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Canadian Alpine Journal

Fauna—Annelid borings and trails at a few horizons.
3. Massive bedded arenaceous dolomitic limestone 60 ft.
Total of Cathedral formation 1680 ft.
Whyte Formation
1. Thin-bedded bluish-black and gray limestone 3 ft.
Fauna (from 1 and the interbedded limestones at the top of 2)

Nisusia (Jamesella) lowi, new species.
Stenotheca elongata Walcott var.
Platyceras, new species.
Scenella varians Walcott.
Hyolithes billingsi Walcott.
Ptychoparia, species a.
Crepicephalus, new species.
Protypus, new species.
Albertella, species undetermined.

2. Gray siliceous shale with interbedded gray fossiliferous limestone in layers 5 in. to 2 ft. thick in the upper portion 108 ft.
Fauna (In the shale of the central portion)

Cystid plates.
Micromitra (Paterina), species undetermined.
Acrotreta sagittalis taconica Walcott.
Nisusia (Jamesella) lowi, new species.