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titular archbishop of Cabasa, was his coadjutor Oasbel, Abchdiocbse of (Casaubnsis or CassiU' with right of succession. ensis; cf. C. £., III-401a), includes the principal The statistics of 1911 are the latest published for part of Tipperary, and part of Limerick counties, this archdiocese; these count the population at and holds tne perpetual administration of the dio- 1,600,000, of whom 148,776 are Europeans (French, cese of Emly. Most Rev. Thomas Jennelly who Italians, and Maltese), and of this number about succeeded to this see in 1902, after serving as 35,000 are Catholic. The cathedral was made a coadjutor for a year, retired 7 May, 1913, and was minor basilica, 5 August, 1918. A seminary was appointed to the titular see of Methymna. His opened in October, 1917, at Sidi-ben-Said, and had successor was appointed in the person of Most an enrollment of 23 students in 1920. The archdio- Rev. John Harty, who now (1922) fills the see. cese comprises 54 parishes and 14 vicariates. He is a native of Cashel, bom 1867, and educated

  1. t..«<.^ t:, X- a u i. XT 1^ oe i^i the Jesuit College, Limerick: St. Patrick's Col-

Oamso. Enbioo. operatic t«ior,b at Naples 25 kge. Thurles. and fflaynooth. After completing hia Februanr, 1873; 6. there on 2 August. IJBl, As a ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ Gregorian University, Rome, hi re- youth he sang m his parish church choir, and ^^^^ ^^ Mayno8th as Professor of Itogmatic after three yairs' study imder Vereine he appeared Theology, and at the time of his appointment, m opera at the Teatro Nuova. Naples m 1894 in 4 December. 1913. was senior Professor of Moral "L'Amioo Francesco." His Marcello in I* Theolog)r. In 1906 he assisted in founding the Boheme," at Milan in 1898, placed him defimtively ..j^^^ fheological Quarterly," and since that time, m the rank of jpeat tenors, and his success as j^, ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^ -^^ ^^^^ Lons m Giordano s "Fedora ' m 1899 was followed j„ igjg j^e people of County Cashel, Tipperaiy, by engaaements in Petrograd. Moscow Pa™. Lis- ^^^ themselves to erect a statue to the Messed bon. and BueMs Aires Be won fresh laurels with Virgin, if the national struggle against conscription MelU m "U Bohfeme 'at Monte Carlo ml9(B and ^gucoessful. In fulfiUic^t of this promis^ the then appeared at London m the Duke m Rigo- Lo^^^es Grotto was erected by the townspeople,

l*^*°^k^f •**'^K"*""*'M**'f!K *M?J"^f^ 9 October. 1921. with impresrive ceremon^. ii^

ful d^but m the same role at the Metropolitan ^^^ presence of the archbishop, who deUver^ a

Opera House, where his extraordinarily beautiful short address. On 4 July of the same year, at a

and powerful voice was soon to make him the chief conference of the archbwhop and cler^r of the

attraction tiU his death. Caruso who commanded dioceses of Cashel and Emly. a resolution was

an mprecedented saJary during his tater years was ,^^ ^^ ^^^ ^ ^ of encouragement and

ofS SySVfS- oSlrT^ritSVlSSr.Si S^HrlTnllS^ ^^^^'^ »^ ^^"^ '^^"^

in 1918 he married Miss Dorothy Benjamin in St. rp. ^ •^i;^.;^,.^ ^^^a'^^ ^r^^^r^*.^ .v ♦»»-» «.^k/i;^

Patrick;^ Cathedral. New York/shortly beibre Ins J^X^^I^^^^^^^X ^A^'lSit

rw t.hI S^p!,.S,^'i^pJ!ffJtn^^„'*«n X7«.r e". Brother of St. Patrick, Uridine Sisters, Sistere

