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en, as a title of honor and courtesy, to the gn\'e1'nurs of the other states and to the presli]\;lJC of the United States. It is also custoinarlly used by foreign ministers in addre-sing the sccietary of state in written communications.

HIS HONOR. A title given -by the constitution of Massachusetts to the lieutenant- governor of that commonwealth. Const. Mass pt. 2, c. 2, § 2. art. 1.

HIS TESTIBUS. Lat. These being wit- nesses. The attestation clause in old deeds and charters.

HITHERTO. In legal use, this term always restricts the matter in connection with which tt is emploved to a period of time already passed. Mason v. Jones, 13 .B‘ll'll. (N. Y.) 479.

HIWISO. of hind.

In old English law, A hide

{{anchor+|.|BIA!‘ ETA. Sex. A servant fed at his master's cost.


Ch. 36.

A lord. 1 Spence,

HLAFORDSOCNA. tection. Du Cange.

sax. A lord's pro-

BJAFORDSWICE. Sax. In Saxon liiw. Tile crime of bstraying oue's lord, (proditio domln.i;) treason. Crabb. Eng. Law, 59, 301.

HLASOONA. sax. The benefit of the

law. Du Cauge.

BJLOTHBOTE. In Saxon law. A line for being present at an unlawful assembly. Spelmau.

HLOTHE. In Saxon Law. An unlawful assembly from eight to thirty-five, inclusive. Cowell.

HOASTMEN. In English law. An acnient gild or fraternity at Newcastle-upon

Tyne, who dealt in sea coal. St. 21 Jac. 1. C. 3. I-IOBBIT. A measure of weight in use in

Wales, equal to 108 pounds, being made up of four “Welsh peaks of 42 pounds eadi. Hughes v. Iiuniphreys, 26 Eng. L. 8: Eq. 132,

HOBBLERS. In old English law. Light horsemen or bowmen; also certain tenants, bound by their tenure to maintain a little light horse for giving notice of any invasion, or such like peril, towards the seaside. Cam- den. Brit.

HOC. Lat. This. Hoc intmtu, with this expectation. HOG loan, in this place. Hm: namine, in this name. Hoe mule, under this title. Hoe voce, under this word.



H00 QUIDEM PERQUAM DUBUM EST, SEED ITA LEX SCRIPTA EST. Lat. (This indeed is exceedingly hard, but so the law is written; such is the written or positive law.) An observation quoted by Black- stone as used by Ulpiiin in the civil law: and applied to cases where courts of equity have no power to abate the rigor of the i-aw. Dig. 40, 9, 12, 1; 3 Bl. Comm. 430.

HOG PARATUS EST VERIPICARE. Lat. This he is ready to Verify.

Hoe aervahiiur quad initio convenit. This shall he Dl(‘S81‘\"(!d which is useful in the befinning. Dig. 50, 17. 23; Brnct. Tsb.

HOCCUS SALTXS. A hohe, hole, or less- or pit of salt. Cowell.

ROCK-TUESDAY MONEY. This was ii duty given to the landlord that his tenants and bondmcn might solenmize the day on which the English conquered the Danes, being the econd Tuesday after Easter week. Cowell.

HOCKETTOR, or HOCQUETEUR. A knight of the post; a decayed man; a hasket carrier. Oowell.

HODGE-PODGE ACT. A name applied to a statute which comprises a medley of incongruous subjects.

HOGA. mountain. liogu, Grenehow.

In old English law. A hill or In old English, a how. Grcne Domesday; Spelmiin.

HOGASTER. sheep of the second year.

In old English law. A Fletu, lib. 2, C.

79, §§ 4, 12. A young hog. Goweli. HOGGUS, or HOGIETUS. A hog or swine. Cowell. I-IOGI-EENHYNE. In Saxon law. A

house-servant. Any stranger who loaed three nights or more at a man's house in a deceunary was called “hoghenliyrie, ' and his host became responsible for his acts as for those of his servant.

HOGSHEAD. A measure of a capacity containing the fourth part of a tun, or sixty- three gallons. Cowell. A large cash, of indefinite contents, but usually containing from one hundred to one hundred and forty gallons. Webster.

HOLD, 1;. 1. To possess in virtue of ii lawful title; as in the expression. common in grants, "to have and to hold," or in that applied to notes, "the owner and holder." Thompson v. Sandford. 13 Ga. 241; Bank of Michigan v. Niles, 1 Doug. (Mich.) 407 41 Am, Dec. 575; Stansbury v. Huhner, 73 Md. 228, 20 Atl. 904, 11 L. R. A. 20-}. 25 Am. St. Rep. 584.