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ADSCENDENTES 41 ADSCENDENTES. Lat. In the civil law. Ascendants. Dig. 23, 2, 68; Cod. 5. 5. 6

ADSCRJPTI GLEIJIE. Slaves who smwd the In: (er of the soli, who “ore an- ll(“.Wl to the l-.u:d_ and passed with It when it was com e_\ ed. Calvin.

ln Scntiand, as late as the reign of George Ill. laborers in cullierii-s and sail: works were {mum to the coal-rut or salt vrorh in which they wprv i 2|. >4 , in a manner snnilnr to that of the urlscripti of the Itomans. Bali.

AJDSCRIPTUS. In the civil law. Added, annexed, or bound by or in Writing; en- rolled. rogistered: united. joined. unueyed, bound to, geneinlly. Sen us colnmt (1d.s-r‘riptux. a siave annexed to an estate as a cul

Ntov. Dig. 19. 2, 54, 2. Fumlus a1Iscriptmz, an estate hound to, or burdened with a duty. Cod. 11, 2, 3. '

AZDSESSORES. Side Judges. Assist-

nnls or a(i\ise1s of the regular magistrates, or appointed as their substitutes in certain cases. Calvin.

ADSTIPULATOR. In Roman law. All l1('COSSOly purty to a promise, who received the sum: promise as his princiimi did, and cnuirl (-qual|_v receive and exact payment’: or he only stipulated for a port of that for whit-h the prlncipai stipulated, and then his rights were ('ne\'tensi\'e with the amount nf his own stipuiation. Sandars, Just. lust. (5th Ed.) 348.

ADULT. In the civil law. A male infant who hns attained the nge of fourteen; a femaie Infant wl1o has attained the use of twelve. Dom. Liv. Prel. tlt. 2, § 2, n. 8.

In the common law. One who has attniuerl the icgal age of majority. generally 21 years. timugh in some states women nre lemlly "adults" at 18. Schen.-uiit v. State. 10 Tex App. 410: George v. State. 11 Tex.

.-\pp. Wilson v. Lawrence, 70 Ark. 545, 60 S. \ . .:70. ADULTER. Lat. One who corrupts;

Adul- A mrruptor of metals: :1 Calvin.

one who seduces another man‘s wife. for saliflanmn. co1n1i'erfeiter.

ADULTERA. In the civil law. All ndnlternss; a woman guiity of adnitery. Dig 48. 5, 4. pr.: Id. -18. 5. 15. 8.

ADULTERATION. The act of corrupting or debasing. The term is generally applied to the act of mixing up with food or drink intended to be sold other matters of run inferior qusilty, and usually of a more or less deleterious quality. Grosvenor v. Duffy. 121 Mich. 220. 80 N. W. 1!): Com. v. ll|ll'uui, 185 Pa. 376, 39 Atl. 1052; People v. West, -14 Hun (N. Y.) 162.

ADVANCEMENT ADIILTERATOR. Lat. [11 the Civil law. A forget; a counterfeiter. Adulrrrm

tore: monetw. connterfeiters of money. Dig. 48, [9, 16. 9.

ADULTERINE. Begotten in an adnlter~ ous int4\r('ourse. in the Roman and canon law. adnlterine bastards were distinguished from surh as were the issue of two unmarried persons, and the former wure trelted with mom severity, not being (til0WE‘ll the status of natural children, and being ineligibie to hoiy orders.

ADULTERINE GUILDS. T1'"ulc!'s arting as 11 corporation without a charter, and paying u fine nnnnnl_ly for perm‘ ‘on to esercise their usurped privileges. Smith, Wealth Nat b. 1. c. 10.

ADULTERIUIVL A fine ancxentlv ini- posed as a punishment 1'or the commission of adultery.

ADIJLTEROIIS BASTARDY. Adul- terous bastards are those produced by an unlawful connection between two persons. who, at the time when the child was con- (-ehetl, were. either of them or both. cannL't'ter] by marriage with some other person. Civil Code La. art. 182.

ADULTERY. Adultery is the voluntary sexual intercourse of a married person vuth a person other than the offender's husiunul or Wife. Clril Ccnle Cal. § 93: 1 Bish. Mal‘. & Div. 5 703: Cook v. State. 11 Cu. 53. 56 Am. Dec 4iO: State v. Mahan. 81 Iowa. 12], 4|.‘ N. ‘V. R75; Banks v. State. 96 Ala. 78. 11 South. 404.

Adultery is the unlawful voluntary sexual [nterwurse of a married person with (me of the opposite sex, and “hen the crinie ls Carnmitted between parties. only one of whom is m:1rried. both are guiity of aduilery. Pen. Code Dali. § 333.

It is to be ohserred. however. that in some of the states it is held thnt this crime is com- mitted only when the woman is married to a third person. :ui:l the nniuwfui (-ommerce of a married man with an uunuirried woman is nnt of the grade of adultery. In some juris- dictions. aiso. =1 distinction is made hrtu-oen duublu and single adultery, the [orrner heing committed where both parties are nmrrirti to other persons, the latter where one only is so mnriiul. State v. Feliows. 50 “'i.s. (3 ' W. 239'. St-rte v. Senrim 5|‘: \- 5 v. Lash. 1G ‘I. J. Lu“. SSO. 32 Am. Dec


Hood v. Suue, 56 lull. .. 24: \m. Rep. 2i; State v. (‘.onuurvn_r T (0l|iu) 90: State v. “'catherh_r_'. 43 i\[e. Am Doc 5!): Hum- ter v. U S.. 1 Pin. . 91, 39 Am. Dec. 277.

ADVANCE. v. To pay money or render other value before it is due; or to furnish (‘npital in aid of a projected enterprise, in expectation of return from it.

ADVANCEMENT. Money or property given by 11 rather to his child or presump-


tive hcir, or expended by the former for the M