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Canadian Alpine Journal


Hyolithes billingsi Walcott
Scenella varians Walcott
Ptychoparia, 2 species.

6. Bluish-black and gray limestone 18 ft.

Micromitra (Iphidella) pannula (White)
Acrotreta sagittalis taconica Walcott
Kutorgina cingulata Billings
Nisusia festinata Billings
Hyolithes billingsi Walcott.
Scenella varians Walcott
Protypus, new species.
Agraulos, species undetermined.
Ptychoparia, 3 species.
Olenellus canadensis, new species.

St. Piran Formation
1. Massive bedded quartzitic sandstone 300 + ft.
In the Lakes Agnes and Louise section the St. Piran formation has a thickness of 2640 feet.
Beneath the St. Piran the Lake Louise shale is 105 feet in thickness. In it occur a few fossils as follows:
Micromitra (Iphidella) louise, new species.
Cruziana (casts of tracks and burrows made in the mud by trilobites)