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PARESIS. In medical jurisprudence. fvwresiile :.-rrneral paralysis, involving or hliiu no the form of insanity known as

‘Alvin-Inn wraI_uti'i'.-a." Popularly, but not |-Ir] (ori~rvi_ly. LlllC(l “softening of the Main." Fee INSANITY

PAP.I GAUSA. lat. With equal right: gm an equal footing; equivalent in rights at dnims.

PARK DELXCTO. hr in PA!!! DELic'ro.

Lat. In equal fault.

PAR! MATERIA.. Lot. Of the same Kmiiur; on the sinie subject; as, laws purl lnll't‘.'Il1 must be construed with ieference to lliui other. Bac. Abr. "Statute," I, 3.

I-‘ARI PASSU. Lat. By an equal prog- ress: uuial-ly: ratnhly; without preference. Giinte, Mortg. 56.

PARI RATIONE. Lot. For the like rcnon; by like mode of reasoning.

1-‘in-in copnlnntur pin-ibun. Like things -unite with lilie. Bac. Max. Paribns sententiis 1-ens nbsolvitnr.

Where the opinions are equal, [where the 1-ourt is equally divlded,] the defendant is acquitted. 4 lust. 64.

PARIENT1-ZS. In Spanish law. Relations. White, New Recop. h. 1, fit. 7. c. 6, E S‘.

PARIES. Lat. In the civil law. A Wall.

I'urir.s- est, site mums, aim: mn.cen'a est. Dig. 50, 16, 157.

--Paries commnnis. A common wall; a [llIi'B‘-Y\'.B.l1. Dig. 29, 2, 39

P A R I S, DECLARATION 01‘. See DECLARATION. PARISH. In English law. A circuit

of ground, committed to the charge or one or vicar, or other minister having (‘ml of souls therein. 1 Bl. Comm. 111. \\‘ilson v. State. 34 Ohio St. 199. The precinct of a parish chuich, and the particular cliziige of a secular priest. Cowell An eccle«L-stical diiision of E town or district, subject to the ministry of one pastor. Brande.

In New England. A corporation estab- lished for the maintenance of public worshlp, which mny be coterminous with a town, or include only part of it.

A precinct or parish is a corporation estab- lI'1l1P( v;ll"lV for the purpose of maintaining public worship, and its powers are limited to that object. It may raise money for building and keeping in repair its meeting-house and supporting i_ts minister, but for no other purpose. A town is in civil and political corporation, estahlished for municipal purposes. They may



both subsist together in the same territory, and be composed of the same persons. Milford v. Godfrey, 1 Pick. (Mass) 91.

In Louisiana. A territorial division of the state coriesponding to what is elsewhere Uilled a “county." See Sherman v Parish nf Vcrmiliion, 51 La Ann. P9". 2'5 South. 5138; Attorney General v. Di-lrolt Cwninion Culmcil, 112 Mich. 148, 70 N. TV. 450, 3'! L. R A. 211.

—Pu.risli apprentice. Iu En-;lI'«li law. The [‘l.lIll.llEl1 of par:-nls unable to a iutaiz them mar, by luv, h.,— appr nliccd, by the guardians or overs rrs of their lvlllsh, to such persons as may he r [ling to l'1‘l"(I\e them as nplgreiiticos. Such children are (‘E|llE'll "parish anpi'v.ntices."

2 Stt-ph. Comm. 230.—Pz.x-is]: church. This i-xprc a has various signilications. It is_ up plied mt-tin-ies to a S6-lP(‘l body of Christians,

forming a local spiritual as iuntioii, and sonnetimes to the building in “inch the public worship of the inliahitants of a parish is celebrated: but the true i(‘;’_‘ll notion of o parochial church is a consecrated place. hming attached to it the rights of hnrial and the n-iministianon enls. Story. .1. Pawlet v. Clark, D Cr'In('h_ 3- S. 3 L. Ed. 'i'35.—Parish clerk. In En"lish law. An officer, in fnnner ti_rncs often in holy orders, and appoint_e¢l to officiate at the altar: now his duty consists chiefly in making responses in church to the minister. By common law he has it frnebold in his office, hut it seems now to be falling into desueturle. 2 Steph. Comm T00; Iliozley & “'hit]ey.—Pn.rish constable. A petty constable excrcisin his functions within I1 given parish. biozlev ' Whitlcv.—Parish court. The name of a court estahlishrd in each parish in Louisiana, and corresponding to the county courts or common pleas courts in the other states. It has a limited civil jui-isdirtion. besides ct-noral 'pI'CIl’I.‘1I’P powers.- Parish officers. (‘hiirch-wardens. ovei-see_ra, nnrl cuiistalilrs.—Pnrish priest. In English law The pnrson: a minister _who_hnlds H parish as a bencfige. If the predial _titl_ies are _appropii-itcd. he is cnllcd “rct-tor:" if improprn1l:- ed, “ricar." Wharton.

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PARISHIONERS. Members of a parish. In England, for many purposes they form I1 body politic.

PARITOR. A hoaclle; a summoncr to the courts of civil law.

Par-ium endtxm est ratio. Idem jus. Of things equal, the reason is the same, and the same is the inrv.

PARIUM JUDXCIUM. The judgment of peers; trial by a jury of one's peers or equals.

PARK. In English law. A Lriict of incloscd ground privileged for keeping wild beasts of the chase, particularly deer; on incinscd chase extending only over a main; own grounds. 2 Bl. Comm. 38.

In American law. An inclosed pleas- ure-gronnd in or near a city, set apart for the recreation of the public. Riverside v. 1\InCLiim. 210 I11. 308. 71 N. E. 408. 66 L. R. A. 288, 102 Am. St Rep. 164; People v. Green, 52 How. Prac. (N. Y.) 440; Archer v.

Salinas City, 93 Cal. 43, 28 Pac. 839, 16