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The Pearl Button Manufacturing Company of Canada Limited

PUBLIC Notice is hereby given that under Part I of "The Companies Act, 1934," supplementary letters patent have been issued under the Seal oi the Secretary of State of Canada, bearing date the 9th day of August, 1939, amending and varying the provisions of the letters patent incorporating "The Pearl Button Manufacturing Company of Canada Limited." dated the twenty-third day of January, 1939, by adding thereto the private company clauses. and thereby converting the said company from a public company into a private company.

Dated at the office of the Secretary of State of Canada, this thirtieth day of August, 1939.

Under-Secretary of State.




Copies of the Rules of the Senate relating to Notices and Applications for Bills of Divorce may he had free upon application to the

Clerk of the Senate,


Notice for Private Bills

Extracts from the standing Rules or the Senate

107. All applications to Parliament for Private Bills of any nature whatsoever, shall be advertised by a notice published in the Canada Gazette. Such notice shall clearly and distinctly state the nature and object of the application and shall be signed by or on behalf of the applicants with the address of the party signing the same and when the application is for an Act of Incorporation the name of the proposed company shall be stated in the notice.

In addition to the notice in the Canada Gazette aforesaid a similar notice shall be given as follows:—

A. When the application is for an Act to incorporate.—

1. A Railway or Canal Company—In some leading newspaper published in the principal city, town or village in each county or district through which the proposed railway or canal is to be constructed.

2. A Telegraph or Telephone Company.—In a leading newspaper in the principal city or town in each Province or Territory in which the company proposes to operate.

3. A company for the construction of any works which in their construction or operations might specially sheet a particular locality or for obtaining any exclusive rights or privileges; or for doing any matter or thing which in its operation would affect the rights or property of others:—In a leading newspaper in the particular locality or localities which may be affected by the proposed Act.

4. A Banking Company: an Insurance Company; a Trust Company; a Loan Company, or an Industrial Company, without any exclusive powers:—In the Canada Gazette only.

5. And if the works of any company (incorporated or to be incorporated), are to be declared to be for the general advantages of Canada, such intention shall be specially mentioned in the notice and the applicants shall cause a copy of such notice, to be sent by registered letter to municipal corporations which may be specially affected by the construction or operation of such works and also to the Secretary of the Province in which such works are or may be located and proof of compliance with this requirement by the applicants shall be established by statutory declaration.

B. When the application is for the purpose of amending an existing Act.—

1. For an extension of any line of railway or of any canal, or of the construction of branches thereto the same mutatis mutandis as for an Act to incorporate a Railway or Canal Company.

2. For an extension of the time [or the construction or completion of any line of railway or of any canal or of any telegraph or telephone line or of any other works already authorised:—In a principal newspaper in the place where the head cities of the company is or is authorised to be.

3. For the extension of the powers of a company (when not involving the granting of any exclusive rights) or of the increase or reduction of the capital stock of any company. or for increasing or altering its bonding or other harrowing powers: or for any amendment which would in any way sheet the rights or interest of the shareholders or bond holders or creditors of the company:—In a principal newspaper in the place where the head office of the company is situated.

C. All such notices. whether inserted in the Canada Gazette or in a newspaper, shall be published at least once a week for a period of five consecutive weeks and when published in the Provinces of Quebec and Manitoba. shall be published in both the English and French languages; and marked copies of each issue of all newspapers containing any such notice shall be sent to the Clerk of the Senate endorsed "Private Bill Notice," or a statutory declaration as to the due publication may be sent in lieu thereof.

Every notice by registered letter shall be mailed in time to reach the Secretary of the Province and the Clerk of each County Council and municipal corporation not less than five weeks before the consideration of the petition by the Committee on Standing Orders and a statutory declaration establishing the fact of such mailing shall be sent to the Clerk of the Senate.

108. No petition praying for the incorporation of a Railway Company, or a Canal Company, or of an extension of the line of any existing or authorised railway or canal shall be considered by the Standing Orders Committee, until there has been filed with the Committee a map or plan showing the proposed location of the works, and each county or district through which the proposed railway or canal or any branch or extension thereof, is to be constructed.

109. Before any petition praying for leave to bring a Private Bill for the erection of a toll bridge is presented to the Senate. the person or persons intending to petition for such Bill shall, upon giving the notice prescribed by the preceding rules, at the same time and in the same manner, give notice of the rates which they intend to ask, the extent of the privilege. the height of the arches and the intervals between the abntmcnts or piers for the passage of rafts and vessels and shall also mention whether they intend to erect a drawbridge or not and the dimensions of the same.

110. No petition for any Private Bill (except a Bill of Divorce) is received by the Senate after the first four weeks of each Session nor may any Report of any Standing or Special Committee upon a Private Bill be received after the first six weeks of each Session.

114. Any person seeking to obtain a Private Bill shall deposit with the Clerk of the Senate. if it is intended that. the Bill shall originate in the Senate, a copy of such Bill in the English or French lan-