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N. Y., Macmillan, 1893 50c
A delightful book of earth lore which should be in the hands of every child.
Nelson, 1896 $1.75
The fantastic forms and shining creatures that people the recesses of the deep, are here placed before the reader.
N. Y., Cassell & Co., 1890 $2.50
N. Y., Scribner's Sons, 1896 $1
A very interesting treatise from the French of Zurcher and Margolle.
N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 1899 $2
The author says, " If this book has any moral at all, it is to be kind to all sorts and conditions of animals — that will let you."
N. Y., Scribner's Sons, 1886 $1
The object of this little volume is to direct the attention of young: readers to the wonders of the planet on which we live.
N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 1889 $1.75
The writer aims to give a sound, though elementary, knowledge of the modern science of electricity.

Lockwood, S.Animal memoirs, (pt. 1, mammals ; pt. 2, birds 1888)

 Vol. 1, 70c; vol. 2, 60c
Interesting and delightful biographies of animal lives; showing their manners, intelligence and traits, in most appreciative style.
N. Y., Macmillan, 1893 $2.50
Lectures on the history and progress of astronomical research, with a biographical sketch of each pioneer and his influence on the progress of thought.
N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 1893 $1.25
Chapters on the wonders of animal life, plant life, woods and fields, mountains, rivers, lakes, the sea and the heavens.
N. Y., Putnam's Sons, 1891 $1.75
True story of two boys who became engineers; describes making tools, building workshop, etc.