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Me. 414, 32 Atl. 1022, 31 L. R. A. 118; Phila- delphia v. Girard, 45 Pa. 28, 84 Am. Dec. 470.

CYRCE. In Saxon law. A church. —Cyrichryce. A breaking into a (church. Blount.—cyriesceat. (From cyric, church, and sceat, a tribute.) In Saxon law. A tribute or payment due to the church. Cowell.

CYROGRAPHARIUS. In Old English law. A cyrographer; an officer of the banc- us, or court of common bench. Meta, lib. 2, c. 36.



CYROGRAPHUM. A chirograph. (which see.)

CZAR. The title of the emperor of Russia, first assumed by Basil, the son of Basilides, under whom the Russian power began to appear, about 1740.

CZARINA. The title of the empress of Russia.

CZAROWITZ. The title of the eldest

son of the czar and czarina.