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reference to the marriage of a widow with- in a year after her husband's death, which was prohibited by- the civil law.

INFRA BRACHIA. Within her Brine. Used of a husband do jurc, .is well as de farm. 2 Inst. 317. Also inter lzruchia. Bi-act. fol. 14811. 1t “as in this sense that a woman could only have an appeal for murder of her husband inter bracIu'a sun.

INFBA CIVITATEM. 1 Camp. 23, 24.

Within the state

INFRA CORPUS COMITATUS. With- in the body (territorial iimits) of a county. in English law, waters which are infra corpus roumutus are exempt from the jurisdiction of the admiralty.

INI‘RA DIGNITATEM CURIE. Be- neath the dignity of the court; unworthy of the consideration of the court. Where a bill in equity is brought upon a matter too tri- fling to deserve the attention of the cuuit, it is demurrable, as being infra digriitatem curiw.

INFBA FUTEOREM. while in a state of insanity.

During madness; Bract. fol. 1911.

INPRA HOSPITIUM. Within the inn. “'hen a traveler's baggage comes infra hospitiuni, I. e., in the care and under the custody of the innkeeper, the latter's liability attaches.

INTRA JURISDICTIONEM. Within the jurisdiction. 2 Strange. S27. INFRA LIGEANTIAM REGIS. With-

in the king's iigennce. Comb. 212.

INTBA METAS. Within the boumls or limits. Infra mama forestae. vslthin the bounds of the forest. Fleta, lih. 2, c. 41, § 12. Infra metus ILospiIn', within the limits of the household; within the verge. Id. lib. 2, c. 2, 5 2.

INFRA PRESIDIA. “"ithin the protection; uitliin the deienses” in iiiteriiational law, when a prize, or other captured prop- erty, is brought into a port of the captors, or within their lines, or otherwise under their complete custody, so that the chance of rescue is lost, it is said to be infra praisidiu.

INFRA QUATUOB. MARIA. Wil'hiu the tour seas-, within the kingdom of England; within the jurisdiction.

INTRA QUATUOB. PARIETES. With- in four walls. 2 Crabb. heal Prop. p. 106, | 1089.

INTIIA REGNUM. Within the realm.



INFRA SEX ANNOS. Within six years. Used in the Latin form of the plea of the statute of limitations.

INFRA TRIDUUM. Within three day; Formal words in old appeals. Fieta, lib. 1, c. 31, 6 6; Id. c. 35, § 3.

INPRACTION. A breach, violation. or infringement; as of a law, a coutmtt, a right or duty.

In French law, this term is used as a general designation of all punishable actions.

INFRINGEMENT. A breaking into: B. trespass or encroachment upon; a Holetion of a law, regulation, contract, or light. Used especially of invasions of the rights secured by patents, copyrights. nnd trademarks. Goodyear Shoe Machinery Co. v. Jackson, 112 Fed. 146. 50 C. G. A. 159, 55 L. R. A. 692; Thoinson-Ilouston Electric Co. v. Ohio Brass 0)., 80 Fed. 721. 26 G. G. A. 107. —Contx:il_iutox-y infringement. The intentional aiding of one person by another in the unlawful making or selling of a patented in- vention: usually done by making or selling one part of the patented invention, or one element of the combination, with the intent and purpose of so aiding. Thomson-Houston Electric Co. v. Specialty Co. (C. 72 Fed. 1015' Shoe Mach. Co, v. Jackson. 2 Fed. 148. 56 C. C. A. 159. 55 L It. A. 692: '.l‘hoinson-Houston Electric Co. v. Ohio Brass Co.. 80 Fed. 712. 26 C. C. A. 107; Stud Co. v. O'Brien (C. C.) 93 Fed. 203.

INFUGABE. Lat. To put to flight.

INFULA. A coil’, or a cassock. Jacob.

INTUSION. In medical jurisprudence. The process of steeping in liquor: an operation by which the medicinal qualities of a snhstance may be extracted by a liquor without boiling. Also the product of this operation. “I1Lfusion" and “decoction," though not identical, are ejuwem gcneris in law. 3

Camp. 74. See DECOCTION. INGE. Meadow, or pasture Jnrob. INGENIUM. (1) Artifice, trick, fraud;

(2) an engine, machine, or device. Spelnuin.

INGENUITAS. Lat. Freedom: liberty: the state or condition of one who is tree. Also liberty given to a servant by manuin1ssion. —Xngenuitas regni. In old English law. The freeman, yeonianiy, or colninonalty of the kingdom. Ooweii. Applied sometimes also to the rons.

INGENUUS. In Roman law. A person Who, immediately that he was lmrn, was I1 free person. He was opposed to hltertinux. or lilzcrtus, Who, having been born a slave, was afterwards rnanumitted or made free. 11' is not the same as the English law terln

“genie:-0.5--us." which denoied a person not