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MANU FORTI lug shortly; directly; by the shortest course; without circuity.

MANU FORTI Lat. A term used in old Writs of trespass. forli et cum mulmudine gt-utium, strong hand and multitude of people. Orig. 183.

With strong band. M arm with Reg.

MANU LONGA. Lnt. With a long hand. A term used in the civil law, signifying indirectly or circuituusly. Calvin.

MANU OI-‘ERA. Lat. Cattle or implements of illisiltllldfyl also stolen goods Lak- en from a thief caught in the fact. Cowell.

MANUAL. Perforuu.-d by the hand: used or employed by the hand: held in the hand. Thus. a distress cannot be m-ide of tools in the "manual occupation" of the delitor. —Manua1 delivery. Delivery of personal property sold, donated. mortgaged, etc., by passing it into the "hand" of the purchaser or triinsferree, that is, by an actual and corporeal change of possession.—MnnIIal gift. The manual gift, that is, the giving of corporeal movable etlects. accompanied by u real delivery, is not subject to any formality. Civil Code La.

. 9.—Mannal labor. Labor performed by hand or by the exercise of physical force, with or without the aid of tools and of horses or other beasts of hurden, but depending for its ellecliveucss chiefly upon personal muscular ex- ertion rather than upon skill, intelligence, or udruitness. See Lew J irn v. U. .. 66 Fed. 954, 14 CL C. A. 281; \iart1n v. “’ukefieid. 42 Minn. 17!}. 43 N. W 96H. 6 L. R. A. 352: Brenuit v. Archambnuit, I34 Minn. -120. 67 N. W. 348, 58 Am. St. Rep. 545.

MANUALIA BENEPICIA. The daily distributions of meat and drink to the can- ons and other nieniliers of cathedral churches for their present subsistence. Cowell.

MANUALIS OBEDIENTIA. Sworn obedience or submission upon oath. Cowell.

MANUCAPTIO.}} In old English practice. A writ which lay for a man taken on suspicion of felony, and the like, who could not be admitted to ball by the sheriff, or others liming power to let to mainprise. Fitzh. Nat. Brcv. $9.

MANUCAPTORS. pernors. (q. 12.)

The same as main-

MANUPACTORY. A building, the main or principal design or use of which is to be I place for producing articles as products of labor: not mcreiy a place where something may be made by hand or machinery, but “hat in common understanding is known as a “t:utor_\"’ I-Ialpin v. Insurance Co., 1% N. 1'. 73. 23 N. E. 989. 8 L. R. A. 79: Sdiott V Harvey. 103 Pa. 227, 51 Am. Rep. 201: Franltlin I4‘. Ins. Co. v. Brock, 57 Pa. 82

Mnnuraisrunn, 17. The primary meaning of this word is “making with the



han ," but this definition is too narrow for its present use. Its meaning has expanded as workmanship and ail; have advaur.-ed., so that now nearly all artificial products of hu- man industry, nearly all such materials as have acquired changed conditions or new and specific comhmations, whether from the direct action of the human hand, from chemical processes devised and directed by hu- man skill, or by the employment of machicnry, are now commonly designated as "man- ufactured." (‘arlui v. Western Assur. Co, 57 ]\id 525, 40 Am. Rep. 4-10; Evening Journai As.~.'n v State Board of Ass ssurs. 47 N. J. Law, 36. 54 Am. Rep. 114. Attorney General v. Lorman. 59 Mich. 157, 26 N. W 311, 60 Am. Rep. 287; Kidd v. Pearson, 128 U. S. 1, 9 Sup. Ct 6, 32 L. Ed. 846.

MANUFACTURE, ii. In patent law. Any useful product made directly by human labor, or by the aid of machinery directed and controlled by human power, and either from raw materials, or from materials work- ed up into a new form. Also the procem hy which such products are made or fashioned. —~Domestie manufactures. This term in 8 state statute is used, generally, of manufactures within its jurisdiction. Com. v. Giltinan, 64

3. .

MANUFACTURER. One who is engag- ed in the business or working raw materi- als into wiircs suitable for lise. People V. New York Floating Dry Dock Co., 63 How. Prac. (N. Y.) 453. See BIANUFACTUBE.

MANUFACTURING CORPORATION. A corporation engaged in the pmduction of some article, thing, or object, by skill or iabor. out of raw material, or from matter which has already been subjected to arti- ficlni forces, or to which something has been added to change its natural condition. Peo- ple v. Knickerbocker Ice Go.. 99 N. Y. 181, 1 N. E. (569. The term does not include a mining corporation. Byers v. Franklin Goal Co.. 106 Mass. 135.

MANUMISSION. Tile act of iiii(‘I'1\LlI1:: a slave from bondage and giving him freedom. In a wider sense. releasing or delivering one person from the power or control

of another. See Fenwlck v. Chapman. 9 Pet. 472. 9 L. Ed. 193; State v. Pruil. 1 N. J. Low. 4.

Mannmittere idem est quad extra. mannm vol potestntem ponere. Co. Iitt 137. To innnumit is the same as to piace beyond hand and power.

MANUNG, or MONUNG. In old English law. The district within the jurisdiction of a recve, apparently so called from his power to exercise therein one of his chief functions, viz., to exact (omanian) all