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Tables of Abbreviations

The following tables and notes are intended to guide readers of The Catholic Encyclopedia in interpreting those abbreviations, signs, or technical phrases which, for economy of space, will be most frequently used in the work. For more general information see the article Abbreviations, Ecclesiastical.

I. - General Abbreviations.
a article.
ad an. at the year (Lat. ad annum).
an., ann. the year, the years (Lat. annus, anni).
ap. in (Lat. apud).
art. article.
Assyr. Assyrian.
A.S. Anglo-Saxon.
A.V. Authorized Version (i.e. tr. of the Bible authorized for use in the Anglican Church—the so-called "King James", or "Protestant" Bible.
b. born.
Bk. Book.
Bl. Blessed.
C.,c. about (Lat. circa); canon; chapter; compagnie.
can. canon.
cap. chapter (Lat. caput—used only in Latin context).
cf. compare (Lat. confer).
cod. codex.
col. column.
concl. conclusion.
const., constit. Lat. constitutio.
cura. by the industry of.
d. died.
dict. dictionary (Fr. dictionnaire).
disp. Lat. disputatio.
diss. Lat. dissertatio.
dist. Lat. distinctio.
D.V. Douay Version.
ed., edit. edited, edition, editor.
Ep., Epp. letter, letters (Lat. epistola).
Fr. French.
gen. genus.
Gr. Greek.
H. E., Hist. Eccl. Ecclesiastical History.
Heb., Hebr. Hebrew.
ib., ibid. in the same place (Lat. ibidem).
Id. the same person, or author (Lat. idem).
inf. below (Lat. infra).
It. Italian.
l. c., loc. cit. at the place quoted (Lat. loco citato).
Lat. Latin.
lat. latitude.
lib. book (Lat. liber).
long. longitude.
Mon. Lat. Monumenta.
MS., MSS. manuscript, manuscripts.
n., no. number.
N. T. New Testament.
Nat. National.
Old Fr., O. Fr. Old French.
op. cit. in the work quoted (Lat. opere citato).
Ord. Order.
O. T. Old Testament.
p., pp. page, pages, or (in Latin references) pars (part).
par. paragraph.
passim. in various places.
pt. part.
Q. Quarterly (a periodical), e.g. "Church Quarterly".
Q., QQ., quæst. question, questions (Lat. quæstio).
q. v. which [title] see (Lat. quod vide).
Rev. Review (a periodical).
R. S. Rolls Series.
R. V. Revised Version.
S., SS. Lat. Sanctus, Sancti, "Saint", "Saints"—used in this Encyclopedia only in Latin context
Sept. Septuagint.
Sess. Session.
Skt. Sanskrit.
Sp. Spanish.
sq., sqq. following page, or pages (Lat. sequens).
St., Sts. Saint, Saints.
sup. Above (Lat. supra).
s. v. Under the corresponding title (Lat. sub voce).
tom. volume (Lat. tomus).