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Wilson Wilson. Wilson's English Common Pleas Reports;— ilson's English Chnllccry lie-

ports;—\\ ilson's English Exchequer Equity Rep<)rtS'—Wilson‘s inihzunn Superior Court Rcports;—\"S-'ilsou‘s Reports. vols. 1. 3 Ore- gon;~—W1lson's Reports, vols. 48-59 Minnesot.1.

Win. Winston's Law Reports, North Car» ~)lin:i;—Winch's English Common Pleas Reports.

Win. Eq. V\’inston's Dquity Reports, North Carolina.

Winch. Winch's English Common Pleas Ilepurts.

Wing. (or Wing. lVIz.x.). “'ingate's Max- Inns.

Wiins. Eq. Winston’: Equity Reports,

North Carolina. Winst. (or Winst. Eq.). Winston's Law or Equity Reports. North Carolina.

Wis. Wisconsi.n;4“'lsoonsin Reports. Wis. 1331- Ann. isconsin Shite Bar Assot'1.ntl0n.

Wis. Leg. N. Wisconsin Legal News, Mil- tmlllice.

With. Cm-1:. Gas. Corporation Cases.

Witlu-ow. W ithrow’s Reports, vols. 9-21 Iown.

Wkly. Notes Cu.s.(Pa.). Weekly Notes of Cases, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Wm. 131. William Blackstone's Engilsh [{in_J’s Bench Reporm.

Wm.Roh. Wililam Robinson's English Adnfralty Reports.

Wms. Williams (see Wfl1.).

Wins. Ann. Reg. Williams’ Annual Reg- ister. New York. Wins. Mass.


Wns. Notes. ers‘ Itepul ts.

Wxns. Pee:-e. Cllili.lCL‘l_\ Repnrts.

Wms. Saluid. Willinms’ Notes to Saunders‘ Itq-arts.

Wm:.Vt. Williams‘ Reports, vols. 27-2 Vermont.

Wul. Woll:1ston's English Bali Court Re- |)orts;—“'olcott's Reports, vol 7 Delaware Clmnr.-cry.

Woll. &: B. Wollershm & Bristow's Eng- hsh Elnction Crises.

Wolf. &: D. Wolferstau & Dew, English.

Wolf, Dr. de la Nat. Wolifins, Drolt de la Nntnre.

Wolf. Inst. (or Wolfl. Inst. Nat.). Woltlins. lnstitntioncs Juris N.ItIlI'.'.B et Gentium.

Wolflins (or Wolflius, Inst.). Wolfiilia, lnstitniiones Jnris Nntnrze et Gentlum.

Wall. (or Wall. 1’. C.). Wollnstoifs English Bull Court Reports (Practice Cases).

Wood. Woods’ United States (Jircmt Court Ileports;—Wood's English Tithe Cases.

Wood Conv. \\ uod on Conveyancing.

Bl.Law Dict.(2d Ed.)—S3

With row's American

Williams’ Reports, vol. 1 Williams’ Notes to Saund-

Peere-Wlllianis’ English


Wood Deer. Wood's (Decrees in) Tithe


Wood E. 1Ilntton‘s Wood's Decrees in Tithe Cases.

Wuod,Ins. Wood on Fire Iusnr2Lnce;—

Wood's Institutes of English Law.

Wood, Inst. Wood's Institutes of English Luw.

Wood, Inst. Com. Law. of the ()oi.uI.ion Lon‘.

Wuod.Leot. Wooddeson's Lectures on Luns of England.

Wood, Nuis. Wood on Nuisances.

Wood Ti. Cns. “'ood's Tithe Cases

Wood. &: M. (or Wuodh. EL M.). Wood- bury & l\li.uot's United States Circuit Court Reports.

Woodd.Leot. Wouddeson's Lectures on the Laws of England. Woodf. C21. '.l.‘:r.


Wooflf. Land]. &: Ten. lord and Tenant.

Woodzn. 01-. Gas. i\‘oodnmn's Reports of Tl.1nchel"s Criminal (‘rises \I|ss.'wl1nsetts.

Woods (or Woods‘ C. (3.). Woods’ United. Stntes Circuit (‘ourt Reports.

Wondw.Dec.Pn. Woodwnufs Common Pleas Decisions, Pennsylvania.

Wool. Woolworth's United States Circuit Court Reports ;—W0n11_vch.

Wool. C. C. Woolworth s R('[I0'l'tS, United States Circuit Cuuits, Stli Circuit (Fuller's Opinions).

Wools. Pol. Science (or Woolscy, Polit. Science). Woolsey's Political Science

Woolw. W001W0rtb's United States Cir- cuit Court Re1)o1'ts:—Woolnorth's Reports, vol. 1 Nelirnska.

Worcester. Worcester, Dictionary of the En_:lisb 1..-mgunge.

Words. Elect. Gas. tion Cases.

W1-. Wright (see \‘Vr[ght);—Wrl',:ht's Reports, vols. 3740 Pcnns_\luinln State.

W1-. Ch. (or W1‘. Ohio). Wright’s Ilepnrts. Ohio.

Wx-.Pa. Wright's Reports, vols. 37-50 Penns_\'l\z1nln Stnte.

Wright (or Wri.). Wright's Reports, vols. 3750 Pennsylvania St:1te;—Wright‘s Ohio Reports.

Wright NJ’. Wright's Nlsl I‘rius Re

Wood's Institutes

V\-'oodfall's Celebrated

Woodfall on Land-

Vt'ordsrmrtl1's Elec-

ports, Ohio. Wright, Ten. V\'ru;l1t on Tenures. Wy. W_\'mulng:- Wyon1lmz Reports:#

W_vtlIe's Virginia Clmncery Roports.

Wy. Die. Wyatt's Dickens‘ Chancery Re ports.

Wyatt, W. 8: A‘B. “'_V.1fi, Webb 51 A'Be<:l:ett's Reports. Victoria.

Wyatt, W. 8: A’B. liq. Wyatt, Webb & A'Becl(ett‘s Equity Reports, Virtorin.

Wyatt, W. &: A’B. I. P. 8: M. Wy£1tt Webb & A’BeIlzett's Insolvency, Probate and Matrimonial Reports, Victoria.