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Wash. Va.

Wash. VB. ports.

Wash. an Bar. 1?. E. I. Washhurton S: Hazard’s Reports, Prince Edward Ieland.

Weshb.Renl Prop. Wasbburn on Real Property.

Washbuxn. 16-23 Vernlont.

Wat. Watkins;—W:1tson.

Wet. C. G. H. Waternieyer's Cape of Good Hope llepoi ts.

Wat. Gr. Dig. Waterm:in’s Criminal Digest, United States.

Watermeyer. Waternieyer‘s Cape of Good Hope Reports. Watkins‘ Conveyancing.

Wiitk. copyh. Watkins’ C0i))i.l0iflS.

We.ts. Arb. “latson on Arbitration

Wats. G1er.Law. Watson's Clergyman's Lmv.

Wmts. Comp. Eq. of Equity.

Watts. Watts’ Pennsylvania Itoports;—— W.1tts' Reports, vols. 16-24 West Virginia.

Watts & S. (or Serg.). Watts 8: Sergeanfs Pennsylvania Reports.

Web.Pat. Gus. Webster's Patent Cases.

Weh. Tr. The Trial of Professor Webster for Murder.

Wehb. Webb’s Reports, vols. 6-20 Kans:1s;—-Webb's Reports, vois. 11-20 Texas Civil Appeals.

Webb, A'B. & W. Webb, A'Becketi', 8: Williams‘ Victorian Reports, Australia.

Webb, A’B. & W. Eq. Webb, A’Beckett, & Williams’ Equity Reports, Victoria.

Webb, A'B. & W. I. P. & M. Webb, A'Becl:ett, & Willian1s' Insolvency, Probate, and lllntrimonlal Reports, Victoria.

Webb, A‘B. & W. Min. Webb, A'BeCk- Olzt, & Williams’ Mining Cases, Victoria.

Webb & Duviil. Webb 8: Duva]’s Reports, vols. 1-3 Texas

Washington's Virginia Re-

Washhurn's Reports, vols.

Watson's Compendium

Webs. Webster.

Webst. Diet. (or Webster). Webstefs Dictionary.

Week. Reptr. Weekly Reporter, London;

—Weekiy Reporter, Bengal.

Week. Trans. Reptn. Weekly Transcript Repoits, New York.

Weeks, Attys. at Law. neys at L{lW.

Weight. Med. Leg. Gar. Me(l]co-Legal Gazette, London.

We]. Welslfs Irish Registry Cases.

Wells, Rep]. Wells on Replevin.

We1sb.,H.& G. Weishy, Hurlstone. ii: Gordon’s English Exchequer Reports.

Welsh. Welsli’s Registry Cases. Ireland; -—Welsh’s Irish Cases at Sligo:——We1sii's (Irish) Case of James Feighny, 1838.

Welsh Iteg. Can. Welsh‘s Irish Registry

Weeks on Attor-


Wend. Wendell‘: New York Reports. Wenz. Wenzelfs Reports. vols. 60- - Minnesota.

We|k.Ina. Weskett on Insurance.


Wheeler, Gr. Gas.

Welt. West‘s Reports, English House of Lords :~West's Reports, Eagilsh Chancery: —Western Titlie Cases:—Weston’s Reports, Vols. 11-14 Vermont.

Went. Ans. Western Australia.

West ch. West's English Chancery Casa

West co. Rep. West Coast Reporter.

West H. L. West’s Reports, English House of Lords.

West]. Pr-iv. Int. Law (or Westlake Int. Private Law). Westlake's Private Interna-

tional Law. West Symb. West's Symboleographis. West 1:. H. West's English Chancery Re

ports tcmpvre Hardwicke. West Va. West Vlrginia;—West Vi.rgin:la

Reports. Westm. Statute of Westminster. Westin. Rev. \’\'est|1ii1ister Review. Weston. Weston's Reports, vols. 11-1-1 Vermont. Weth. Wet!.\ey's Reports, Canada. Wh. W'heaton’s United States Supreme

Court lteports:—Wb:1rton's Pennsylvanls Reports;——-Wl.ieeier’s New York Criminal lie


Wh. Gr. Cal. Wheeler's New York Criminal Cases.

Wh. & '1‘. L. G. White at: Tudoi-‘s Leading (‘rises in Equity.

Whar. Wharton's Pennsylvania Reports.

Whiu-.Dig. Wharton's Digest, Pennsyl- Vania.

Whar.St.'J.‘r. Wharton's State Trials. United States.

Whart. Wharton.

What:-t.(Pa.). Wharton's Pennsylvania Reports.

Whart.Ag. Wharton on Agency.

“flinrt. Grim. Law. Wharton’s American Criminal Law.

Whart. Ev. Wharton on Evidence in Civ-

il Issues. Wbart. Hum. Wharton on Homicide. Whart. Lex. Wharton's Law Lexicon.

Whart. Neg.

Whart. State Tr. als, United States.

“fliart. & 5. Med. Jun-. Stille's Medical Jurisprudence.

Wheat. W 1‘.eaton’s United St ites Su- preme Oourt Reports.

Wheat. Hist.La.w Net. Whe:1ton's Ills- mry of the Law of Nations.

Vvharton on Negligence. Wbarton‘s State Tri-

Wlmrton 8:

Wheat. Int. Law. Wheaton's international Law.

Wheel. Wheeler's New York Criminal Csses;—-Wheelock’s Reports, vols. 32-37 Texas.

Wbeel.Br. Gas. W'heelln,g Bridge Case.

Vvheel. Cr. C. Wlieeiei-‘s New York Criminal Gases.

Wheel. 0:. Bee. Wheelers Criminal Re corder, New York, vol. 1 Wheelefs Criminal Cases

Wheeler, Or. can. Wheeler's New York Criminal Casa.