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Whishaw. l\"hishaW‘s Law Dictionary. Wh1t.Pat. Gus. Whltn1an's Patent Cases, United States.

Whitak. Liens. Whitaker on Liens.

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as Court of Appen1s:—Whlts, Scotch Justici-

Lr_v Reports.

White, Coll. White's New Collection oi! the Laws, etc, of Great Britain, France and Spain.

White, New Recap. (or Nov. lieeop.). See White, Recap. -

White, Recap. White, New Recopilacion. A l\ew Collec-lion of laws and Locai Ordi- nances of Great B1 italn, France, and Spain. Relating to the Concessions of Land in Their Respective Colonies, with the Laws of Mexico and Texas on the Same Subjects.

White a '.l‘.I.. Cos. White S: Tudofs Lending Cases in Equity.

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Missouri. Wlrltt. Go. Whlttalrefs Codes, Ohio. Wig. Wills. Wigram on Wills. Wight. (or Wi.ghtw.). Wigl1twlck's English Exchequer Reports. Wight 111. Can.'B Election Cases U (Scotch). Wil. W1ls.). Wilcox. Wi1cox’s Reports, vol. 10 Ohio; —\'\‘ilcox, Pennsylvxinla. V Wilcox Cami. Wilcox, Condensed Ohio

Whitman's Patent

Williams (see Will.) ;—W'llson (see

Reports. Wlldman’s International IAiW..

Wilk. Wilkinson's Texas Court of Ap-

penis and Civil Appenls;—Wllklnson's Reports, Australia.

Wilk. & Ow. (or Wilk. & Fat, or Wilk. so Mun-.). Wilkinson, Owen, Paterson & Murray's New Soutil Wales Reports

Will. Wilies‘ Engixsh Common Pleas Re-

x ports;AWlllson’s Reports, vols. Z)—3O Texas Appeals, also vols. 1, 2 Texas Civil Appeals See, also. Williams.

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Will lams’ Annual Regis-

Win.Mssa. Williams’ Reports, vol. 1 Massachusetts. Will. 1?. Peere-Williams’ English Clum-

cery Reports. 131 2


Wils. & Sh.

Will. Sunni. ers’ Reports.

Will. Vt. Vermont

Will., Woll. an Dav. Willmore, Wo1lastan 8: Davis-:on's English Queen's Bench Ru- ports.

Will.,Wull.& Hndg. W1i1n.10re, W0llnston in Hodges, English Queen's Bench Reports.

Wille. (Joust. Constable.

Willcoek, Mun. Corp. cipal Corporation

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Williams. Peere—Wil.1iams’ English Chacnery Reports:—Wlll1'nms' Reports, vois. 27 29 Vermont'—Willian1s’ Reports, vol. 1 Ma- . c.husetts:——Wi1llmus' Reports, vols. l0—12 Utah.

Williams, Common. of (‘omn1on.

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William: P. Peere-Williams‘ Eighsh Chancery Reports.

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Williams a B. Adm.Jur. Wilii.1nJs S: Bruce on Admiraity Jurisdiction.

Willis, Trultees. Willis on Trustees.

Wil1m., W. a D. Wlilinore, Wofluston S: D:1vison’s English Queen's Bench Reports.

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Wils. Ind. Glon. d.i:m Terms.

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Williams’ Notes to Saund-' Reports, vols. 27-29

Wlllcock, The once of

W illcoc1{'s Muni-

Williams on nights

Williams on Per-

Willlams’ Notes to

Wilson’: English Common

Wilson, Glossary of In-