9^, ^L« LT^.h ^«?^nA ^ri«f^ «^ °f the Presentation, and Sisters of Mercy. The

iff^:„i^/fn«r ^li J^ "Ti-T^' *^1 Mt^3 1911 census credits this territory with a Catholic

iA&na*Si" «G±fnia, MaS'lut- ^-^^^ "UW^"'! ^^ ST^^^'T^

terfly," and "La Fanciulla del West." Ja^ft^'^ lSStSoVllcS;SS"lt7

Oasale-Monferrato, Diocese of (Cabalbnsis), in secular clergy, 85 parochial and district churches,

the province of Alessandria, Northern Italy, suf- 3 houses of regular clergy, 17 convents with 322

fragan of Vercelti. This see is now (1922) filled religious, 6 monastic houses, 2 colleges for boys,

by Rt. Rev. Albino Pella, b. in Valdengo, 1865, 1 superior school for girls, and 195 primary schools,

appointed to the see of Calvi and Leano, 4 August, Oasimir, Saint, Sisters of. See Saint Casimir,

1908, promoted 12 April, 1915, succeeding Rt. Rev. Lithuanian Sisters of.

J£l^^5^***'P'^'°•^*°nT^^T?^^ Oassano all' lonio. Diocese of (Cassanensis;

if^^inSf n5S?r {!r^IlS!S.*« Sl?lnnf«?«^i 1? «f- C. E., in-103d), in the province of Cosenia

of 180,000 (19^, 140 parishes 312 secular ^d 45 j^j gufifragan of RegKio. Rt. Rev. Giuseppe

regular cle^, 80 seminarians, 25 Brothere 280 Sis- ^^/^'^^ appointed totfiw see 29 March, 1911, w^

ters, and 562 churches, chapels, or oratones. transfer!^ to the titular see of Ephestum, 16

Oasanare, Vicariate Apostolic of (Casanarbn- December, IfiKZO, and th^ present incumbent, Rt sis), in the Republic of Colombia, South America. Rev. Brunone Occhiuto, was appointed his sue- By a Consistorial decree of 26 May, 1915, the north- cessor, 11 November, 1921. Religious communities em part of this vicariate was detached, and erected which formerlv flourished in ^reat numbers in this into the prefecture apostolic of Arauca. The present diocese, have been almost entirely abolished by the (1922) vicar apostolic of this territory is Rt. Rev. Italian Government. There are now (1922) only Suitos Ballesteros, Augustinian Recollect, titular 1 convent of Capuchins with 3 priests, 1 convent Bishop of Caphamaum, appointed 22 April, 1920. of Poor Clares with 2 Sisters, and 1 convent of No statistics are published for this vicariate. the Sisters of Reparation. The 1920 statistics credit

auMTta. TV/w^o. «-, /r«*a«mA*T»*taTfl. nf o T? *^ dioccsc with 130,300 Catholics, 51 parishes, 37

TT?^^ ^^JLuS^T^hf^.^^. nkm^ in vicariates, 253 secular and 10 regular clen?y, 50

ni-^), m the province of the same name, m geminariais, 42 Sisters, and 200 churches or chapels.

Southern Italy. Rt. Rev. Gennaro Cosenza now •«^"**"* ^ \^ a rr

(1922) Archbishop of Capula, filled this see from Oassovla, Diocese of. See KosiCB.

12 June, 1893, until his promotion 4 March, 1913. Oastellamare di Stabia, Diocese of (Stabien-

His successor, Rt. Rev. Mario Palladino, b. in sis); cf. C. E., III-408b), in the province of Naples,

Campobasso, 1842, appointed Bishop of Ischia, 15 Italy, suffragan of Sorrento. This see is filled (1922)

April, 1901, and transferred to Caserta, 2 June, by Rt. Rev. Michele de Jorio, bom in Mont-Cassin,

1913, died 17 October, 1921. No successor has as 1845, appointed Bishop of Bovino, 25 November,

yet been appointed. Caserta is a suffragan of 1887, transferred 4 Febmary, 1898, named an as-

Capua, and has 96,800 Catholics, 51 parishes, 215 sistant at the pontifical throne, 9 July, 1906. Most

secular and 36 regular clergy, 90 seminarians, and Rev. Paolo lacuzio, Archbishop of Sorrento, was

176 churches or chapels. appointed administrator of this diocese, 23 January,