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N. Y., Doubleday & McClure, 1900 ———
The book tells in short meter the chief uses of fire, electricity and the camera, and shows how progress has been accelerated by recent research.
N. Y., Century Co., 1898 $1.50
Romance and reality of the seas splendidly set forth in language that young readers can understand.
N. Y., Harper & Bros., 1884 $2.50
The several articles as here collected into unity and order, and generously illustrated, make a handsome book of studies in natural history.
D. Lothrop, 1883 $1
Includes chapters on waves and currents ; early voyages ; ships and their rigging ; dangers of the deep, etc.
N. Y., Macmillan, 1897 $1.50
A book on the habits, haunts, etc., of certain animals, with some account of the methods of securing- them and of training- them in captivity.
N. Y., American Book Co., 1885 $1.25
In selecting these articles an endeavor has been made to secure the interest which comes from variety.
N. Y., Appleton, 1894 $1.75
Treats of the great age of the human race, of the customs, the industry, the moral and religious ideas of man such as he was before the use of metals was known to him.
Chic., McClurg & Co., 1896 $1.50
The style in which these essays are written is thoroughly charming, and the book will be found fascinating reading for those interested in the lighter aspects of scientific study.
N. Y., Cassell & Co., 1899 $1.50
The book has been written almost entirely in the fields at all times of day, but mostly after business hours, at sunrise when all the birds were mad with joy, and also when the light of a glorious day was dying in the ruddy west.

Keyser, L. S.News from the birds (Appleton's home reading books).

N. Y., Appleton, 1898 60c