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Mt. Stephen Rocks and Fossils

Hyolithes (fragment)
Hyolithellus cf. micans Billings
Scenella varians Walcott
Olenellus (fragments of thoracic segments)

3. Thin-bedded, compact, hard, dark, bluish-gray limestone, with a little interbedded gray, siliceous shale and a few beds of coarser gray limestone, 6 to 10 inches thick 52 ft.
Fauna (near the top)

Acrothele colleni, new species.
Acrotreta sagittalis taconica Walcott
Scenella varians Walcott
Stenotheca elongata Walcott var.
Albertella, species undetermined.
Olenellus (fragments).
Bathyuriscus, species undetermined.

Fauna (near the base)
Micromitra (Paterina) labradorica (Billings) var.

Micromitra (Iphidella) pannula (White)
Acrotreta sagittalis taconica Walcott
Bornemannia prima, new genus and new species
Ptychoparia, 3 species.

4. Brownish-gray, quartzitic sandstone in layers 2 to 4 inches thick 32 ft.

Microdiscus, species undetermined.
Olenellus (fragments).
Ptychoparia, species undetermined.
Protypus, species undetermined.

5. Gray, siliceous shale 102 ft.