry Cases lreiand.

Ward. Warden’s Reports. Ohlo:—W;irden S: Smith's Reports, Ohio.

Wm-d, Leg. Ward on Legacies.

Warden. Warden’s Reports, vols. 2, 4 Ohio State.

Wax-den a Smith. Wardens: Sinitlrs Reports, voi. 3 Ohio State.

Ware. Wa1'e‘s United States District Court Reports.

Win-th Code. West Virginia Code, 1S99.

Wm-v.Abst. Warvelle on .-ilsh-.ic_ts at Title.

Wash. Washington ;—-Washim.-zton's Reports ;—WashingEon's United Sines Circuit Court Heports:——Washington's Virginia Reports;—Washhurn's Reports, vols.J0—’.‘3 Verinont.

Wash. (3.0. Washington’: United States Circuit (‘ourt Reports.

Wash. Tet. Waslhington Territory Re ports.

Wash. Tex-. N. S. Allen's Washington Territory Reports, New Series.